Lunar Lace: Shattering Expectations With Their Stellar Rock-Rap Hybrid Sound

Lunar Lace: Shattering Expectations With Their Stellar Rock-Rap Hybrid Sound
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Starting with the rhythm of drummer Tiffani, who has played on stages with Beyonce and Rico Nasty, the music video of Drive Me Crazy is a raucous, almost violently playful piece of gothic cyberpunk. It features singers Bueli and Zion sing-fighting while they dance in a dingy convenience store or a hall of neon lights. At the same time, bassist Kyla (who has played for Rico Nasty and Chloe Bailey) casually commands the song’s rising power.

By the time the song erupts with full force, Bueli and Zion have appeared with forceful charisma, one in a spiked collar and leather pants, the other in a winter coat and white bikini, both featured in close-ups that highlight facial piercings and face painting. In one of the video’s striking sequences, Bueli and Zion face one another, taking turns leaning toward the other to sing. Both are shown in profile and share focus; each is equal in vocal power and acting skill to play out their part in the drama. The video succeeds by focusing on the band’s ability to generate energy and command attention, with each member displaying a confident commitment suited to stardom.

If nobody told you otherwise, you’d think this was the group’s hundredth music video, not their first.

An Act Unlike Any Other

Each band member brings their own experience and skill to the group. Besides the reputations that bassist Kyla and drummer Tiffani have built in the music industry from playing for renowned musical acts, singers Bueli and Zion have worked closely with hard rock music legend Ray Garrison and the Emmy-award-winning Jacob Bunton. The band has signed a deal with producer Jeff Blue and gained early attention from the network for POC artists. Lunar Lace is already drawing fans earlier and in more numbers than many alt-musical acts can dream of.

As they began promoting “Driving Me Crazy,” the band’s Instagram follower count surged from 200 to 13,000, with fan comments like, “I just found you guys, and I’m obsessed!” and “Omg, I’m loving this! I can’t wait to hear more from you guys!”

Another way the band stands out is that all the members play instruments. The band was inspired to form through their realization that live instrumentation was the ultimate sound of five real, soulful frequencies. The band also wanted to make a statement by creating an all-female, all-Afrocentric band with a crazy fashion style, stating, “It’s extremely rare to see a full POC, all-women rock band.”

The musical alchemy behind the group’s alternative pop-rock sound is rare. The band not only intentionally mixes elements of rock and rap but also uses powerful elements of rock, pop, soul, and rap to generate its unique goth-punk sound.

A Grand, Loud Future

In addition to peaking in the top 11 in the rock charts with the “Driving Me Crazy” single Lunar Lace just released on March 18, the band will be dropping two more singles, “Blowing You Up” and “Rock the House,” this year, in addition to music videos. Their first album will drop later this year as they promote their three singles. Lunar Lace already has its first tour planned and will appear in venues around Los Angeles in the summer.

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