Loudar: Meet a Hardstyle Music Producer from the Netherlands.

A hardstyle music producer Loudar, also known as Arnoud van Nispen, hails from the north of the Netherlands. With over ten years of experience in making music, when it comes to hardstyle,  Loudar is one of the remarkable artists who has been making waves in the music industry. He was quite young when he started playing musical instruments and composing different tunes. With time, his passion grew, and he further went on to explore his musical journey. When he turned 16, Loudar was introduced to electronic dance music (EDM), a unique music genre that uses samplers, drum machines, and synthesizers to create grooving sounds. Hardstyle music – a kind of EDM – is a genre that emerged in the late 90s in the Netherlands, but it has already made a fan base of millions. 

Arnoud started his career as a multi-genre DJ; however, it was in 2018 that he started focusing only on hardstyle music. According to Loudar, hardstyle music is a popular subgenre of EDM that combines house music, trance, hardcore, and hard techno. It is rated at around 150-160 bpm (beats per minute) and can be recognized by its use of synthesizer melodies and distorted sounds. Moreover, hardstyle consists of a synth, a hard-sounding kick drum, and reversed basslines along with vocals as well as detuned and distorted sounds. In the start, hardstyle music was also known as trance. But it took its own exclusive sound once it was fused with other instruments and melodies. 

We all look up to someone to inspire us, but for Loudar the art of music has always been his biggest motivation. Talking about what inspires him to achieve great things in life, he shares, “I don’t have any specific role models, but I really appreciate the DJs who have created amazing tracks. They have improved and evolved with time and have helped develop hardstyle into what it is today. I have a lot of respect for the big names from the earlier hardcore era, like the Prophet, DJ Isaac, Paul Elstak, etc. I respect them as they paved the path for all of us who love music. I believe this is their true legacy, and I want to be remembered like that as well.” 

For a music enthusiast like Loudar, it’s the passion for music that drives him. As for hardstyle music, he claims it is energetic, and the softer tracks could sound like EDM with more energy and hip beats. However, the production techniques and songwriting can be tailored to a more commercial audience. “I always loved producing music, but the difficult part for me was to finish a track. I see music as a journey; the ending should portray a perfect closure. It is quite challenging as I have been a perfectionist when it comes to music. Until I am satisfied with the track, I keep on improving it. I remember my first demo track; it took me years before I sent it to a record company, as I kept working on it and trying to make it perfect. It was also my first official release,” he reveals.

We are all aware that many artists try to create bootleg music versions of some amazing tracks and release them. For those who don’t know, bootlegs are the unofficial release of an existing track by another artist holding the rights to the music. In fact, various kinds of bootleg range from making a copy of the official release to versions that appear different. Though Loudar is famous for his unique style and music, he often releases bootleg music as well. “A bootleg is not an official remix, you can’t release it officially, but you can share it as a free download. I like to make bootlegs, and it allows me to put my ideas, feelings, and energy into a new remix from an existing release from another artist. From my perspective, I’m not trying to make it better, just different. While such songs do not benefit me or any artist financially, they enhance the audience for the particular song and share its love,” he informs.

Despite having a successful career as a DJ, he is also a loving and caring father. “DJ-ing is my number one hobby; a large part of my life has to do with making music, playing music, and experiencing music and events. But in life, there are other things as well that push you towards excellence, and for me, that’s my son, Milan. He is my life, and I’m grateful for having him. He makes me smile, and I am very proud of him,” he shares

A successful music producer, incredible artist, and inspirational dad, Loudar is indeed an inspiration for many aspiring musicians and artists. In a short span of time, he has carved a niche for himself, but he claims that he has a long way to go, so we can expect nothing but exceptional music from him in the future.

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