Conjure Queen Going Digital with Spiritual Movement and Mystical Science Education

Spirituality is a theme that many people hold sacred and use to relate to their lives on different levels. It can be a confusing and difficult topic for people to understand, which has prompted experts in the subject to simplify it and guide people on their spiritual journeys. Conjure Queen is one of those spirituality experts who have made social media their playground and are leveraging the digital world to get their message across.

Conjure Queen has built a social media influencing brand based on spirituality, life coaching, health, wellness, and motivating others to better their lives. She educates people about mystical science that was practiced in the ancient Egyptian mystery schools. She has proven herself to be a highly reputable international public speaker, holistic healer, spiritual advisor, and mentor. Her brand has attracted millions of people who find her message inspiring and uplifting.

While she holds controversial discussions and conversations, her compassion for her community and down-to-earth Brooklyn attitude have attracted people towards her. Today, she uses all that love to nudge her audience towards wisdom, freedom and truth. Not many people have been able to take the spiritual conscious movement mainstream like Conjure Queen has. And with over five million views on her videos, she’s more than convinced that the world has taken an interest in what she has to offer.

While she has a brand focused on educating and inspiring people, Conjure Queen believes that she’s leading a movement and she’s actively building a community while at it. Her Divine Royalty Family serves as a community for people looking for a soul tribe and want to feel less alone. The community offers a deeper level connection with like-minded individuals, while offering elsive members-only perks.

Conjure Queen also offers online classes also known as Diving Academy where people can expand and sharpen their skills. She offers online classes and virtual workshops to people seeking knowledge. Her merchandise store which includes items like cloth facemask, t-shirt, indoor pillow, wall tapestry, organic tote bag and accessory pouch, is accessible to audience members who would like to contribute to the fast-growing spiritual movement. Her online class includes lessons on Protection & Defensive Magick, Build Your Own Business, Dragon Magick, Candle Magick, Spiritism & Mediumship Class, Ancestor Veneration Workshop and Moon Magick.

In the next few years, Conjure Queen hopes to proliferate the world with knowledge about the spiritual sciences. She believes that many people stand to benefit immensely from this knowledge, and she hopes to put out more content for those who wish to learn.

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