Leave The Door Open: Bruno Mars’ and Anderson .Paak’s Recent Lovechild

Image source: Billboard

There is no artist anyone can count on but the incredibly talented Bruno Mars when it comes to feel-good sound. With his hottest hits, such as Uptown Funk and Versace on the Floor, Bruno Mars has proven his versatility again as an artist. This time he did it again. Recently, he came out with a new song titled “Leave The Door Open” along with co-artist Anderson .Paak. At a time of the pandemic, his latest track momentarily dispels the gloomy state everyone’s experiencing right now. The song leaves a funky, sexy, and fun feel to the listeners. Even his honeyed vocals highly complement the lyrics of the song. In the music video, he sings about his high hopes of his lover showing up. Though quite unsure, he imagines giving cuddles and kisses to his lover and even preparing a bathtub full of rose petals. It signifies his optimism that his lover will turn up one day, so the best he can do is leave the door open for her.

On the other hand, it has been quite some time since the multi-Grammy-winning singer released a solo album. In fact, his last solo was four years ago, titled 24K Magic, which won the Album of the Year. Despite the lack of solo albums, Bruno Mars has focused his attention on collaborating with other artists. His past collaborations turned out great. Prime examples are Wake Up in the Sky with Gucci Mane & Kodak Black, Blow with Ed Sheeran and Chris Stapleton, and Finesse and Please Me with Cardi B. The most recent one is the new R&B Duo, Silk Sonic, composed of him and Grammy-winning Brandon Paak Anderson, also known as Anderson .Paak. The duo’s first single is “Leave The Door Open,” which currently takes the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. 

Like Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak is also god-tier in R&B music. He is best known for his incredibly unique rap tunes. He writes his songs and plays several musical instruments. His talent even made it to the Grammys when he bagged the award for Best Rap Performance with Bubblin’, Best R&B Album with Ventura, and Best R&B Performance for Come Home featuring Andre 3000. 

Mars and .Paak music collaboration has taken the R&B world by storm. Silk Sonic’s latest single showcases the breathtaking performance of the duo. From their voices to their dance moves, they complement each other well. Anderson .Paak’s gritty vocals blend evenly with Mars’ sultry and smooth voice. There is no argument that Silk Sonic is one of the best R&B iconic duos out there. The band highlights both of the artists’ abilities. The comedic sides to their performance and choice of aesthetics solidified the duo’s road to success. 

Even their music video is brilliant! The ‘70s touches on the tone and aesthetics of the video are superb. In the said video, .Paak works on the drums while Mars sings and plays the keyboard with girls dancing in the background.  

Just a few weeks ago, the duo performed live at the 63rd Grammy Awards, which likely tells everyone who will be taking home the gramophones next year.

Check out Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak’s new single on Spotify.



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