How Ahmad Samu’el Passion and Dedication Helped Him Find Success in the Music Industry

Some aspiring artists believe that in order to succeed in the music scene, all they need is talent. However, this assumption is not entirely true. If anything, established professionals in the industry, such as Ahmad Samu’el, know that thriving in a highly competitive environment takes passion and dedication, lots of blood sweat and tears. Understanding how the money moves in the business . Don’t just create a sound you like , understand your fans and target audience. Give them what they want.

Born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, the intuitive artist has been making music for more than 15 years. He is the brilliant mind behind captivating tracks like “Put It On My Tab” and “Boss Life.” In 2021, the songwriter released his latest single, “Cruise Control,” which is available on Spotify and all platforms.

Ahmad Samu’el songs have a unique sound inspired by his chill and relaxed lifestyle. The gifted producer-songwriter candidly explained, “I captured that into my music which is a mixture of hip-hop and R & B: the best of both worlds. My music is for grown folk and the ladies. I make laid-back cruising music that you can play in your convertibles with the top down, relax at the beach while sipping on some wine, smoking cigar type vibe.”

On top of his unrivaled musical prowess, what makes the inspiring individual stand out is his impeccable work ethic and remarkable passion for the craft. “I love being involved and interacting with the process from day one. Seeing how things are coming together, from just starting with a drum kit and a melody idea then blossoming into a full masterpiece,” the artist shared. 

The artist also finds great motivation in how listeners react to his creations. He specifically enjoys when people vibe and groove to his music. He said, “My goal is to make timeless music, set a great vibe, and have fun doing it.”

Aside from that, Ahmad Samu’el possesses extensive knowledge in other aspects of the music business, including producing, engineering, mixing and mastering, sound development, and vocal coaching. He utilizes this expertise through Mix Therapy Entertainment Studios, a musically diverse powerhouse and cutting-edge entertainment company based out of Jacksonville Florida.

The industry-ready facility offers various music industry services and specializes in successfully developing an artist’s skills and public profile. Ultimately, its goal is to transform local recording artists and bring them to the national scene by providing them with holistic support from producing music, music videos, hiring image consultants, song coaches, talented writers and even mixing and mastering.

Undoubtedly, Ahmad Samu’el is on his way to becoming the music industry’s next household name. As he continues to rise to the top, he remains steadfast in his vision of creating incredible songs for his fans and music lovers. Above all, he wants to use his success to inspire others to keep pursuing their goals. 

When asked to give his fans and followers a valuable piece of advice, the insightful musician poetically said, “When brand building you have to be willing to invest in yourself, you have to believe in your own work.” He added, “Go after your dreams, don’t be scared to be different. Everybody will not understand the process you are making to be successful but will praise your outcome. Just always remember: The food tastes so much better when you hunt for it. Go be great.”

Cloud House Takes the Industry by Storm With Its Scottish Roots

Over the years, the music landscape has evolved into one of the most lucrative industries brimming with highly talented individuals and extremely creative souls. With the growing number of artists and musicians on the scene, it has become apparent that skills alone are no longer sufficient to establish a solid reputation and long-lasting legacy. As a matter of fact, only those who are passionate enough to create a meaningful impact with their songs and music can truly stand out. Such is the case with Cloud House, an emerging force that has been gaining traction because of its incredible artistry. 

Heavily determined to share its music with the world, Cloud House believes in going the extra mile to create something that would resonate with listeners on a whole other level. As one of the foremost advocates of originality and authenticity, the band always makes it a point to incorporate its distinctive flair into its songs. In this way, it can distinguish itself from the rest of the players in the industry, proving that it has what it takes to land among the musical greats. 

Hailing from Glasgow, Cloud House is recognized as one of the alternative pop/indie rock bands that have been making significant waves in the industry as of late. Taking pride in its Scottish roots, the band makes it a point to create music that is reflective of Scotland’s rich culture and practices. The group draws inspiration from artists like Biffy Clyro, Snow Patrol, Green Day, Inhaler, and Sam Fender. This is actually demonstrated through its distinctive, signature sound of catchy guitar riffs and raw, heartfelt lyrics. 

