Entrepreneur Christopher M. Aboy’s Adaptability Ensures T.A.G. Muay Thai’s Massive and Lasting Success

Building a business from scratch is an already massive accomplishment that not everyone can fulfill. However, getting started is only half the battle. Up ahead is an even more arduous and challenging journey of ensuring that the enterprise endures and lasts. And more often than not, these budding brands end up falling through the cracks. Yet despite that, T.A.G. Muay Thai has triumphantly beaten the odds and continues to thrive since its inception 16 years ago.

The Virginia-based Muay Thai training facility has consistently progressed over the years. In fact, from its humble beginnings inside Christopher M. Aboy’s two-car garage, the venture has moved to bigger spaces, including the Dulles Sportsplex. But alongside these remarkable milestones, it had experienced its fair share of setbacks and hurdles, most especially as among the many enterprises that were heavily impacted when the global pandemic broke out. During this incredibly difficult season, it moved three times to various sites. Finally, the business has found its permanent home at 45698 Elmwood Court, Suite B, in Sterling, Virginia, where it celebrated its first anniversary in May 2022.

What helped the inspiring brand reach such wide renown is the exceptional leadership of its founder and owner, Christopher M. Aboy. The entrepreneur is a certified Muay Thai instructor and uniformed police officer serving the U.S. government for over 20 years. Utilizing his acquired skills from both disciplines, the visionary has greatly scaled T.A.G. Muay Thai’s success and reputation. 

Not only that, but the head instructor also possesses an awe-inspiring passion for teaching. As a testament to this, he has curated a stellar training program that enables students to achieve their maximum learning and potential. Currently, it offers multiple different classes specifically developed to accommodate a wide variety of students from all ages and skill levels.

But perhaps the most significant attribute the visionary holds is his impressive adaptability and dedication to innovation. For example, at the height of COVID-19, restrictions were enforced, and everyone was advised to stay home, leaving the gym empty. But instead of stopping operations, Christopher carefully assessed the situation and quickly made strategic adjustments. Before long, he decided to conduct virtual lessons until restrictions loosened up to bring back “in-person” learning in a physical space. 

Having an admirable propensity to roll with the punches is a crucial element when learning martial arts such as Muay Thai. The perceptive founder realizes that this very same principle can be applied to any business that wishes to have continued growth. “Things aren’t always going to go your way; think smart and logical for the next steps. Things don’t happen overnight, but consistency and executing step by step will help put you one step closer to your goal,” he excellently explained.

Moving forward, the extraordinary man remains steadfast in his vision of elevating T.A.G. Muay Thai to greater heights and ensuring its longevity. To accomplish this, he plans to keep putting in his best efforts and employing a strategic approach. On top of that, Christopher hopes to add more value to the community, which is why he shares his wisdom through his books Conquering Muay Thai published in January 2021 and Conquering your Law Enforcement Career, which is scheduled to drop in October 2022.


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