Justin Bieber Faces Backlash Over new Hairstyle

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Multi-award-winning artist Justin Bieber is once again making the headlines, but this time, the “Peaches” singer is in the news for a repeated offense—wearing dreadlocks.

Earlier in the week, the pop star shared photos of himself on Instagram with a new hairstyle of short dreadlocks. The hairstyle, which is traditionally attributed to the culture and identities of Black people, quickly went viral, sparking public outrage as Justin was accused of cultural appropriation and racial insensitivity. 

Explaining the rationale behind the public outrage, Irene Shelley, editor of Black Beauty and Hair magazine, told the Guardian that Justin Bieber is disrespectful of the iconic style. She elaborated that many black people still face discrimination and stigma for wearing their hair the same way. For Justin, a privileged white male, to turn around and wear the historically significant hairstyle while ignoring the people’s struggles behind it is mockery of the Black race.

As with all arguments, two distinct camps emerged. While some black women confronted the “Intentions” singer and accused him of being disrespectful to the Black race by sporting a hairstyle they have been marginalized for wearing while urging him to change it and apologize, others camped in Justin’s defense, saying he can choose to wear his hair the way he wants.

In 2016, the Canadian-born singer faced similar backlash for sporting dreadlocks at the 2016 iHeart Radio Music Awards. He was accused of treating Black identity as a fashion statement and for cultural appropriation. Although the singer did not apologize at the time, he promptly changed his hairstyle. He again faced criticism for wearing cornrows during a vacation to the Caribbeans. Anticipating the backlash, Justin quickly argued that Hailey Baldwin, his wife, made him get the hairstyle.

In a seemingly repentant mood, Justin Bieber publicly acknowledged how much of his success as an artist has benefited from Black culture during the “Black Lives Matter” movement march for George Floyd in  June 2020. At the time, he promised to use his platform to promote discussions about racial injustice and oppression and play his part in the much-needed societal reform.

In a bid to keep his promise, the singer inserted speeches from Dr. Martin Luther King into his recent album “Justice.” The action was heavily criticized as many people felt that the album was nothing about “justice or racial oppression” and was more about how much he loves his wife, Hailey Baldwin. The criticism continued despite the support he got from Dr. King’s daughter, Bernice King. As per Billboard, the 27-year-old singer later addressed the controversy in a Clubhouse chat and admitted that he was uneducated and insensitive and did not know better.

Following the new photos of Justin Bieber wearing dreadlocks, many fans and social media users admonished him and questioned how he internalized previous criticism. Many social media users asked how he could preach against racial injustice and still partake in cultural appropriation while demanding that he practice his teachings. 







Justin Bieber Reigns Supreme on Billboard Charts

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Justin Bieber is a forerunner at the top of his career, continuously setting the trend of excellence with each track and album. The R&B singer has once again secured a spot on the Billboard charts – this time, with his first spiritual album, titled “Freedom.”

Since its release on Easter Sunday, April 4, the album containing six songs became fans favorites and earned 7,000 equivalent album units, according to data curated by MRC Data, and peaked at the No. 3 positions of Billboard’s Top Christain Albums.

A celebrated pop superstar, Justin Bieber is a multi-talented Canadian singer and songwriter. He pursued music from a young age taking part in a local competition where he came second place. After his mother recorded and uploaded a YouTube clip of her son performing, Justin went viral going from an unknown, untrained singer to a budding pop superstar with a big-time record deal with Usher within two years.

Acknowledged as a legendary vocalist with a unique style and sound, Justin made history as the first solo artist to have four singles hit the Top 40 before releasing a debut album. In 2009, his album, “My World,” went platinum in several countries. Fresh with ideas, Justin released “My World 2.0” in 2010, delighting his loyal fans with ten new songs.

 In 2011,  he ended the year on a perfect note, dropping the hit single “Never Say Never” with the holiday album “Under the Mistletoe.” He again dominated the charts with “Purpose” in 2015, selling millions of records in the US before the year ended. 

In 2017, he carved his name in stone once again in a remix collaboration with Luis Fonsi for the song “Despacito.” Upon its release, a hit and fan favorite, “Despacito,” broke the record for most weeks at the number one position on the Top 100.  In 2020, the pop star broke another record when his album, “Changes,” made him the youngest solo artist to have seven albums reach the top spot on the Billboard Hot 200, claiming a position once held by Elvis Presley.

With chart-topping hits year after year, Justin Bieber has once again claimed the leading spot on the Billboard 200 chart, with his tenth studio album, “Justice,” making it his eighth album to peak at  No. 1 on the charts. The album “Justice,” which was released on March 18 via Raymond Braun/Def Jam, displaced the chart domination of Morgan Wallen’s Dangerous: The Double Album, which spent ten consecutive weeks in a row, all from its debut, at No. 1. 

A hot mix of lyrics, sound and style, “Justice” gives credence to Justin Bieber’s talent and versatility as an artist as the album scored its second nonconsecutive week atop the Billboard charts. The album becomes his first multi-week No. 1 album since his 2010 album “My World 2.0,” which spent four consecutive weeks.

Listen to the album and decide if “Justice” was done. Learn more about the chart-topping hitmaker Justin Bieber on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Spotify or his official website.