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Israel’s Champion Indoor Skydiver Bar Greenzaid Makes Waves on the World Stage

With the endless opportunities the world of sports has created, individuals were bound to find unique ways to show their potential. Bar Greenzaid, a 15-year-old Israeli teen, has made a name for herself in the world of extreme sports as one of the top five indoor skydivers globally. Greenzaid has already won three consecutive Israeli championships and is a member of FlyBox Israel, where she hones her skills to become the top female flyer in Israel by age 18.

Indoor skydiving is a relatively new sport that has recently gained popularity worldwide. It involves freefalling in a wind tunnel that simulates the experience of jumping out of an airplane without needing a parachute. Instead, athletes use their bodies to control their movements in the tunnel, performing impressive tricks and maneuvers.

Greenzaid’s passion for indoor skydiving has taken her to camps around the world to learn from the best coaches and compete against top athletes in the sport. Her drive and commitment to excellence have already brought her success, and she is determined to achieve even more in the future.

The Israeli teen has been recognized as the champion in the youth under 16 category of the Israeli indoor skydiving championship for three consecutive years, in 2022, 2020, and 2019. Her latest achievement ranks among the top five indoor skydivers globally, a feat that speaks volumes about her talent and dedication.

Greenzaid’s success in indoor skydiving has also extended to other sports. She is a champion athlete in body aviation, a new sport that combines acrobatics, dance, and gymnastics in a wind tunnel. At the first Israeli championship held in the Fly-Box wind tunnel in Rishon Lezion, Greenzaid won first place in the “Freestyle Junior” category.

Bar Greenzaid‘s rise to the top of the indoor skydiving world is a testament to her dedication, hard work, and passion for the sport. She inspires young athletes worldwide and has already become a role model for aspiring indoor skydivers in Israel and beyond.

Greenzaid’s next challenge is to prepare for the upcoming championship in Macau, where she will compete against some of the world’s best indoor skydivers. With her impressive record and determination, there is no doubt that Greenzaid will continue to make waves in the sport and achieve new heights in the future.

Bar Greenzaid’s ranking as one of the top five indoor skydivers globally is a significant achievement and a testament to her passion, dedication, and hard work. She is likely to inspire a new generation of indoor skydivers and leave her imprint on the world of extreme sports as she continues to develop her talents and compete against the finest in the world. 

You can follow Bar Greenzaid on Insta: @bar_greenzaid 

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