Lucas Muñoz Resonates Hope and Understanding With Every Guitar Strum

In a competitive world smeared by persistent stigmas and discrimination, it comes as no surprise that hope and optimism are fragile and rarely found. Yet, there are those driven to change reality. 

Having recently recorded and released his debut EP “Mutasis,” music artist Lucas Muñoz is shaping a healthy bubble of comfort, understanding and rest for the troubled and confused. 

A New Jersey native now based in Central Florida, Lucas Muñoz is a guitarist, singer, and songwriter held as the fresh-faced game-changer of the music industry. Before pursuing a career in the business, Lucas was already an adept instrumentalist at a young age. He learned how to play the guitar at age four from his father, a professional jazz guitarist.

Surrounded by great sound at home, he quickly inherited a love for music. Through performances in church and participation in the local choir during his early school years, Lucas developed his passion and, at 14 years old, chose it as his life’s course.

This choice would later prove itself the saving grace in the following years. As Lucas flourished in his newfound dream, he began to struggle in his academic career. Often looked down on and targeted for his weight, he found himself in a dark place where only his guitar strums could reach. 

“I was bullied a lot in school when I was younger for not fitting in,” he shares. “Music became the only outlet that I found to help me drown out all my pain. It took me years through music therapy and seeking help to play the pain away through my guitar and my songs.”

A move to Florida in 2010 awakened a realization within the teenager. At the time, Lucas began to invest more in his craft and would play his guitar for hours on end, listening to tapes of leading guitarists Joe Bonamassa, Slash, Gary Moore, and Eric Johnson. 

It wasn’t long until the young artist, himself, was performing in Central Florida’s local scene. Together with his father, Lucas performed a combination of jazz, Latin, blues, and fusion. While onstage, he had a clear view of how his music affected the crowd and suddenly, he knew what he had to do.

Music was his haven. “It has helped me love myself for who I am.” So, Lucas thought, it should be able to do the same for everyone else. He had found his purpose. 

Driven to move forward, Lucas Muñoz attended Warner University, majoring in Business Administration, toured with the university chapel band, and honed awe-inducing prowess in guitar, singing, and songwriting. Throughout years of exploring and mastering multiple genres, he finally discovered his sound.

A flavorful blend of dark pop, hip-hop, alternative, blues, rock, and jazz layered with moving lines and an infectious desire to build lasting connections – this is Lucas Muñoz’s style of music. “I wanted to create music that spoke directly to anyone that struggled with depression, anxiety, and loneliness,” he shares. 

“Music helped me embrace my individuality and my weirdness to express myself without fear of judgment. Music helped me improve myself and try to get healthy. I wanted to build my brand to help others that feel misunderstood, shunned, or ignored.”

Drawing from harrowing personal experiences ranging from bullying to rejection, Lucas Muñoz is a mental health champion – raising a soulful voice against oppression, discrimination, and injustices. His 2020 debut EP “Mutasis” features eight brilliantly written tracks that forward his message and authenticity. 

“I strive to have my music resonate within my generation and speak about the struggles or problems. As a performer, I want to make sure that everyone in the audience feels accepted for who they are and feels free to express themselves however they want.”

Immerse in Lucas Muñoz’s transformative sound. Join the versatile artist on his march towards a better world and find lasting connections within his bubble of rest. Listen to “Mutasis” on Apple Music, Spotify, and Tidal, and stay updated on Lucas’s future work on LinkTree

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