Involved Entertainment Is Brushing the COVID Cobwebs Away and Is Now Ready to Party with Their Glo Loko Event

With pandemic restrictions slowly being lifted worldwide, people are starting to feel normal again. As the general public prepares to take a step forward to a life post-COVID, many institutions have started reopening their doors as the desire for normalcy gets heavy. For Involved Entertainment, it’s time to get the party started.

Involved Entertainment LLC is a multimedia company specializing in exceptional entertainment and private events. Their brand’s purpose is to create a more enjoyable experience for their clients using their resources and the professionals in the field. 

Involved Entertainment has evolved from a household name to an exclusive and excellent nightclub planner through evident dedication and hard work. Five years from now, the brand sees itself developing into something more: something bigger and better. From their Wescott theater location, they aspire to expand nationwide in the years to come. In addition, Involved Entertainment wishes to be the constant talk of the town aside from being a massive name on social media. 

What separates Involved Entertainment from other competitors is that they have taken years of experience into account and molded it into something big. The brand is also capable of providing original music to their clients and remixes of existing songs with genres ranging from EDM to Trap Music.

The company has built a solid footing in the entertainment industry using nothing but resilience, hard work, and just enough juice to get through a party. Backed by people with tons of experience in the entertainment and music industry, their largest sale is currently from their Glo Loko event on December 4, 2021. The event will include several renowned DJs, including DJ Melvin, DJ 2Velissaris, and Zoe Anderson. Backing up the DJs are two state-of-the-art compact disc jockeys: the Tour 1s and the Pioneer Tour Mixer, giving them a chance to showcase their superb skills. The event will surely be wild and will probably go down in history with its many activities and playthings like Glo Paint, CO2 Cannons, and maybe even fire.

The brand encourages people to buy tickets to the Westcott Theater on December 4 for this exclusive and wild event. A ticket buyer will be able to see the daily track updates on Kuvo and be acknowledged by any of the DJs in the event with a head nod upon their arrival. The team is expecting a great turn-out filled with positive vibes and good energy to ensure that the night becomes one of the best nights ever. 

It’s not the first time that Involved Entertainment is holding a banging party, and it certainly won’t be the last. People won’t want to miss out on their Glo Loko: White Out Edition party. Guests are expected to throw on an all-white ensemble to help enhance their UV black light and laser show. In addition, the brand promises an enormous production value and some other new elements that are sure to make their party the best one in the Fall semester.Learn more about Involved Entertainment and its events through their Instagram and official website. For anyone who’s interested in the upcoming event, check this out.

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