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Hong Qiu: Leading AI Ad Design to New Heights

By: Samantha Thacker

The rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI) technology in recent years has been transforming the way people work and driving new directions in industrial development. This year, among numerous international design competitions, the “AI Ad Manager” project, led by Hong Qiu, has emerged as a standout, attracting widespread attention in the design community. From tens of thousands of entries worldwide, it has clinched top design awards, including the prestigious Red Dot Award and the iF Design Award.

Hong Qiu’s journey into the world of design began during her tenure at a high-tech company in China. She encountered the fields of user experience and interaction design, which ignited a passion within her and set her on the path to becoming a professional User Experience Designer. Motivated by this newfound interest, Hong Qiu pursued a degree in Human-Computer Interaction at Indiana University. Her academic experience there provided a robust foundation for her burgeoning career in design.

At Indiana University, Hong Qiu developed a keen interest in the application of AI in design. She noted, “As a product designer, seamlessly integrating these advanced technologies into design projects, infusing them with new vitality, and offering users a refreshing experience is incredibly exciting.”

The “AI Ad Manager” project originated from Hong Qiu’s observation of the Internet advertising field. This is also her first exploration and practice of combining AI with the Internet advertising field. This innovative project leverages AI technology to analyze data, addressing the shortcomings of traditional internet advertising methods. Through intelligent management and precise user targeting, it revolutionizes the efficiency and accuracy of ad placements. Based on user feedback and data analysis, the platform provides targeted ad strategies, aiding advertisers in understanding market demands and user psychology. Additionally, real-time data analysis and feedback features dramatically enhance advertising effectiveness. The launch of this groundbreaking project is a revolution in the industry, bringing immense commercial value and development potential to the advertising sector. Hong Qiu and her team not only deliver meaningful designs that positively impact the world but also showcase their vision and commitment to creating intuitive and engaging digital experiences through their exceptional work in UI and UX design.

Since its inception, the AI Ad Manager has captured the attention of the international design community and has received numerous renowned design awards. These include the iF Design Award, the Red Dot Design Award, the UX Design Award, the Indigo Design Award, the MUSE Design Award, and the International Design Award (IDA). Notably, the iF Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award are two of the top three awards in the design community, on par with the IDEA Award in the United States. These awards are as influential in the design world as the Oscars are in the film industry. For emerging designers, striving for these awards is a significant challenge. The Red Dot Award symbolizes excellence in design quality, with strict evaluation standards that consider only products released within the past two years, emphasizing innovation and contemporaneity. Criteria include functional quality, aesthetic appeal, usability, and responsibility, recognizing only those products that are practical and enduringly beautiful. 

The iF Design Award is one of the most influential and prestigious design awards globally. Each year, it attracts thousands of entries from around the world, covering multiple design categories. Since its inception in 1953, the iF Design Award has been renowned for its rigorous evaluation standards and fair judging process. Winning these top honors fully affirms Qiu’s exceptional design capabilities and charisma.

Furthermore, as one of the few interactive design works, the AI Ad Manager was invited to participate in the Guangdong International Art Week in China in May and the design exhibition at the Sasse Museum of Art in California in June. The work received unanimous praise from the audience.

Looking to the future, Hong Qiu believes the AI Ad Manager aims to harness modern technology to create more intelligent and personalized user experiences. In her future endeavors, she envisions creating an engaging, emotional, and innovative digital world. This vision will allow humans to interact with technology in more interesting, intimate, and profound ways, making further contributions to sustainable design.

Published by: Martin De Juan

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