Pam Ross Delights Fans with New Single Better Than a Good Thing

Pam Ross
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With the thrum and buzz of anticipation in the air, Pam Ross, the singer-songwriter who has gained a loyal following with her unique blend of rock, Americana, and country music, is taking the music scene by storm with her latest single, “Better Than a Good Thing.” The single, released on December 20th, 2023, on MTS Records, has since been available on all major streaming platforms and amassed impressive streaming numbers, securing over 300K streams on Spotify.

Known for her powerful vocals and soulful songwriting, Pam Ross has carved a niche for herself with her distinct style which adoring fans affectionately coined, “Pam Music.” Her unique style with its powerful narration and catchy rhythms have seen her snag multiple international iTunes chart appearances, a testament to the tune and rhythm she communicates through her music.

Her latest release, “Better Than a Good Thing,” is a potent narration of life’s highs and lows and underscores the crucial role of love and support in our lives. The single strikes a chord with its catchy chorus and intimate lyrics, amplified by Pam’s electrifying performance. Indeed, the unique quality and resonance of “Better Than a Good Thing” have made it one of the most requested songs at her live shows.

A testament to Pam’s industrious nature and unyielding passion is her constant churn of new music. She recently completed the writing and recording of her latest album, “When Therapy Fails,” much to the delight of her followers. Pam’s ardent fans can barely wait for this album’s release following the phenomenal success of her previous releases.

Adding to her laurels, Pam’s previous releases have been celebrated with Official Selections in the Europe Music Awards and nominations for Best Music Video in both the Carolina Film Festival 2023 and Franklin Flix Indie Film Festival 2023.

Music lovers worldwide are eager for the release of “Better Than a Good Thing.” This single, with its heartfelt lyrics and captivating tune, is poised to become a fan favourite. These lyrics weave a tale all can relate with as they navigate the intricacies of life, love, and the journey in-between. It communicates the beauty of ordinary moments with her lyrics about early morning prayers, life’s little messes, and finding contentment with loved ones.

To stay updated on Pam Ross and her enchanting mix of rock, Americana, and country music, visit her official website at There, fans have access to her releases, can follow her musical journey, and experience her mesmerizing performance style. They can also find her on several social media platforms where she actively engages her fans.

A visit to her YouTube channel provides a feel of her energetic performances and a catalogue of her music videos. Likewise, her Instagram page shares a more personal view of Pam, while her Facebook Music Page serves as an interactive platform where she interacts directly with her fans.

The world awaits with bated breath as Pam Ross continues to tome her musical journey, gracing the industry with her unique style and genuine storytelling. It is clear that her latest single “Better Than a Good Thing” isn’t just better — it might just be the best thing yet!

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