A Neon Sign in the Dark: Ashley Paul's Rise and the Anticipated Release of 'Blindfolded'
Photo Courtesy: Loyde Cordero

A Neon Sign in the Dark: Ashley Paul’s Rise and the Anticipated Release of ‘Blindfolded’

An unsung hero in the NuDisco musical landscape, Ashley Paul has rekindled the distinguished charm of the elite club scene. Under her esteemed banner, the defining sound of disco’s golden era reverberates with nuances of modern EDM. For the favored few in the fast-evolving dance music scene, their craft is more than a form of expression. It is a beacon, guiding them towards uncharted melodious territories. One such luminary, Ashley Paul, has effortlessly swept onto turntables with catchy music, proving herself as a vibrant pulse in the electronic music realm.

Punctuating the dance charts with a series of hits, Ashley’s discography is a sonorous tale of unsurpassed talent and unwavering passion. The likes of ‘Feel Your Fire,’ ‘Come and Get Me,’ and ‘Love Light Me Up’ chronicle her knack for crafting electro anthems that percolate with a disco undercurrent. Her 1988 billboard remix hit ‘When Boys Cry’ further cemented her dance music revolutionary status. The unprecedented sound in ‘Bingo Baby’ displays a musical maestro at work, harmonizing her enchanting vocals with Luv Foundation UK’s vibrant energy.

A Neon Sign in the Dark: Ashley Paul's Rise and the Anticipated Release of 'Blindfolded'

Photo Courtesy: Loyde Cordero

‘Bingo Baby’ mesmerized music aficionados when it hit the dance floor in October 2023. Co-authored by the revered Richie Neville of former band FIVE fame, the track encapsulated an anthemic homage to the dance scene of the 90s. The thumping house feel was rapped impeccably around Ashley’s plush vocals, amplified by Luv Foundation’s paradisiac remix.

The remix’s elevated status showcased a global appreciation for Ashley’s sound, even steering the Symphony of Pride at Sydney’s Mardi Gras.

The success generated by ‘Bingo Baby’ prompted a conscientious re-release that accentuated Ashley Paul’s and Luv Foundation UK’s collaboration. Coupled with an energizing new edit, Jochen Simms introduced a deep, techy remix, infusing the main riff of LFUK Remix.

As the world turned its gaze toward Ashley’s impressive musical alchemy, our effervescent heroine tirelessly crafted her second single, ‘Blindfolded.’ Co-written with BMI Award-Winning Songwriter Gerina DiMarco and featuring Luv Foundation UK, ‘Blindfolded’ pulsates with promises of another dance anthem. Ashley offers her fans a visual feast alongside this upcoming musical gem with an accompanying music video. 

A Neon Sign in the Dark: Ashley Paul's Rise and the Anticipated Release of 'Blindfolded'

Photo Courtesy: Loyde Cordero

Ashley Paul stands out in an ever more crowded landscape populated with pseudo-musicians. Her presence in Electronic Dance Music is as striking and captivating as a neon sign on a dark night, to cite the apt words of OnOff magazine. With ‘Bingo Baby’ already considered an emblematic dance track and ‘Blindfolded’ poised for a spring release under the prestigious Dauman Music label, the electricity in the room is palpable.

For those who have found themselves entranced by Ashley Paul’s harmonious power, it is worth noting that her extensive repertoire is available for discovery via her social media accounts and website. Follow her musical journey on Instagram (@official_ashley_paul) and visit her website at www.ashpaulmusic.com.

Ashley Paul’s music echoes with clarity and creative brilliance in a world where the cacophony often drowns the melody. As she unveils the mystique surrounding ‘Blindfolded,’ music fans worldwide wait eagerly. The magnetic allure of her musical prowess can ensnare listeners in a binding symphony, reaffirming Ashley Paul’s sparkling stardom in the pantheon of dance music. In essence, Ashley’s rise elevates herself and the music industry, one tuneful note at a time.


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