Last 2021, Cloud House was able to reach many milestones in its journey. That year, the band released its debut EP, Days Changed, alongside a vinyl release for the same. Recently, it performed in front of a sold-out headline show at the King Tut’s Summer Nights Festival, which became a pivotal point for the emerging band. They also played with a fellow rising band called Cassia at St. Luke’s. 

With its stellar performances and impressive flair, Cloud House has garnered loyal fans who cannot seem to get enough of the band’s releases. Even esteemed musical critics have sung nothing but praises for these talented musicians, with Clash magazine citing the band for a “genuinely impressive live set.” Furthermore, The Weekender named Cloud House “one to watch in 2022.” 

Aside from Cloud House’s live performances, it has also captured the attention of the online community with its music videos and single releases on mainstream music streaming platforms. Currently, Cloud House is preparing for a number of higher-profile gigs and festival slots that is sure to leave a positive impact on the music industry. 

Much can be expected from Cloud House as it continues to elevate the Scottish music scene. The band is now booked on multiple sold-out shows and festivals across the United Kingdom with high-profile events such as supporting The Luka State on their EU tour and preparations for their biggest headline show to date at Stereo, Glasgow, which will be held on the 30th of July.

Indie Band Letting Up Despite Great Faults Shares the Profound Messages behind Their Dreamy Music

Whenever people talk about their frustrations with dating and the uncertainty of dating apps, in particular, there’s a lot of chorus on how toxic things can get when relationships go unchecked. Unrequited love, assumptions gone wrong, and a slew of other relationship problems can cause more harm than good. 

“And I can’t disagree. Month-long flings and one-night stands are fun for a while but eventually, you just want to be madly and hopelessly in love,” says the founder of the band Letting Up Despite Great Faults. 

According to Lee, he said that the idea of “forever” is one he still has trouble embracing his head around. Just recently, he watched as his cousin vowed eternity and forever to a very sweet, charming, and beautiful girl and asked himself: “How can someone be that blindingly optimistic? Because, the truth is, when it comes down to it, ‘for better or worst’ is not something that we should sign up for or a promise that I think the majority of those who pledge ‘I do’ really means. Nevertheless, it’s a beautiful thing to be in the midst of—the kind of resplendent love that overtakes practicality and makes you do crazy things, like a vow to be with one person forever,” shared the soulful artist.

In their latest single from the shoegaze project, Letting Up Despite Great Faults captures this all-consuming, all-encompassing feeling and the complicated dance of finding someone who—in a hopefully slightly less toxic than Jerry Maguire way—would “complete us.” Letting Up Despite Great Faults is a band based in Austin, Texas, and has long been creating blissful fuzzed-out indie and dream pop music that gives rise to a unique feeling of longing. 

Gemini,” the lead single from their first full-length in seven years, preserves that one-of-a-kind tradition beautifully. Their songs, available on Spotify, are characterized by a backdrop of dreamy synths that perfectly encapsulates the moody haze of being in close devotion to another human being.

“I don’t mind if I bruise my knees to ask your hand / But you always lift me so I can see every part of me / Will you be my Gemini with me all the time?” says the lead singer Mike Lee in a whispered voice. “We are in constant movement, forever trying to find pieces that fit us. Ursula, one of our favorite directors here in Austin, tells that story through dancers Aiden Rogers and Charlie Blaine,” shares Lee about the music video.

“Gemini” comes from the band’s record titled IV. This self-produced album was mastered by Slowdive’s Simon Scott, an English musician and a renowned drummer who knows a thing or two about fuzzed-out shimmery music.In the video for the track, two people figure out their interlaced relationship by doing a gorgeously choreographed and intimate dance. Using a rope twisted around the bodies of the two lovers that symbolize their connection and a pair of earrings, one on each person’s ear, as a metaphor for completeness, the video depicts the song’s theme in a perhaps not-so-subtle but dazzling way. The album follows 2017’s Alexander Devotion EP and their most recent full-length, 2014’s Neon. Letting Up Despite Great Faults also posts updates on Instagram.

