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Three Chord Bourbon
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As the realms of whiskey and music harmoniously blend, Three Chord Bourbon emerges as the latest confluence of the two cultures, presenting an original concept that resonates deeply with enthusiasts of both. Drawn from the creative vision of illustrious musician and producer Neil Giraldo, Three Chord Bourbon beckons fans into an immersive auditory and gustatory journey with its groundbreaking Backstage Series.

This one-of-a-kind initiative invites whiskey aficionados to savor custom blends that are the fruit of unique collaborations with an array of celebrated music artists. The series has made headlines not only for its innovative spirit but also because it’s fostering new connections and income opportunities for musicians in contact with their most ardent supporters.

With a name like Backstage Series, it’s no wonder that the project has sparked considerable excitement among fans. The anticipation only grew as thousands quickly pre-ordered the bottles following the announcement. Each blend is the outcome of a close partnership between the respective artists and acclaimed Whiskey Maker Ari Sussman. The collaborators are a diverse ensemble of bands and musicians including Theory of a Deadman, Halestorm, Black Stone Cherry, Lucero, Dinosaur Jr, The Cadillac Three, and Goodbye June, ensuring a range of flavors as eclectic as the music that inspired them.

The artistry extends to the packaging, with the label design crafted by renowned designers like Ronnie Lewis, who brings over a decade and a half of creating impactful, eye-catching music industry visuals. The series turns each bottle into a collectible, transcending the norm and offering a multisensory experience that marries the auditory pleasure of music with the bold taste of whiskey.

Building on the successful fusion of spirits and sounds, Three Chord Bourbon is tuning up for another remarkable collaboration in the 2024 Backstage Series Release. With the previous releases resonating so well among fans and connoisseurs alike, the brand is now setting the stage to unveil a new roster of artists, elevating the blend of music and whiskey to an unprecedented crescendo.

The 2024 lineup promises to amplify this sensory symphony, with Three Chord Bourbon handpicking musicians who embody a range of genres and styles, symbolizing the diversity and harmony that music and bourbon share. Each artist in the forthcoming series will bring their unique fingerprint to the whiskey-making table, ensuring that every bottle encapsulates the spirit and story of its musical muse.

While details are kept under wraps, the upcoming release is already striking a chord with whiskey lovers and music fans who eagerly await to see which artists will join the Three Chord ensemble. The new selection is not just a testament to Three Chord’s commitment to quality and innovation but also its dedication to bringing together the camaraderie of the music community and the shared enjoyment of a finely crafted bourbon. Stay tuned for a harmonious celebration of craftsmanship and artistry set to unveil in the 2024 Backstage Series from Three Chord Bourbon.

Shrouded in accolades, Three Chord Bourbon—since its 2017 emergence—has been celebrated within the spirits community, bagging over fifty industry awards, and at music festivals like Bourbon and Beyond in Kentucky. The brand’s 2023 Honey Toasted blend has notably earned a 92-point score from Wine Enthusiast, signifying its high quality and taste.

As Three Chord ambitiously expands its horizons—our palates and playlists coinciding in an anticipated celebration—it’s evident that Neil Giraldo’s projection for his brand is more than an entrepreneurial pursuit; it’s a heartfelt effort to amplify the mutual love for whiskey and melody. With a foot in 38 states, the vision of Three Chord Bourbon to enrich the musical landscape through sensory expression is now a tantalizing reality. 

In an exciting new development, Three Chord Bourbon extends an open invitation to fans to become more than just consumers—they can become part of the very fabric that weaves the company’s spirit and mission. Intricately understanding that the heart of its brand lies not only in the exceptional quality of its blends but also in the vibrant whiskey and music community, Three Chord is launching a crowdfunding campaign on

This campaign is a unique opportunity for enthusiasts and supporters to play a direct role in shaping the future of the Three Chord legacy and to help propel the fusion of whiskey and music to even greater heights. By joining the crowdfunding round, believers in the brand are not only investing in what Three Chord stands for but also joining a larger movement that celebrates the collective spirit of both whiskey aficionados and music lovers around the globe.

The invitation to join the Three Chord family is a clarion call to those who seek to be a part of something transformative—a chance to contribute to a company that values the community’s voice in its journey of innovation and artistic collaboration. Through, fans have the chance to back Three Chord’s mission as it continues to break barriers and cultivate shared experiences through the timeless pairing of music and whiskey.

For additional information on the brand and its indelible fusion of music and bourbon, visit the Three Chord Bourbon website and explore the repertoire of flavors paired seamlessly with the quintessence of music.

Published by: Nelly Chavez

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