“Honey Bunny” Makes “Easter Bloody Easter” Soundtrack a Standout
Photo Courtesy: Diane Foster / WallyBird Productions

“Honey Bunny” Makes “Easter Bloody Easter” Soundtrack a Standout

By: Samantha Jones

Move over, carols and hymns. This Easter, a new musical tradition is clawing its way onto the scene, courtesy of the genre-bending horror-comedy “Easter Bloody Easter” and its infectious soundtrack, available on Spotify.

The film, directed by and starring the multi-talented Diane Foster, just premiered on VOD platforms, including AppleTV, Amazon, YouTube and Vudu. It delivers a hilarious and bloodthirsty Easter celebration unlike any other. Beyond the laughs and screams lies a soundtrack to remember—a vibrant tapestry of music that seamlessly blends catchy pop anthems, character-driven themes, and a surprisingly emotional score.

Better yet, we also get to celebrate a new Easter anthem and sultry tune sung by Foster, “Honey Bunny.

A Collaborative Vision Comes to Life:

The mastermind behind the film’s musical identity is award-winning composer Mark Vogel.  “The moment I met Diane,” Vogel shares, “I knew that we would make movies together. It was magical.” This connection is evident throughout the soundtrack, a product of close collaboration between Foster and Vogel.

Vogel’s initial vision for the film’s music was clear: a dance song that could become an Easter staple. The result? “The Bunny Hop,” a lively track destined to get audiences moving.

But Vogel didn’t stop there. Inspired by the script, he crafted “Honey Bunny,” a song that Foster sings and hopes will become the “Santa Baby” of Easter.

“Easter Bloody Easter” marks Vogel’s 10th film. As a distinguished composer and songwriter, known for his significant contributions to television and film music, he gained prominence with his work on the ABC hit show “Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place,” for which he wrote the theme song and served as the composer. This achievement earned him a BMI Award for television at the end of the show’s second season.

Vogel’s filmography includes notable titles such as “The Calling,” starring Faye Dunaway, and “Raising Helen,” featuring Kate Hudson and John Corbett, under the direction of Garry Marshall

Beyond the Bunny Hop:

“Easter Bloody Easter” boasts an impressive 75 original music pieces, including 10 full songs.This expansive collection goes beyond party tunes. Each character, from the brave protagonist Jeanie to the monstrous Jackalope, has its own unique melody. Foster’s mischievous Easter antagonists, the demon bunnies, get their own unsettling sonic theme, adding another layer of depth to the film’s soundscape.

Vogel highlights the collaborative nature of the process: “I produce records for many new artists and was able to include some of their songs, as well as create several for the film.”

Tracks like “Monster,” written and performed by Ally Bakst, and “Scream,” written and performed by Lena Pham, with their fitting titles, further underscore the film’s genre-bending nature.

A Musical World Brought to Life:

The soundtrack isn’t just about listening; it’s a visual experience as well.
WallyBird Productions, Foster’s production company, has produced music videos for five songs from the film, including “Honey Bunny.”

These visually stunning videos offer a glimpse into the world of “Easter Bloody Easter,” further amplifying the film’s special blend of humor and horror.

All five music videos can be seen on the WallyBird Productions YouTube channel.

A Legacy Beyond the Big Screen:

With its catchy melodies, memorable themes, and innovative approach, the “Easter Bloody Easter” soundtrack is poised to become a cult classic alongside the film itself.

Film Threat raves about the project saying, “In the pantheon of Easter horror films, this is a good one to rewatch every spring.” Reviewer Bobby LePire also adds, ‘Easter Bloody Easter’ finds the proper groove to become a camp classic.”

From the paw-tapping “Bunny Hop” and the emotional depth of the character themes to the addictive melody of “Honey Bunny,” the soundtrack offers a singular listening experience that perfectly complements the film’s on-screen mayhem.

So, this holiday, ditch the usual tunes and embrace the unconventional with a new tradition. Turn up the volume on “Easter Bloody Easter” and let the music take you on a hilarious, horrifying, and undeniably entertaining journey.


Published By: Aize Perez

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