KingPro is Changing the Fashion Game of the Music Industry

Dani Diarbakerly of KingPro creates dynamic custom designs for some of music’s brightest stars and up-and-coming artists. 

Dani Diarbakerly, founder and CEO of KingPro, spends most of her time in Montego Bay, Jamaica. The creativity that seeps out of the island inspires the approach to her custom clothing. 

“I’m not Jamaican; however, I live in Montego Bay most of the time and have a shop there. I just have an affinity for the island and the creativity that comes out of Jamaica,” says Diarbakerly.

One of Jamaica’s most beloved exports is its music, and KingPro has positioned itself as a company that runs in line with custom products musicians want to wear. Diarbakerly is a self-taught screen printer and graphic designer who has experience with Nike and had a feature in Hypebeast with Virgil Abloh. Her specialty graphics work has led to her being named one of the Rising Stars for 2022 by Screenprinting Magazine

“I wanted to be a writer and went to college for English,” says Diarbakerly, “I started a job copywriting for e-commerce stores, which quickly turned into learning how to build e-commerce stores, which then turned into creating products for e-commerce stores.”

Amid her e-commerce journey, Diarbakerly developed an affinity for t-shirt printing. 

“I loved how you could take an idea from the computer to a screen then onto a t-shirt in a matter of hours. There was no paint drying and no waiting. It was instant gratification, and I just fell down the printing rabbit hole.”

Diarbakerly’s company, KingPro, specializes in fully custom products and design services. KingPro also has a hand in brand development for artists and influencers. This creative journey has led to an easy transition to working with musicians of all types. 

“I work with a lot of various artists in music from Jamaica, including Chronixx, Jada Kingdom, Starr Dawkins, Squash, and Govana” says Diarbakerly. 

Along with the Jamaican artists she creates custom designs for, Diarbakerly has joined some artists on tour, offering her clothing as a compliment to the tour merchandise. 

“A lot of times when you are working with an artist on tour, things are sold rapidly,” she explains, “Certain styles take off more than others for different shows and tours. There’s a lot of intensity.”

That intensity can get stressful for the KingPro team. Often, the pressure of the road leaves little time for an artist to focus on merchandise. There are rapid changes requested and last-minute decisions to be made. Diarbakerly has learned well how to roll with these changes and keep one step ahead of her artist clients. 

When working with musicians, the graphics on the product are of the utmost importance, not necessarily the product itself. The graphics are part of a more extensive branding approach that helps promote the artist. KingPro produced t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hats for musicians featuring their custom branded graphics, which can differ from show to show or season to season.

“The art is a reflection of the music that they are putting out at that time,” Diarbakerly explains. 

Keeping up with inventory demands is one of the company’s most significant challenges when taking on a client that is on tour. 

“You have to plan for being in a time crunch,” she says.

One of Diarbakerly’s most exciting run-ins with the music industry was when Drake wore one of her designs in 2020. She has also worked closely with Diplo and musicians from Epic Records. Artists seem to gravitate towards the custom nature and creativity of the KingPro brand. 

“A lot of what I think makes KingPro different is that we try to go the extra mile,” says Diarbakerly, “I try to be an ‘add value’ vendor, and I make sure that my employees are value-added employees.”

Dani Diarbakerly is a creative entrepreneur who likes to “go big”, and courting the up-and-comers of the music world and the established stars is part of her “go big” strategy. 

“Zero in on what you want,” she says. “If you set your sights on something small, you will get a smaller reward. If you’re going to shoot for the stars, you will receive bigger and better results.” 

15 Years of Digital Music Streaming: How Spotify Radically Impacted the Music Industry

Music streaming has significantly evolved throughout the years from bulky vinyl, CDs, and the radio. Today, the music streaming industry is dominated by Spotify. The platform did not merely provide a more convenient solution for one of America’s greatest pastimes but also addressed various problems faced by record labels and independent artists, such as piracy. After 15 years since its founding, Spotify remains at the top.

Spotify was founded in 2006 by two Swedish entrepreneurs, Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon. The duo wanted to build a platform that would address the rising demand for audio-streaming services among consumers who did not particularly want to purchase physical albums or might want easy access to a library of songs by artists from any part of the world. Spotify is an open archive offering unlimited streams for those who avail of its subscription, but it also offers free streaming for users who do not mind listening to advertisements. 

