Carly Waddell: A Resonant Journey from Cruise Ships to “Music City”

Carly Waddell
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Carly Waddell, the beautiful talented singer-songwriter hailing from Dallas, Texas, has embarked on a remarkable musical journey that has taken her from the high seas of cruise ships to the vibrant music scene of Nashville, Tennessee. Today, Carly stands as a resilient single mother, whose passion for music has led her to release new, empowering tracks that inspire audiences across the globe.

Carly Waddell’s musical odyssey began when she was just a young girl with a dream. Her early memories of requesting her mom to take her to a community theater audition mark the genesis of a lifelong affair with music. She would spend her summers performing in musicals and evenings belting out tunes in her garage, filling countless notebooks with her original compositions.

Her journey continued with appearances at Johnnie High’s Country Music Review in Arlington, Texas, and thrilling summer performances at Six Flags over Texas during high school. To hone her craft further, she pursued formal education in musical theater, attending prestigious institutions like New York University (NYU) and the University of Oklahoma (OU). However, and for the better, Carly’s ambition to create and perform her own music eventually led her away from the stage of Texas.

Carly’s next venture took her to The Savannah Theatre in Georgia, where she dazzled audiences with her talent in various shows. Afterward, she embarked on a remarkable five-year stint as a performer on cruise ships, where she not only showcased her own original music but also delivered breathtaking renditions of songs spanning the ages.

For many, Carly first gained recognition as the “cruise ship singer” on the popular reality TV series “The Bachelor.” Her appearances and personality on the show left a lasting impression on viewers. However, it was her time on “Bachelor in Paradise” that provided her with a platform to shine even brighter.

Amidst the highs and lows of reality TV, marriage, motherhood, and ultimately divorce, Carly never lost sight of her true passion – music. Today, she stands as a single mother to her two precious children, Bella (5) and Charlie (3), and is thrilled to announce the release of her latest music.

“I’ve been singing since I was a little girl,” Carly shared with us. “Music fills my soul, from the start of writing a song, to recording, to sharing it with people. It’s something I not only love to do, but I also feel like I was born to do.”

Getting back into music after becoming a single mother and a prominent figure on reality TV has been a transformative experience for Carly. She describes it as a wonderful transition that has allowed her to rediscover herself and become the best person and mother she can be. “You can’t give from an empty cup,” she emphasizes.

As her children grow, Carly has found more time to focus on her music, writing, and voice lessons, recently being vocally trained by world famous voice coach Gary Catona (Whitney Houston, Andrea Bochelli, Usher, Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez). Motherhood has also become a significant source of inspiration for her artistry, with her kids witnessing her sing in front of a live audience for the first time during a recent National Anthem performance at a baseball game in Nashville.

“My kids are my biggest supporters,” Carly beamed. “It’s wonderful to be able to show them that no matter who you are, how old you are, or how much of a ‘mom’ you are, you can still follow your dreams.”

Carly’s latest single, “My Kind of Woman,” serves as a powerful testament to her journey. The track exudes an aura of woman empowerment, reminiscent of the iconic Shania Twain. With lyrics like “High heels, sweatpants, babies, it don’t matter,” the song embraces the multifaceted nature of women’s lives, making it relatable to women everywhere. Carly co-wrote the song with Curtis Douglas and GG Ramirez, infusing her personal experiences and vision into every note.

As 2023 progresses, Carly has exciting plans on the horizon. She intends to release more songs from her EP, each infused with her unique blend of passion and strength. Her goal is to take her music on the road, playing live shows that resonate with her fans and new listeners alike.

When asked about her dream collaboration, Carly expressed a strong desire to work with Texas-born powerhouses Maren Morris or Miranda Lambert. “They are both Texas girls like myself, who made their way to Nashville,” she said. “They are strong, unbelievably talented, empowering, and just all-around badass women.”

Finally, she opened up to us about why music brings her happiness. “My soul’s language is music,” she revealed. “Whenever I write a song or am singing in my living room, it’s an immediate serotonin boost. Music helps me stay in a positive and happy state of being.”

Carly’s unwavering passion for music, coupled with her resilience as a single mother, makes her an inspiring figure for all. Her journey is a testament to the enduring power of pursuing one’s dreams, no matter the obstacles faced along the way.

To follow her musical journey and stay updated on her latest releases and performances, visit her Instagram and stream her music on all platforms!



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