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Democrats’ Grab on Senate Retains

Even with a very narrow lead, the Democrats won a small majority in the US Senate.

On Saturday night, the Senate decided the chamber after Nevada Senator Catherine Cortez Masto defeated Republican and former attorney general Adam Laxalt, according to a race call from The Associated Press.

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Democrats won 50 seats in the Senate in Saturday’s election. It is sufficient for a majority, plus a tie-breaking vote by Vice President Harris.

Meanwhile, the U.S. House of Representatives is in stiff competition. Republicans have a slight lead in the majority.

Nevada was one of the Republicans’ most coveted targets. So the Cortez Masto takeover was an electoral deadlock. Her competition with Laxalt was head to head.

Cortez Mastro received about 5,000 votes, according to the AP Race Call.

Democrats would get a good shot in the Senate when Rafael Warnock tramples Republican Herschel Walker in the December 6 runoff in Georgia.

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Contributing Factors

Among the other factors that helped the Democrats win their majority was the issue of abortion rights. Following the Supreme Court’s decision in Roe v. Wade in June, researchers found a significant increase in voter registration among women and youth.

Although a national survey showed that inflation and the economy were top priorities, the issue of abortion rights really made it for Democrats. Furthermore, it played a vital role in urging voters and raising chances for Democratic candidates. 

Senator Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., told NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday that it had been “a great week for democracy.” Moreover, it marked her party’s win to strong candidates “who had experience, who knew how to get things done.” 

“The reason there wasn’t a red wave is because Democrats had a ‘blue wave of accomplishment.’ And we basically defied the tides of history,” she stated, reiterating a statement from Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer. 

Goal for Senate

Per Klobuchar, the party’s mission was to reduce pharmaceutical costs and protect Social Security and Medicare. Moreover, they want to “do all we can to get our economy in a place that works for everyone.” 

Another Democrats’ mandate is to systematize Roe v. Wade

“We don’t know what’s going to happen with the House. We don’t know if the Republicans will play ball. I’d get rid of the filibuster to do it,” he added. 

And third is to safeguard democracy. 

“A lot of the election deniers lost,” Klobuchar said. “So, it shows Americans care about democracy.” 

If Republicans grab the House, it’s nearly impossible for the two chambers to find a mutual agreement. Meanwhile, a Democratic grab of the House would maintain President Biden’s trifecta of power for two more years. 

Furthermore, a solid Democratic majority in the Senate secures Democrats’ capacity to back Biden’s nominees. It includes other future vacancies in the US Supreme Court. 

Former president Donald Trump’s impact on his party’s odds is now under close observation. This is so because Democrats beat his hand-selected candidates. 

“Republicans lost the Senate in 2010 and 2012 because they put up poor candidates,” former GOP campaign strategist Liam Donovan said. 

“The difference [in 2022] is that President Trump, I think, locked these fields into questionable candidates. You had people that might have been the strongest staying out because they didn’t want to go anywhere near this. You had a number of strong governors who might have come in and easily won these seats that stayed out.”

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Photo: NPR