Mone Symone on Having the Best of Both World: A Rising Music Career and the Joy of Motherhood

The music industry, especially the male-dominated hip-hop industry, is hard to break into for their female counterparts. However, over the last decades, many female performers have made their mark, dominating the charts and carving a unique niche for themselves as if to say, “we’re here to rule.” One amazing artist standing out from the rest and staking her claim as a force to be reckoned with in hip-hop culture is Mone Symone, an artist single-handedly redefining the landscape of hip-hop music.

Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, with her real name Simone Kimbrough, Mone Symone is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, and civil rights advocate carving a global niche for herself as an acclaimed artist. Growing up in Chicago, Mone had it rough with life as she grew in a troubled neighborhood filled with unexpected violence. However, even at a young age, she found solace in music and started performing at the age of ten, honing her talents by engaging in various singing and modeling competitions. As she grew older, her skills shone, and she became known for her powerful vocals and witty lyrics.

Like all life choices that come at the stroke of adulthood for most women, Mone was faced with the decision of continuing her music career or becoming a mother when she got pregnant with a baby girl at 19. Standing at the crossroads, Mone chose her baby girl and raised her as a single mother, temporarily discouraged from making music after disputes occurred over a contract. She took on several businesses to fend for herself and her little girl.

Once her daughter came of age, Mone Symone knew it was time to stop playacting with the “regular” life and get back to her true passion – making music. She made her way back to the recording studio, channeled her love for her daughter and love for music into a raw and powerful  R&B single called  ‘Need Somebody’ released in 2020. The song was a wake-up call for everyone, and it quickly went viral, earning her a loyal fanbase. Her long hiatus paid off as she quickly became the most sought-after artist from Chicago, even recently dropping a  mixtape in collaboration with hip-hop celebrity Trina.

Planning to dominate the hip-hop scenes for a long time,  Mone Symone recently released a hot new single called “New Thang” which is available on all streaming platforms. Mone constantly reaches for new milestones, unafraid and undeterred by her circumstances or societal labels. She continues to pour her heart and soul into every beat and every lyric inspired by her daughter to reach her maximum potential as an artist, take a leap of faith and land among the stars.  

Asides from music, Mone Symone is making a huge impact and making her presence felt. She has been a strong advocate in her communities for years, lending her voice and platform to make the change she wants to see in others and herself. In the coming years, she hopes to become an internationally acclaimed artist and contribute more to society by providing foster care for children without parental supervision. With her priorities set, and her heart in the right place, Mone Symone is an artist to watch out for as she dominates the hip-hop industry.

To learn more about Mone Symone, visit her website. You can also listen to her music on  Spotify, check her live updates by following her on Instagram and watch her recent projects on YouTube.

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