Initially headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Spotify reached new heights when it finally launched in the US market in 2011. Since then, the platform grew from having only 7% of users in the United States in 2010 to a staggering 83% by the end of 2020, according to Variety. Spotify currently has offices in 17 countries, has over 356 million active users worldwide, and over 158 million paying subscribers. Spotify’s library holds over 70 million songs from various record labels and media companies, all of which are subjected to the streaming platform’s digital copyright restrictions. 

With Spotify’s affordability, experts have found a significant decline in online piracy. Record labels and music companies have been struggling to fight against piracy after the illegal downloading and file-sharing solutions introduced by Napster, Limewire, and other sites encouraged people to disregard the idea of paid music. By introducing a cheaper alternative to the traditional CD albums, Spotify changed a generation’s perspective about piracy and digital property.

Spotify’s vast library also allows users to explore multiple genres. The platform also created “Mood Playlists,” categorizing songs into moods, therefore saving users time to search for songs that carry the same vibes. The “Mood Playlist” includes songs from various genres. One of Spotify’s generated playlists is called the Mood Booster, which includes happy songs from multiple genres, artists, and even languages.

The platform’s unique feature called Spotify Clips also revolutionized the industry as it gave listeners a glimpse of the lives of their favorite artists through the stories they share. Artists can record short clips of themselves and connect with fans as they would on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

Spotify also stepped in to help communities amid the challenging times of the pandemic. The platform launched a feature called Artist Fundraising Pick, which allows fans to donate directly to artists, who will then give the proceeds to their chosen charity. 

Spotify has indeed radically changed the way people stream music. Beyond portability, the platform has addressed some of the most controversial issues in the music industry and provided avenues for artists to showcase their everyday life. With its rapid growth in 2021 despite the pandemic, there’s no doubt that Spotify is here to stay.


Aurora’s Runaway Song Rules The Global Chart Thanks to Tiktok

Six years ago, a Norweigan singer-songwriter Aurora Aksnes, better known as AURORA, dropped an ethereal and folktronica called “Runaway. The song became an instant hit after Tiktok users liked the song and incorporated it into their videos. The “Runaway” song has been hashtagged and used in over 723,000 videos in the said app. Using the music, Tiktok users created beautifully choreographed dance routines with shots of starry skies and surreal sunsets as backgrounds. 

The discovery of the song on Tiktok resulted in a massive boost in streaming numbers. Recently, it has reached No. 59 on the UK’s Top 100 chart. The recent trend got the attention of the Norweigan singer-songwriter and said in an interview, “I’ve never been very driven by these kinds of things. I don’t pay so much attention to what happens to the music after you release it. But I am very grateful that people have let ‘Runaway’ into their hearts.”

Even Billie Eilish admitted that Aurora’s Runaway was one of her inspirations that got her into music. During an interview with Vanity Fair, Billie Eilish said, “When I was 12, I saw Aurora’s ‘Runaway’ music video. Something inside me clicked, like, that is what I want to do, no matter whether it goes anywhere or not.” In response to Eilish’s praises about her song, Aurora complimented back the female artist, “I think the world needs more artists who just do what they want. She uses her voice is such a cool way. I’m also a big fan of her brother Finneas O’Connell and the way he produces lo-fi percussion. I will be listening to her more because she must be doing something right. The world seems to adore her right now because she’s really cool.”

When asked about the origins of her hit song, Aurora told NME in 2019, “I wrote ‘Runaway’ when I was 11-years-old. It’s quite funny because the older I got, the more it made sense to me. It touched my heart, and now it reminds me of things that happened after I wrote it. It was kind of like a gift to myself.” Moreover, she added, “It’s weird because my inspiration for the lyrics to ‘Runaway’ came out of nowhere. A few years later, something happened to me (well, the whole of Norway, actually), and then the lyrics made so much sense to me. I sat in my house on the usual piano I always write on, and it looks like an hour, I think.”

