Giliarto Leads the Trend on Gray Moissanite Engagement Rings

As the diamond industry slowly loses its luster to today’s more exciting and vibrant color palette, gray moissanite takes the stage as the preferred choice. Confidently leading the trend and ensuring that clients slide on a vivid sparkle on a momentous day, Giliarto is widely held as the go-to jeweler for gray moissanite engagement rings.

A gift from the sky, moissanite is a sparkling gemstone born of the stars. With its celestial past, moissanite was first discovered as microscopic particles in a meteorite crater in Arizona. Due to its natural shine and clarity, it was initially thought of as a diamond. However, it was later determined to be built of silicon carbide by the award-winning scientist Henri Moissan.

News of this radiant and otherworldly element traveled throughout the industry and, eventually, came knocking at renowned jeweler Giliarto’s door. The idea came instantly—a rare, scintillating gem adorning the ring of an equally prized and loved fiancee. 

For moissanite to break into the jewelry industry and be a consistent resource, it had to be regenerated in advanced laboratories. After years of technical experiments and a series of trial and error, Moissan’s discovered particles were synthesized with success. 

An ecological and versatile choice, moissanite has since grown to become one of the groom or bride-to-be’s top options. The flawless recreation of space’s diamonds presents an eco-friendly source that does not involve possible human rights violations and dismal mining working conditions.

To add to its unique appeal, Giliarto’s material of choice also boasts of affordability. Despite its surreal sheen and expensive winks, moissanite engagement rings, whether colorless or gray, comes surprisingly within budget. 

Economical, environmentally conscious, and beautiful—these are only a few of the qualities that have launched gray moissanite engagement rings to popularity. Its present unprecedented fame is also owed to the announcement of the color of the year.

Sitting beside sunshine yellow in subdued elegance is “ultimate gray,” the shade that strikes a delicate balance between chaos and calmness. Carrying the color of strength, it is aspirational and offers a message of hope and optimism to whomever it reaches—an ideal accompaniment to a lifelong commitment. This message is precisely what Giliarto promotes, offering finely cut pieces in the different shades of gray, including this year’s defining color.

The highly-respected jeweler offers darker hues, lighter, and that curious blend of in-between, masterfully molding and shaping these translucent and unsurpassed gems in magnetic bases and plank structures. The gray moissanite’s inability to blend into the background allows it to stand out from the common center stones being flaunted today. 

Taking it further and wowing the crowd, Giliarto often experiments with the material, complementing it with white metals and yellow gold, or as requested. The jeweler can also mix in specks of black moissanite into the gray to add a bold splash of color. 

With an avalanche of positive reviews, Giliarto continues to provide the ideal stepping stone to a happy marriage. Through its fantastic work and excellent, client-centered process, the jeweler is well-loved as the leading brand and trendsetter behind the gray moissanite engagement ring craze.

Let the stars align and take a piece of them into a blissful commitment. Learn more about the top name for gray moissanite engagement rings, and browse through Giliarto’s intricate creations and custom-made process on its official website.

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