Navigating the Array of Options: Expert Recommendations for Practical and Versatile Spring 2023 Wardrobe Pieces

Photo credit: DepositPhotos
Photo credit: DepositPhotos

The fashion fan was immediately enthralled after seeing the initial previews of the Spring 2023 fashion trends. The next season exuded a sense of strength and assurance that allowed people to create their own definition of sexy. 

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In addition to the traditional spring products like straw purses and poplin dresses being given a new degree of attractiveness, sheer layers and form-fitting knitwear emanated a sensual vitality. The fashion fanatic had a strong desire to purchase for the following season after the September shows.

However, as time went on and the spring collections entered the stores, the fashion aficionado discovered that she needed direction. She solicited the advice of industry professionals from MatchesFashion, 24S, and Italist to determine which runway trends would stand the test of time and remain in style in the future. 

The fashion lover was looking for patterns that had both appeal and staying power, such as materials, shapes, and styling that had a sparkly new-season radiance while also being resistant to shifting trends and tastes. She wanted her investment in a fashion moment to pay off in the long run, after all.

The experts didn’t let us down, offering advice on the spring clothes and bag trends that were worth investing in. The fashion fan was thrilled to learn that the expertly predicted trends were both original and useful, making for a diverse wardrobe. 

She was able to comfortably navigate the variety of possibilities offered in stores with their help and choose the items that would be both stylish and useful for the upcoming seasons.

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Incognito Vibe Bags

The era of flashy logos on handbags seems to be waning, and in its place, understated luxury is taking center stage. The newest must-have bags for spring and summer 2023 are not adorned with loud logos or flashy embellishments, but rather they are stylish and sophisticated with a focus on craftsmanship and design.

Liane Wiggins, head of womenswear at MatchesFashion, says that the most popular bags of the season are those that are luxurious, yet understated. She notes that customers are looking for bags that are recognizable by their shape, color, and quality, rather than by a flashy logo or monogram.

Two of the standout bags of the season, according to Wiggins, are the Lemaire Croissant bag and the Bottega Veneta Andiamo bag. Both bags have simple, elegant designs and are made from high-quality materials. 

The Croissant bag, with its crescent shape and soft leather construction, is a versatile option that can be donned as a shoulder or crossbody bag. The Andiamo bag, on the other hand, is a roomy, slouchy tote that is perfect for carrying all your essentials.

What sets these bags apart is their subtle luxury. They are made with the highest quality materials and expert craftsmanship, yet they don’t scream for attention. They are perfect for the woman who values quality and style over status symbols.

Racing Jackets

The fashion world is revving up its engines and embracing its inner biker chick this season. References to the checkered-flag, dirt-track world of motorsport permeated collections from Dion Lee, Raf Simons, and Versace, and it’s a look that’s not just limited to the spring/summer season. According to Diego Abba, CEO of luxury retailer Italist, welcoming your inner biker chick can be an all-year-round show.

“Not only is it a timeless style rooted in Americana, but it lends any wearer a little more high-fashion attitude,” he explains. Moto jackets are the perfect entry point into the look, with bright leather color-blocking or touches of denim. 

They pair as easily with cargo jeans as they do with a sinuous slip dress. This season’s moto jackets often feature standout details such as fringes, tassels, and embroidery, elevating the classic style into a more daring and statement-making territory.

But the moto jacket is just the beginning. To really get over the styling finish line, Abba suggests pairing it with some standout accessories. “Pair it with Moschino’s biker heart clutch or MISBHV’s monogram biker shorts,” he suggests.

Spring Suiting

As the fashion enthusiast donned her new spring wardrobe, she couldn’t help but feel a sense of satisfaction in knowing that her purchases were not only trendy but also timeless. She looked forward to the coming seasons, knowing that her wardrobe was filled with pieces that would remain relevant for years to come.

According to Maud Barrionuevo, chief buying and marketplace officer at luxury retailer 24S, suiting is back in full force for Spring 2023. Designers showcased blazers and trousers tailored for warmer weather on the runways, taking inspiration from Savile Row. 

Barrionuevo notes that investing in a suit is a wise decision, especially in a bright color like Jacquemus’s sunny saffron. The linen fabrications and cheery colors exude a definitive spring vibe, but the timeless shapes are not going to lose their power dressing appeal anytime soon. It seems that suiting is here to stay, with a fresh and modern twist for the upcoming season.

Sheer Layers

According to Italist CEO Diego Abba, the transparent and semi-sheer tops, dresses, and skirts from Miu Miu to Rick Owens are worth adding to your shopping cart, even if they feel slightly intimidating. Abba notes that semi-sheer clothing is an excellent way to look polished and ethereal while still being light and breezy. 

The expert in luxury fashion suggests that one should use long-sleeved, transparent tops, like those from Saint Laurent, as a foundation for layering or use a silky, see-through coat or dress as the main focus of an outfit, such as Herno’s trench coat or one of Prada’s numerous translucent dresses.

Whichever option you choose, these pieces add a dreamy level of texture to your transitional weather outfits. Abba advises that these items are most appropriate when the climatic conditions are just right—not too hot and not too cold. However, with the proper layering, these pieces can be worn in a range of temperatures.

While transparent and semi-sheer clothing may seem daunting, Abba assures us that they are worth the investment. These items offer versatility, as they can suit both casual and formal occasions depending on how they are styled.

Whether you opt for a delicate blouse or a full-length dress, the sheer fabrics add an element of sophistication and allure to any outfit. So, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and embrace the sheer trend this season.


Cross-body bags have long been a staple in the fashion world, offering a hands-free option for those on the go. However, this season’s offerings are getting a glamorous upgrade with embellishments and luxurious materials. 

Liane Wiggins, head of womenswear at MatchesFashion, notes that the best cross-body bags combine craftsmanship with everyday wearability, resulting in a 22 percent increase in Matches’ buy for cross-body bags this spring/summer 2023.

One of Wiggins’ personal favorites is the Simone Rocha bow-trim nylon style with faux pearl embellishments, which combines fashion and function. Other standout options include the star-spangled paillette-coated bag from Paco Rabanne and the crystal-laden update to JW Anderson’s bumper bag.

These gussied-up bags aren’t just for cocktail attire occasions, as they can be incorporated into everyday outfits with a touch of spring 2023 flair. Take inspiration from Simone Rocha’s runway styling by cradling your bag in the crook of your arm, evoking images of diving into the ocean after oysters carrying pearl embellishments.

While the functionality of cross-body bags is what initially draws us in, the added embellishments and luxurious materials elevate them to a statement piece in any outfit. So, go ahead and invest in a cross-body bag that combines fashion and function, and move through life hands-free in style.

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As the spring season starts, it’s time to rethink your wardrobe, and denim seems to be the go-to fabric this year. According to Maud Barrionuevo, chief buying and marketplace officer at luxury retailer 24S, denim is the fabric of the moment. Denim is making its way back into fashion’s spotlight, and designers are giving it a fresh and modern twist.

From oversized denim jackets to denim jumpsuits, the runways were brimming with all kinds of denim pieces. Conner Ives, a LVMH Prize Finalist, has even launched a line of printed denim pieces to wear together or separately. 

The denim-on-denim trend is still going strong, and oversized proportions are in. You can double up with a slouchy denim work shirt and a street-style approved denim maxi skirt, or you can go for a baggy, wide-leg jean that you can wear with any top.

Denim is a versatile fabric that can work in almost any situation. Whether you’re heading to work or out with friends, denim has got you covered. It’s just right for dressing up or down, and it’s easy to wear in any season. Denim is a timeless fabric that never goes out of style, and the denim pieces you buy now will be a great investment for the future.