Aurora spent most of her childhood in the Os mountains, living in nature. While growing up, she used most of her time going outdoors alone. When she was six years old, she started composing melodies and song lyrics while using the piano her parents gifted to her. Her discovery as an artist was accidental. Back in 2012, she uploaded a song called Puppet on Soundcloud as her Christmas gift to her parents. Luckily, an agent heard the song and made a contract with her. 

Over the years of making music, her songs are often classified as electropop, featuring synth, drums, and keyboard as melodies. Among her memorable breakout tracks were Half The World Away, a cover of Oasis’ 1994,  Murder Song, and Running with the Wolves. Moreover, she teamed up with Idina Menzel to create the Frozen theme song Into The Unknown. Listen to Aurora’s track today on Spotify.


Aurora’s ‘Runaway’ soars up the charts following TikTok success


Bruno Mars Leaves the Door Open for His Eighth No. 1 Hit On Billboard Hot 100

Bruno Mars is at the top of his game. Consistently elevating the industry’s standards with each track and album release, the music artist has once again secured number one—this time as one-half of the critically-acclaimed team “Silk Sonic” with Anderson .Paak.

Since its release last March 5, 2021, the R&B super duo’s track “Leave the Door Open” has crooned its way into radios worldwide and, recently, into the No. 1 spot of Billboard’s Hot 100—marking Bruno’s eighth time on the list. 

A well-loved and celebrated creative, Bruno Mars is a multi-talented American singer, songwriter, and performer. He first developed his craft at a young age as an Elvis Presley impersonator before putting pen to paper and moving to Los Angeles in 2003 to pursue music. Although he often wrote songs for the industry’s biggest names, it wasn’t until 2010 that Bruno would rise to stardom.

The year was defined by his soulful vocals’ success on “Nothin’ on You” by B.o.B., Bruno’s first Billboard Hot 100 No.1, and Travis McCoy’s “Billionaire.” Fresh from the attention of his collaborative work, Bruno Mars launched his debut album Doo-Wops & Hooligans in the same year. To say it succeeded would be an understatement.

With chart-topping hits such as “The Lazy Song” and Billboard Hot 100 No.1 Tracks “Grenade” and “Just The Way You Are,” Bruno’s debut album cemented his reputation as a multi-talented artist. His masterful blend of pop, reggae, funk, R&B, hip-hop, soul, and rock attracted a loyal, international following that continues to grow with each released track.

The versatile music artist’s subsequent two visits to the coveted list occurred under promotions of his second album, Unorthodox Jukebox, in 2012. Containing undeniably groovy tracks, it came as no surprise when Bruno’s “Locked Out of Heaven” and, later, “When I Was Your Man” found spots on the Billboard. 

Two years later, he was back. In 2014, Bruno Mars was featured on Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk!” The single swept worldwide charts and reigned king at Billboard’s Hot 100 for an awe-inducing fourteen weeks. Bruno’s third studio album, the fan-favorite “24K Magic,” soon followed with iconic hits, generating another No.1 spot with “That’s What I Like” on the charts and multiple well-deserved Grammy awards for the artist and his talented team. 

This year, Bruno makes history with his eighth stay on the sought-after seat. Debuting as “Silk Sonic” with fellow industry game-changer Anderson .Paak, Bruno Mars has snagged another Billboard Hot 100 No.1 spot with “Leave the Door Open.”

Released only this year, the single has left the door open for multiple chart recognitions and unending praise for the crowned super duo’s creativity and performance. Featuring a unique and sexy tune, “Leave The Door Open” has serenaded fans worldwide, attracting a growing and diverse fanbase and redefining R&B.

Twist the knob and listen to “Leave The Door Open.” Learn more about the leading hitmaker Bruno Mars on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Spotify, or his official website


Legendary Universal Music Group Plans IPO for End of 2021

Source: Universal Music Group

A recognized world leader in music-based entertainment with operations in recorded music, music publishing, merchandising, and audiovisual content, Universal Music Group (UMG) is an undeniable force in the industry-shaping international sound. This year, the music conglomerate opens its doors and gets listed in a public offering on the Euronext stock exchange in Amsterdam.

