Meri Goldstein Is Designing a Dream from Berlin to New York City

Meri Goldstein
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Meri Goldstein’s journey from Berlin to New York City is a story of passion, dedication, and creativity. Born and raised in Germany’s capital, Meri grew up surrounded by her father’s work as a successful lighting designer, constantly exposed to the world of aesthetics and innovation. As a result, her interest in design was sparked at a young age, which led to her decision to pursue a creative career path.

Meri, at the age of 22, made a bold decision to leave Berlin after a brief study in business management and move to New York City to attend the School of Interior Design. Despite the risk of being in an unfamiliar city so far away from home, she was confident and determined. She knew that she could always return home if something didn’t work out. Meri’s success as an interior designer can be attributed to her go-getter attitude and determination.

Meri’s unique approach to design draws from her studies in New York City and her inspiration from Germany’s Bauhaus movement. Her designs emphasize modern elegance with a touch of minimalism, incorporating neutral furniture and organic shapes with soft edges to create an inviting and wholesome atmosphere. Vibrant pops of color from wall art and other decorative accents are then used to accent the space, bringing a dynamic and playful element to her designs.

Meri’s approach is known for her meticulous attention to detail and emphasis on highlighting every space’s distinctive features. She carefully examines the layout of each room, looking for ways to enhance its natural lighting, shape, and other features that can be brought to the forefront. Meri’s work has gained recognition in the design community, and she has completed a stunning project on the Upper West Side with breathtaking views of Downtown Manhattan, Billionaires Row, and the Hudson River. She is currently working on a three-bedroom, three-bathroom Upper East Side penthouse unit overlooking Central Park, Downtown, and the East River, which is a dream project for her as it allows her a high level of creative control.

Meri’s philosophy is to take each client’s vision and turn it into their ideal, live-in reality. She tailors each unique design to reflect the client’s personality and preferences, creating a calming ambiance that provides a sanctuary for her clients to escape the city life’s hustle and bustle. Her work has made her one of the most sought-after interior designers in New York City.

Meri’s creative talents and eye for design have also gained recognition beyond the world of interior design. Through her work with her good friend and art advisor, Jessica Tatievski, Meri was introduced to a Los Angeles-based gallery specializing in showcasing emerging artists and contemporary art. Her collaboration with the gallery resulted in a stunning selection of works that added pops of color and texture to one of her recent projects, bringing the space to life and elevating the overall design.

Meri is a rising star in the interior design industry, driven by her passion for design and her dedication to creating unique and inviting spaces. Her journey from Berlin to New York City serves as a testament to the importance of creativity, perseverance, and taking risks. With her unique approach to modern elegance and ability to turn blank spaces into inviting, homey environments, Meri will continue making her mark on the interior design industry for years to come.

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