Explore the Rhythms of Summer Introducing 2024's Top Music and Dance Camps for Youth
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Explore the Rhythms of Summer: Introducing 2024’s Top Music and Dance Camps for Youth

As the warm breezes of summer start to sway through the air, signaling a break from school routines and heralding in days filled with adventure and exploration, parents and children alike begin to ponder over how to best spend this precious time. In the heart of New Orleans and Mandeville, a unique opportunity awaits those eager to explore the world of performing arts. The Louisiana Academy of Performing Arts – (LAAPA) is thrilled to announce four weeks of enriching summer music and dance camps this July designed specifically for young enthusiasts aged 5-14. With an impressive selection of over 25 instrumental, vocal, drama, and dance programs, LAAPA’s Summer Music & Dance Camps promise a season of discovery, growth, and unforgettable memories.

What sets these camps apart is not merely the variety they offer but the meticulously structured environment that ensures each child receives a well-rounded performing arts education. Camps run Monday-Friday from 9 AM to 3 PM, and attendees choose six different camp programs to focus on daily. Songs, choreography, and scenes are all inspired by fun themes each week, which are further discussed below. At the end of camp each Friday, students put on a full showcase for their parents, demonstrating what they’ve accomplished! This dynamic approach guarantees that every day is fresh and engaging.

The philosophy at LAAPA is simple yet profound: an introduction for beginners and inspiration for the experienced. Beginners are welcomed into a nurturing space where curiosity leads the way toward foundational skills across chosen disciplines, including piano lessons. For those with prior exposure or expertise, the camps serve as an invigorating platform to hone their talents further.

In keeping with its commitment to quality education and personal growth, each class within the camp has been thoughtfully designed to last 40 minutes with ample breaks in between for snacks, hydration, and relaxation. Each day, the final class is reserved for performance sharing, during which students are invited to share something they’ve learned that day, such as favorite songs, dances, or monologues. Students often perform duets or group acts during this period as well.

A question often posed by parents looking into children’s performing arts programs for the first time pertains to inclusivity—Are brand-new beginners welcome? The answer is absolutely! These camps are crafted as gateways for novices eager to explore their interests in music, dance or acting. It’s about lighting that spark of passion within each child.

Diversity extends beyond program selection into teaching styles encompassed at LAAPA’s summer camps. From rock to classical music, hip-hop dance moves to jazz steps—the aim is not just to educate but also celebrate various genres within arts, offering campers a holistic view.

The backbone of any educational program lies in its educators. At LAAPA, pride is taken in staffing camps. All instructors are university-trained faculty members with degrees and/or professional experience from prestigious institutions worldwide. This ensures that every lesson transcends beyond mere instruction—transforming into moments of inspiration fueled by teachers passionate about unlocking each student’s potential.

While excitement about joining such an enriching experience may build up, so does curiosity about individual attention amidst group settings. Summer camp enrollment is capped at 30 students per week to ensure maximum student and teacher interaction time.

Scheduled throughout July 2024 with captivating weekly themes like “Out of This World”, “At The Movies”, “Wild West”, and “Superheroes”, these camps aren’t just about learning; they’re adventures waiting to unfold at LAAPA’s campuses in Mandeville at the Mandeville School of Music & Dance & in New Orleans/Harahan at the River Ridge School of Music & Dance.

Choosing LAAPA for your child’s summer adventures means investing in an experience where exploration meets excellence; it’s where every note played resonates deeper than sound—it echoes ambition—a sentiment beautifully encapsulated by our own instructors: “Where lessons are FUN and teachers inspire; students learn.”

For families seeking a blend of education and entertainment this summer—look no further than LAAPA’s Music & Dance Camps—an endeavor where young talents are nurtured and every student has an opportunity to shine on stage.

Make this summer unforgettable—one note at a time!

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