Established in September 1934, Universal Music Group is one of the “big four” entertainment agencies and the most extensive record label globally, dominating 98% of the global music market with operations in over 68 countries. The company also carries influential subsidiaries in the music industry. Prominent among them are the record labels EMI Records, Decca Records, Capitol Music Group, Island Records, Motown Records, Virgin Music, Aftermath Entertainment, and many more.

In the business of offering artists coveted brand sponsorships and opportunities with a brilliant production team for more than eight decades, UMG houses global award-winning talents the likes of Akon, Eminem, The Rolling Stones, Alicia Keys, Billie Eilish, Elton John, Frank Sinatra, Carrie Underwood, Imagine Dragons among many others under its vast umbrella.

This year, UMG is set to go public in Amsterdam. The decision was announced in a released statement by the organization estimating the value of the record label at $36.4 billion after a consortium led by Chinese e-commerce giant Tencent Holdings increased its stakes and acquired a second 10% chunk of UMG equity taking its total holding to 20%.

The statement confirms that UMG parent Vivendi management board is considering “a distribution of 60% of UMG’s share capital to Vivendi shareholders via a special dividend.” Post-IPO, UMG will be approximately owned by the Tencent consortium 20%, by Vivendi 20%, other Vivendi shareholders 44%, and 16% directly by the Bolloré group (which already owns 27% of Vivendi).

Suppose the plan to distribute 60% of UMG share capital through the Euronext stock exchange in Amsterdam comes to fruition. In that case, it will mark a new era and solidifies the relationship between the companies as UMG would be in a privileged position and be able to utilize its increased financial flexibility to pursue dynamic development that would cement its pioneering role in the music and entertainment industry, accelerates its growth as a global leader to the advantage of artists and fans worldwide.

Chairman & CEO of Universal Music Group, Sir Lucian Grainge, also confirmed the news through an internal memo sent to the company’s global employees. On April 13, Sir Grainge announced new appointments within the company’s corporate and finance team based at the new headquarters in Hilversum, Netherlands.

The new positions which are effective immediately are part of the company’s strategic development and preparation for the proposed public offering on Amsterdam’s Euronext stock exchange. As the company goes public, the new executives will help navigate the way as a free-standing company. Appointed as the new Deputy CEO Corporate, Vincent Vallejo will be reporting directly to Sir Grainge. Before his new appointment, Vincent has worked with UMG since joining in 1998 and risen through the ranks most recently as VP, Audit, and Special Projects.

Learn more about Universal Music Group and stay updated with its growth by visiting its official website. 


Iconic Virgin Records Return as Universal’s “Virgin Music Label & Artist Services”

Music enthusiasts of the ’80s to the early 1990s know the name Virgin Records Ltd. The British independent record label stood behind the success of platinum-record artists such as Janet Jackson, Phil Collins, Lenny Kravitz, Paula Abdul, Devo, Genesis, the Human League, Culture Club, Simple Minds, and Mike Oldfield, to name a few. 

This year, to the excitement of fans worldwide, the company is proud to announce its official return.

Established in 1972 by the entrepreneurs Richard Branson, Nik Powell, Simon Draper, and celebrated musician Tom Newman, Virgin Records Ltd. was expected to succeed. Its name was rooted in Branson and Powell’s record shop “Virgin Records and Tapes” in Notting Hill Gate, London, before transitioning into a formidable label, managing and representing some of the industry’s greats.

Its first production, “Tubular Bells” by the skilled musician Mike Oldfield quickly established the label’s reputation as a rising force in the market. The subsequently released “Phaedra” by Tangerine Dream became a chart-topping hit, attracting a following along with “The Faust Tapes” and “Faust IV” by the multi-talented Faust. 

The next few years would only further Virgin Records Ltd. into international recognition. The company would go on to sign the Sex Pistols, Public Image Ltd, Fingerprintz, the Ruts, and Shooting Star, among others. 

This was the coveted image that the record label held when Thorn EMI acquired it in 1992 and when EMI was adopted by the Universal Music Group (UMG) in 2012. This year, UMG has announced Virgin Records Ltd’s relaunch, capturing the label’s iconic and trendsetting image in its prime and bringing it to the 21st century.

