Faith & Creativity: Art, Music, Travel with Tad Negrete
Photo Courtesy: Tad Negrete

Faith & Creativity: Art, Music, Travel with Tad Negrete

By: Kattie Muniz

It’s no wonder pop culture is greatly inspired by the 18th-century Romantics. With topics like affairs, travel, and pedestrian life, they inspired many contemporary musicians, filmmakers, and writers today. More importantly, they helped bring love and wonder back to religion when it was seen as dark and medieval for hundreds of years. 

There’s a reason why many feel wanderlust and look toward modern-day poets — they want to feel a connection and sense of belonging, even when they’re seemingly untethered. Tad Negrete is one such individual whose story is written with a mix of faith, creativity, music, and unafraid self-expression. 

Tad is a multifaceted entrepreneur, artist, lifelong traveler, creative, faithful, and romantic who has mastered the art of blending his passions to create a life worth living — all for his son, Matteo, his greatest muse. His journey serves as a beacon of inspiration, encouraging others to embrace their authentic selves and fearlessly explore the intersection of faith, art, and cultural exchange.

Roots of inspiration: Faith, family, and diverse influences

Tad’s journey is intricately woven with threads of faith, family, and diverse influences. Raised Catholic, he believes more in spirituality and devotes his faith to Jesus Christ, which has anchored his life and has propelled him forward on his quests. Rooted in his faith, Tad draws strength and inspiration from the traditions of his family who have shaped his character and fostered within him a profound connection to his heritage.

Yet, Tad’s story is not solely defined by his faith and familial bonds. Rather, it is a kaleidoscope of influences: music, philosophy, and art that are as much a part of him as breathing air. From the lyrical genius of Tupac Shakur and French electronic duo Justice to the stoic wisdom of Marcus Aurelius, the culinary adventures of Anthony Bourdain, and the boundary-pushing creativity of Banksy and Kanye West, each figure has contributed to Tad’s eclectic backdrop of inspiration.

Despite his diverse inspirational background, Tad’s style is all his own. Both mystical and down-to-earth, transcendent and bounded, his journey leaves one feeling inspired. Grounded in authenticity and a fearless embrace of new perspectives, his life is a testament to the transformative power of faith, family, and the many influences that shape our lives.

Music as a powerful form of self-expression

For Tad, music has been a profound conduit for self-expression, a medium through which he has channeled his innermost thoughts, emotions, and experiences. From a young age, his passion for creating mixes and experimenting with beats laid the foundation for his musical journey. The launch of Decadent Music Group in 2008, a collaborative effort with his friends Juan Ramirez and Lalo Lopez, marked the realization of a lifelong dream and opened the doors to a world of artistic exploration.

“Music is where I can share what I’m feeling without fear,” Tad shares. His eclectic taste in music from heavy metal to electronic beats has allowed him to seamlessly blend genres and incorporate global sounds to create a unique sonic landscape that transports you somewhere else. 

It is also through music that Tad feels most connected with his faith. “I have found that when I’m stuck and don’t know what I’m doing music has allowed me to center myself again,” he shares, “which is why I like the app. They use music as a medium to help people find their way back spiritually.” 

Travel as a catalyst for personal growth and cultural exchange

Having grown up in San Luis, Arizona and San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora in Mexico, and spending summers between Mexico City and Lake Tahoe where he took two years of high school, traveling was innate for Tad. These early experiences instilled in him a profound respect for different cultures and traditions, shaping his approach to travel as a means of fostering empathy and understanding.

Tad’s travel philosophy embraces the notion of seamlessly blending into new cultures, capturing their essence through the lens of his camera and the melodies of his music. He approaches each destination with a deep sense of humility and respect, recognizing the profound impact immersing oneself in local customs and traditions can have on personal growth and cultural exchange.

Through his travels, Tad has witnessed firsthand the transformative power of embracing diverse perspectives and fostering cross-cultural connections. His experiences have taught him the invaluable lessons of respect, humility, and reverence — traits that have enriched his journey and inspired others to embark on their own paths of self-discovery and growth.

Artistic expression and storytelling through photography

“When my uncle passed away I found a box of photos and newspaper clippings,” Tad reminisces, “and I realized he had a whole life of traveling the world I knew nothing about. I started to ask my family about him and I learned so much and was amazed. It’s what made me start taking photos and uploading them on Instagram — to leave something for my son.”

Tad has always traveled the world for his passions, but it wasn’t until recently that he started to share his photographs, all unfiltered and untouched, with the world. Photography has given him a purpose and has forced him to appreciate his travels and the present moments. While he hasn’t been documenting his photos until recently, his passion for this art form was ignited at a young age by his cousin Beto’s guidance, who taught him the intricacies of capturing the essence of a moment through the lens.

Tad’s approach to photography is rooted in his desire to showcase the beauty and essence of the landscapes he encounters, rather than placing himself at the forefront, inspired largely by his uncle Rigoberto Gotari — a professional photographer who dabbled in politics, singing, and journalism. His images become visual narratives, transporting viewers to the heart of different cultures and inviting them to experience the world through his unique perspective.

Through his photography, Tad has weaved together threads of faith, creativity, and self-expression into a backdrop that resonates with audiences worldwide. His ability to capture the essence of his travel experiences and the connections he forges with local communities has elevated his work beyond mere imagery, transforming it into a powerful catalyst for fostering empathy, understanding, and appreciation for the diversity that exists within our global community.

Tad Negrete’s eclectic lifestyle is a testament to the enduring influence of faith, family, and diverse inspirations in one’s life. His life is a blend of innovation and tradition, grounded in authenticity and fueled by a relentless pursuit of self-expression. He inspires others to embrace their passions, fearlessly explore the world, and find meaning in the connections they forge along the way.


Published By: Aize Perez

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