Discovering Unknown Connections: Real Stories From Users
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Discovering Unknown Connections: Real Stories From Users

Today’s fast-paced world keeps us so occupied that we sometimes lose touch with people who have always been close to our hearts. It can be your school friend who helped you with those challenging mathematics problems or your next-door neighbor who made your childhood memorable with freshly baked cupcakes on Christmas. If you ever had someone who made your life better and want to reconnect with them but don’t know where they live or what their social media account looks like, is the answer. It is a people search directory that can help you access public records of any person in the US to get substantial information about them, such as their address, contact details, profession, marital status, and more. is not just any other internet search engine offering random results based on what’s available on social media, blogs, and publications. It is a free people search website that accesses government records to find the most accurate information about a person, which would otherwise take days or even weeks to gather. The website operates on a highly advanced AI-based fast people search technology, providing valid data based on your search in a few minutes. You just need to enter some basic information about a person, like their full name and the state they possibly reside in. Its intuitive interface will do the rest in a few clicks to present you with the best matching results. You can view it on the website, download the data as PDF, or get it emailed. 

Millions of people use to find their long list of friends or relatives in the US. Sarah, a Manhattan resident, shares her story of finding her music teacher on Sarah is a professional pianist who wanted to get back to her music teacher who helped her discover her passion. “I always prayed to meet him once so I can thank him for being such an inspiration in my life. I tried searching for my music teacher on every possible social media platform only to be disappointed. Then someone told me about and it fulfilled my dream,” Sarah excitedly shares. 

Another unique story on is Daniel’s, who is studying history at a renowned university. He was struggling with a project on family ancestry and almost lost hope of achieving his desired grades to qualify. That’s when a friend introduced him to, which transformed Daniel’s academic career.  He reveals, “I never thought I could trace my ancestry with such precision and free of cost. is truly amazing. I found all the information I needed for my project from historical records of a family to their immigration history, and more. I don’t think I could have completed my project with the assistance of” is not just about personal information like address, phone number, or email. You can also conduct background checks on someone with their previous criminal records, Sex Offender Database, Unclaimed Money Records, and more. Jane, a user of and a junior law practitioner, says the website helped her decipher many cases so far. She adds, “ is a tool that I use to conduct nominal background research or connect with people who can be potential witnesses in any suit. It is fast, easy, and convenient.” is connecting people across the US in just a few clicks. The website maintains confidentiality and strictly adheres to data privacy laws to make every search safe for the user. If you are looking to reconnect with a person, then is the ultimate platform to revive those relationships.

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