Stryker Records Founder Chris Dobry Paves the Way for Aspiring Artists Worldwide

Many tried, but not everyone has managed to establish a name for themselves in their chosen fields. Although the road to success has become relatively easier these days thanks to the advent of the digital era, the rise of social media, and the growing accessibility of today’s industries, it takes more than having a clear-cut vision to make a mark. Aspirants anywhere not only have to deal with naysayers and face adversities, but they also have to contend with the harsh reality that not everyone is meant to take center stage. For this reason, Chris Dobry, the brilliant mind behind Stryker Records, is here to help.

Having had his fair share of trials and tribulations before being able to secure a spot at the summits of the music and entertainment industry, Chris Dobry is intimately aware of the hardships that one has to go through in order to carve a success-enabling path in a highly cutthroat trade. Utilizing these experiences, this multifaceted go-getter decided to maneuver others towards greatness and become an instrument of hope by establishing Stryker Records, a record company that is beyond ordinary.

Passionately established in 1997 by a visionary, Stryker Records is widely recognized for its distinctive artistry and all-out approach to delivering success among aspirants, dreamers, and emerging artists. Through its industrious efforts, it has served as an effective launching pad for people and communities, earning countless acclaim from several established authorities, powerhouses, and peers. With a passion-driven founder taking its reins, Stryker Records is setting the bar high across a highly competitive industry.

Over the years, Stryker Records has proven worthy of its stellar reputation across the realms of music and entertainment. Chris Dobry has promoted live concerts for artists, such as Saving Abel, Merle Haggard, The Goo Goo Dolls, Saliva, Trapt, Tantric, and more. He has also collaborated with Holly Hutchinson (former VP of Capitol Records) of AnRGirl in launching the label’s former rock group, Jamie Fontaine and The Level, to the number 20 spot on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Indicator chart and the number seven spot on the Concrete or Foundations Chart with their single, “Save Your Life” last September 2020. The track was produced by Jason Schrick of JPS Productions and platinum producer Malcolm Springer of Universal Music Group in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Pushing the boundaries of music and entertainment to pave the way for more aspiring artists across the industry, Chris Dobry is proud to announce Stryker Records first Hip Hop artist, Drew Lines. The “Drew Lines” singles ‘Rise’ and ‘Love is War’ featuring Clio Cadence, were also produced by Malcolm Springer at The House of Blues Studio in Nashville. The single “Rise” topped the NACC (US and Canada) chart at #18 as well as the M3 Radio chart in Brooklyn, NY at #1 in the Hip Hop category and #1 on the ‘all genre’ top 30 chart. Currently the single “Love is War”, has been impacting radio charts throughout the US and Canada. 

Although Chris Dobry has managed to pave the way for his company to reach impressive heights, he would not have achieved promising milestones had it not been for his passion and dedication towards music. Ever since he dipped his toes into the industry at the age of 14, the power player has been relentless in his pursuits despite the odds stacked against him. After years of hard work and determination, Chris has managed to climb the summits of success, maneuvering those under his wing towards greatness.

In the years to come, he plans to continue transcending limitations and exceeding expectations, carving success-enabling paths for aspirants worldwide.To know more about Chris Dobry and Stryker Records, you may visit their Facebook page.

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