Inspiring Music Artist Sedy Djano on Using Creativity to Spread Inspiration and Positivity to Others

To some, songs are simply a form of art created for people to enjoy. But for artists like Sedy Djano, who have dedicated themselves to the craft, making music is much more than that. In fact, the talented musician has made sure that all his compositions transcend entertainment by leaving a memorable and impactful message to listeners.

The inspiring individual is a singer and songwriter from Rwanda but is now based in the United States. He has always been passionate about pursuing a career in the music scene, but unlike other artists who only make songs that they feel would become popular, his creations focus on having meaning and influencing and encouraging people. 

What motivated him to take on this extraordinary path was his past experiences. As someone who has had to weather extreme adversities since childhood, he knows how difficult it can be to find hope and keep going. Because of this, the visionary has committed to use his talent to change lives. “I always wish to see people happy, and I love to share a little that I have with those in need,” the remarkable man said.

Even though Sedy went through so many grueling challenges, he remained optimistic. Looking back on his journey, he generously shared, “What I went through at a young age made me who I am today. After my father passed away, my family became very poor right away! I started caring for my mom and my sisters when I was ten. At only 14 years of age, I was separated from my family, and I became homeless! Street life almost took my life away, but God gave me another chance to live!”

Motivated by his story, he has written several tracks and singles uplifting audiences, such as “Be Kind.” Most recently, he dropped the single “Riratse,” which tackles the relevant issue of homelessness. But, more importantly, it gives others an insight into the incredible community and camaraderie present among homeless people.

Because of his amazing songs and admirable advocacy, Sedy has gained a massive following on social media. His Instagram account has over 35,000 followers, while more than 21,000 people have subscribed to his YouTube channel. Aside from his impressive accomplishments as an artist, he is also an actor, film writer, and director. He is also the founder of the Be Kind Family, an organization dedicated to charity work.

Through his outstanding songs, Sedy has proven that music is an excellent avenue that helps bring inspiration and positivity. Moving forward, the artist intends to continue his legacy of bringing happiness to other people. He also plans to make more songs that have captivating melodies and impactful lyrics that champion his message of love and hope. 

Finally, when asked to share a valuable piece of advice with his fans and followers, the artist meaningfully said, “When life gets tough, you be tougher. When you feel like you’re about to give up, don’t! Because you’re only one step away from victory.”

Bryant Russel Shares Inspiration in His World of Music

Music can connect and inspire us in profound ways, and that is what drives artists like Bryant Russel. Today, he hopes to create a legacy that will continue to inspire others. Bryant Russel is an open format DJ with 15 years of experience in the music and live entertainment industry. He is known as a soulful DJ and acknowledges that there’s an artist in everyone, believing that the body and mind are the instruments used to express one’s purest emotion. Exclusive venues like Jenks Club have trusted him to headline one of the biggest parties on the East Coast, playing for over 5,000 people every weekend. His talent, creativity, and reliability have taken him from beach parties like Jenks to intimate settings in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and yacht parties in Hawaii. In addition, his education, career, and life experience have made him a valuable asset to any event. 

He has a personal discipline of dedicating ninety percent of his time and effort to preparing for a solid performance. In addition, his time in teaching, the military, and living from the east to west coasts of the US have given him the ability to adapt to any situation efficiently and promptly.

Bryant is known for being punctual, respectful, enthusiastic, and, most importantly, pouring all of his efforts into every event. For now, the musician is more than happy with the following and relationships he has built throughout the years. He believes that despite our many differences, music can connect people, and he hopes his performances will become a force that would do that for others just as it has for him. Bryant firmly believes in the art of communication and has stated, “Music is a universal language, a language I am more than proficient in.” 

The veteran DJ wants people to know they can rely on him to help satisfy that part of their soul when they make the trip to wherever he’s playing. Bryant believes it is impossible for him to DJ without having transitions and song selection make sense in some form or another.

“I refuse to go down a list mindlessly crate to crate. Also, I try to please everyone I can. I watch every single person to see who’s feeling what. It’s a game I play. Even if it’s just one song, make them happy. If they’re not smiling, singing, and or dancing, I’m not doing my job.” The DJ believes that every individual has something to offer this world. He knows what it takes to serve in his highest capacity and preaches that one must invest in oneself to become more valuable to others.

 Despite allowing society to influence him over the years, Bryant has been able to build his brand and stay true to what really brings him happiness: a life of service. 

He stands out from others because of his strong attributes and innate ability to read a crowd and give the venue exactly what it wants. “Our differences are what drives creativity. I’m looking forward to hearing new aspiring DJs and seeing all of our friends on the dance floor. They are loved and appreciated more than they know,” Bryant Russel said.

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