On the establishment of Virgin Music Label & Artist Services, Richard Branson states, “I’m proud that half a century after we opened our first independent record shop in London, the Virgin Music name continues to represent the very best entrepreneurs, innovators, and artists from the world of music today.”

Effective immediately, the rebirthed label is designed to lead each region under UMG with veritable platinum records and chart-topping hits. Virgin Music Label & Artist Services will be providing global solutions with innovative, international perspectives; and an expert team is already in place in the five main music markets.

The newly-announced subsidiary will cater to the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Latin America. Much recently, Virgin Music Label & Artist Services also announced its entrance into the Australian stage.

Formerly operating as “Caroline Australia,” UMG’s label services arm will continue under the Virgin name, unveiling exciting developments and rebranding strategies intended to kickstart its “biggest year yet,” termed by Tim Janes, the Managing Director of the Australian label.

With a powerhouse roster under his care, nothing stands in the way of Tim’s and the Virgin Music Australia Label’s success. At present, the company supports the talents of Aitch, Catfish and The Bottlemen, Mac DeMarco, Dave, SG Lewis, Iggy Pop, Digga D, and countless more.

After the thrilling string of announcements by UMG concerning the revival of the Virgin Music brand, fans worldwide can’t wait for updates on its expansion, along with the return of the classic, iconic rock sound of the past decades. 

Learn more about Virgin Records Ltd. and witness its growth as Virgin Music Label & Artist Services by visiting its official website



YG Entertainment Launches Search for Next K-Pop Boy Band

A recognized forerunner of the “Hallyu Wave” or the global Korean phenomenon, YG Entertainment is an undeniable force in shaping international sound. This year, the music giant is opening its doors for future representatives of world-class music with “2021 YG New Boy Group Audition at Home.”

Established in 1996 by former South Korean idol Yang Hyun-suk, YG Entertainment is a record label and talent management agency with operations concerning music production and publishing and event and concert management. 

As one of the big three entertainment agencies in South Korea, the company also carries influential subsidiaries in numerous fields. Some of the most prominent include record labels YGX and The Black Label and model management company YGKPlus.

Under this vast umbrella, YG Entertainment houses the global and first-rate talents of Big Bang, Dara, Sechs Kies, Akdong Musician (AKMU), Winner, iKON, BlackPink, Somi, Anda, and Treasure, along with numerous award-winning actors, actresses, and models. For decades, YG has been in the industry, offering its artists unique opportunities with a brilliant production team, network, and coveted brand sponsorships.

Last April 12, 2021, they offered the same to aspiring K-Pop stars. Much to its audience’s excitement, YG Entertainment recently announced the launch of the “2021 YG New Boy Group Audition at Home,” which is available for interested males born between 2002 and 2010 of any nationality presently unaffiliated with another entertainment company. 

Conscious of the limitations of the COVID-19 pandemic, the auditions will be held online. The application period runs from April 12 to May 23, 2021, and will flow into the video audition period through the video-chat site “Zoom” from April 19 to May 30, 2021. 

The process kicks off with a brief form concerning the applicant’s preferred audition date and language chosen between Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese. Potential trainees are also asked to pick the category of their performance from vocal, rap, dance, and appearance or talents. After submission, they will receive a confirmation email from the company, including the video audition date and time. 

YG Entertainment is set to reveal the results on June 12, 2021, notifying only those admitted past the final round. These boys will be given the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to come under the company’s expert training program and join its roster of great talents later. 

Since their announcement, social media platforms have been abuzz with possible auditionees and what YG Entertainment has in store for its upcoming boy band. Apart from its signature swag and distinctive groove, a new look and sound are expected from the group, especially with YG’s recent restructuring.

As the entertainment company sources fresh talents worldwide and fans are left waiting for further updates, YG Entertainment’s current groups remain busy in local and international promotions, ranging from competitive productions, variety shows, performances, and brand endorsements.

Walk forward as the future of K-Pop. Take a chance and fill in the online form for the “2021 YG New Boy Group Audition at Home,” or learn more about YG Entertainment and its large, multitalented family on its official website