Chasing After The Heart of God: The Inspiring Journey of Whitney J.

Whitney J
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Behind every soul-stirring melody, behind every touching verse of a song, there sometimes resides a story of profound love, aspiration, and grit – and Whitney J. embarks on such a journey. Known more intimately as Whitney ‘Whitney J.’ Hogans, this Maryland-based dynamo exemplifies the epitome of womanhood, motherhood, and spirituality. In her multifaceted role as a mother, singer, songwriter, renowned author, motivational speaker, educator, and radio personality, Whitney J. seamlessly interweaves her faith and passion into every aspect of her illustrious career.

Started her journey as an author in 2016 with the release of her book, ‘The Pain Is Real, But the Promise Is Eternal: What to Do When God’s Will Hurts,’ this Amazon Best Selling Author sets a precedent for storytelling that resonates with readers on a deep, emotional level. Through her words, Whitney J. conveys a rawness that highlights God’s eternal promise, regardless of the trials and tribulations one may encounter in life.

In 2019, leveraging her knack for storytelling and her inherent coaching acumen, she founded ‘She Heals Publishing.’ With this initiative, she set out on a mission to help aspiring authors navigate the often daunting publishing industry and realize their dreams of becoming published authors.

Between 2018 and 2021, Whitney J.’s distinctive voice was regularly heard on the Stellar Award Nominated Awesome God Radio, where she hosted the weekly show, The She Heals Radio Show. She fondly recalled the highlight of her time there – the fact that the production was helmed by her then-teenage son, Quincy, adding another layer of personal connection to her work.

2021 also saw Whitney J. rekindling an old flame – her love for singing, a passion rooted in her early years that had been dormant for some time. She re-emerged again on the music scene and even released her first single, ‘Break Me,’ enhancing the experience for her audience with an accompanying music video in 2022. It was not merely a renaissance of singing but also her songwriting abilities, leading to a fresh creative chapter for this multi-talented woman.

Ever since Whitney J’s purpose remains crystal clear: to spread the goodness of Christ in a manner as honest, raw, and authentic as can be. To empower others to live in their truth and to use their voices. She has done presentations and public speaking in specialized education fields and ministries, utilizing every platform available to voice her faith-filled message.

Living with her two sons, Quincy and Kevin, and dog, Angelo, Maryland is more than just a residence for Whitney J., it’s the home of a woman fiercely chasing after the heart of God.

Her zeal for sharing her God-given message knows no bounds, as she puts her heart into song, speech, or print. Whether she is penning touching melodies, delivering motivational speeches, or writing books, her passion for God is the backbone behind every endeavor.

So, what’s the story behind Whitney J.? It’s a story of love for God, a story of resilience, a narrative of a woman who took her passions—be it for words, for melodies, for conversations—and used them to paint a beautiful picture of faith, determination, and success. Whitney J.’s story bears testimony to the reality that chasing the heart of God is, in fact, achievable for everyone. She’s not just a voice on the radio, a name on a book, or a face in a music video. She’s a beacon of light, a reminder that it is possible to transform passion into purpose when God is the compass guiding the way.

For a more personal glimpse into her inspiring journey, you can follow her on Instagram and Tik Tok on her handle @thisiswhitneyj or on Facebook – Whitney J. Hogans. Amidst the cacophony of media today, Whitney J. ‘s resonating voice stands out – honest, raw, and completely dedicated to celebrating the goodness of Christ.

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