EMOEDAGREAT Makes It Big as an Emerging Hip-Hop Artist and Entrepreneur Despite His Hard Experiences

The music industry has been both kind and unforgiving to EMOEDAGREAT in the course of his career as a gifted hip-hop artist from the time he released his first single, “No Kap,” in 2019. Despite having gained impressive momentum when he first launched his music, he went through a rough patch that temporarily halted his songwriting and rapping career. But despite the challenges, he chose to rise above them and never gave up hope that he will one day overcome and come out successful. True enough, destiny has paved a new path for him as he gets ready to release his album Bugatti Truck Music‘ anytime this year and enjoy a six-figure empire he built from scratch. 

EMOEDAGREAT was able to seal a partnership with Facebook in 2020 and is now reaping the benefits of his hard work. Best known for his versatility and brilliance as a music artist, he is back in the studio and polishing the tracks for his upcoming album, which celebrates both his love for music and passion for life. The album is expected to be a reflection of his personal attributes and how these helped him come out unscathed from the pit of homelessness. 

Born Eric Lattimore from Gaffney, South Carolina, EMOEDAGREAT created a name for himself that best reflects his personal values as an artist, entrepreneur, and family man. EMOE stands for Easy Money Over Everything, as he wants to highlight the importance of working for something bigger than money, meaningful, and lasting. For him, working hard and being successful is not just about making money; it is also about making a positive impact on people who seek kindness, compassion, and understanding. Helping people in his little way is something that brings a meaningful sense of fulfillment to EMOEDAGREAT, having experienced what it is like to be at rock bottom himself. 

Despite the challenges he faced in 2020, he worked tirelessly to recreate himself as an artist and establish a respectable business that promotes positivity among his clients. The world needs more positivity at this point with all the horrors brought about by the pandemic, and EMOEDAGREAT is committed to being one of those who will continue to work hard to make it happen.

“I created my own reality and manifested my dreams. I ended up being homeless in 2020, but not just me. I brought my whole family to California with me. So I was homeless with my finances and kids. We all stayed down until we came up. It was hard, but with faith and hard work, anything is possible,” the artist explained. 

Just recently, he launched his website that features his EMOEDAGREAT merchandise, from fun shirts to accessories, hats, and even home and living items. Diversifying into creating his original merchandise has allowed him to expand his creativity and express himself differently. Very soon, he will be introducing a new clothing line called Dormir, and he will be dropping his first designer shoes sometime this 2021. 

Apart from being a serious artist and passionate entrepreneur, EMOEDAGREAT also has a knack for comedy and has recently tried his luck and comedy. Interestingly, he is quite a natural when it comes to entertaining people by making them laugh. The artist could not be any happier that he has added another skill to his many abilities. After all, nobody says no to a good and genuine opportunity to laugh. 

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