Fan the Flames of Passion: Miss Freddye’s Latest Single ‘Let It Burn’

Miss Freddye
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Pittsburgh’s “Lady of The Blues,” the incomparable Miss Freddye, is commanding the spotlight once again. The much-awaited return is marked by her fiery new single, “Let It Burn,” scheduled to ignite airwaves on January 12th, 2023, on MTS Records. She once more ascends the musical stage following a two-year silence since the release of her celebrated single, “Something to Believe In.”

Penned by Jesse Landers, “Let It Burn” is a bold testament to Miss Freddye’s stirring voice and her band’s undiluted blues resonance. The song was brought to life at Red Caiman Studios in North Hills under the watchful eye of engineer Hollis Greathouse. The accompanying tracks by Miss Freddye’s Blues Band mark a return of familiar faces: Greg “Gman” Casile on guitar, Bob “Bobby Deal” Powers on lap steel guitar, Greg “Big Z” Sejko on bass, and Tim “Micky D” McDermott on drums.

With a career spanning two decades, Miss Freddye has been a stalwart in Pittsburgh’s music scene, her remarkable performances and soulful music beating the pulse of the city’s blues culture. Her musical journey began when she was a child singing in church, her fling with blues music spurred by her mother’s love for the genre. Throughout her career, she has drawn inspiration from powerhouses like Koko Taylor, Etta James, Sarah Vaughn, and Big Mama Thornton.

Award cabinets and accolade lists teem with Miss Freddye’s laurels, casting an impressive chronicle of her professional journey. The 2016 Pittsburgh Music Awards honored her with the Best Blues Band award, an honor followed by a double win at the 2018 Blues Foundation Awards for Best Emerging Artist Album and the Koko Taylor Award for Traditional Blues Female. Local and regional recognition has come in the form of multiple blues competition victories, including the 2008 West Virginia Blues Society for Best Blues Band and the 2012 Blues Society of Western PA for Best Duo/Solo.

Beyond her significant musical imprint, Miss Freddye’s dedication extends to her community’s welfare, which is evident in her annual charity performances. Her participation in fundraising events has brought attention and support to organizations such as the American Cancer Society and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, adding another dimension to her already profound legacy.

“Let It Burn” paves the way for another chapter in Miss Freddye’s renowned career, promising to deliver the soulful, authentic blues sound her fans have come to love and anticipate. Encapsulating the passion and raw emotion of a brewing romance, the verses of “Let It Burn” capture the sincere depth and intensity characteristic of Miss Freddye’s work: “There’s a heat between us, There’s no denying. I can feel the way your body yearns…”

The upcoming release is not just a reintroduction to Miss Freddye’s stirring vocals but also a testament to her ability to encapsulate raw human emotion, turning music into an intimate narrative.

As her blues-infused chronicles billow and grow, followers and music enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting Miss Freddye’s latest single. To stay updated on Miss Freddye and her ongoing musical contributions, please visit her website: The flame of Pittsburgh blues burns brighter with every strum and lyric, mirroring the passion and talent of Miss Freddye.

Published by: Nelly Chavez

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