Choosing Love Over Fear Exploring Human Complexity in Sean Casey Leclaire's 'LEELA'
Photo Courtesy: Laurel Hinton

Choosing Love Over Fear: Exploring Human Complexity in Sean Casey Leclaire’s ‘LEELA’

This May Sean Casey Leclaire‘s solo play “LEELA: Touching Our Better Selves” will debut as a poignant exploration of human complexity and transformation. Leclaire, a seasoned poet, playwright, and leadership coach, weaves his deep personal and professional insights into this compelling narrative that challenges and nurtures the audience’s spirit.

“LEELA” stands out not only as a theatrical piece but as an intimate journey into the dynamics of power and the human condition. The play distills the essence of transformation, moving from fear to love and from force to power. These themes are intricately explored through the lens of personal accountability and the profound choice between love and fear—choices that resonate deeply with every moment of our lives.

Leclaire’s inspiration for “LEELA” originated during a workshop in New York City in 2019, where he was struck by a Shakespearean sonnet emphasizing the virtue of those who have the power to harm yet choose to abstain. This moment of clarity spurred Leclaire to reflect deeply on his own experiences with power and its misuse. It set him on a path to dissect the stark contrast between power as a flowing, expansive force and force as a contractive, diminishing one. Power, as portrayed in “LEELA,” is synonymous with love, a nurturing presence that elevates, while force is equated with fear, an inhibiting and diminishing agent.

The play integrates classical sonnets, narrative poetry, stand-up comedy, and townie storytelling, creating a multidimensional experience that engages different facets of the audience’s psyche. This unique blend ensures that each viewer, regardless of their initial state of self-awareness or maturity, is both met and gently guided into deeper introspection. The classical sonnets act as portals into deeper self-understanding, the narrative poetry and raw storytelling carve the path, and the humor provides a necessary breather, allowing the audience to digest and reflect on the heavier themes presented.

Leclaire’s approach to storytelling in “LEELA” is deeply immersive and interactive, challenging the audience to confront their inner chaos and complexities. The play becomes a mirror reflecting the inner workings of the soul, asking poignant questions about the use of power, the embrace of stillness, and the pursuit of personal and societal harmony. Through “LEELA,” Leclaire hopes to inspire a reconnection with our better selves, urging a collective movement towards a society driven by love rather than fear.

His background as a poet and playwright enriches his performances, bringing patience, a love for the nuanced power of language, and a commitment to serve the audience’s deeper understanding. In “LEELA,” Leclaire draws on his extensive experience to create a performance that is not only entertaining but transformative, compelling the audience to reflect on their personal power and the impact of their choices.

Choosing Love Over Fear Exploring Human Complexity in Sean Casey Leclaire's 'LEELA'

Photo Courtesy: Laurel Hinton

The title “LEELA” itself, meaning divine play in Sanskrit, encapsulates the essence of the performance. It suggests life as a play, an enactment where each choice and action contributes to the unfolding of our collective narrative. In this divine play, every participant has the potential to touch upon their higher selves, to interact with life’s complexities not with fear, but with the compassionate and empowering force of love.

As “LEELA” moves forward, Sean Casey Leclaire continues to refine his craft, challenging traditional forms of storytelling and engaging with his audiences on profound levels. His work not only entertains but also educates and enlightens, offering a rare blend of theatrical artistry and deep personal insight. Through “LEELA,” Leclaire invites us all to explore the depths of our humanity and to choose paths that lead to our better selves, making it a seminal piece in the landscape of contemporary theatre.

LEELA: Touching Our Better Selves
Written and Performed by Sean Casey Leclair
Directed by Padraic Lillis
The show will be performed from May 2 – 5, 2024
Theater Lab NYC located is located at 357 W 36th St, 3rd floor
Tickets can be purchased HERE.

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