Stryker Records Teases Veteran Artist Drew Lines’ Highly-Anticipated Solo Debut

Year after year, Stryker Records strikes gold – and 2021 is not any different. After decades of living rent-free at the peak of the music industry, the sought-after label once again leaves its audience in awe by announcing the solo debut of veteran artist Drew Lines.

Established in 1997, Stryker Records is a veritable powerhouse, hosting events of chart-topping versatile artists including Saving Abel, Merle Haggard, The Goo Goo Dolls, Saliva, Shedaisy, Trapt, Tantric and more. Having wooed the global audience for years, Founder and CEO Chris Dobry is furthering his label’s legacy and welcoming Drew Lines to the coveted ranks.

Anyone who’s been in the business knows the name “Drew Lines.” Despite being a new and exciting addition to the Stryker Records family, Drew has long been involved in the music scene – initially viewing the auditory art as an outlet for his childhood misfortunes. 

“Growing up was a struggle, a hard-fought battle, but every man’s struggle is their own,” he shared, “and I have made it through what I hope to be the worst of my own.”

Leveraging sound and writing as a manner of self-expression, Drew Lines slowly attained prominence in literature and music. While confined at a boy’s prison, he wrote over 500 poems and garnered a distinction from The International Poets Society for his published poetry piece “Rose.”

Continuing to perfect his craft, he smoothly transitioned into songwriting and officially launched a career in the industry. In 2010, Drew Lines and his brother C.J. “Sycoscribble” founded “The Brotherhood.” Stamping each track with their signature “authenticity and realism,” the music group quickly skyrocketed and captivated a devoted following while working on their debut album “Initiation.”

For years, the duo serenaded crowds – leaving trails of applause in their wake as The Brotherhood scored timeless hits with the industry’s biggest names until it no longer could. In 2014, an accident robbed the world of the effervescent C.J. Wold. The heart-wrenching news drove Drew into a rabbit hole of misery where he stayed for six months before returning to the industry with a vengeance. 

Debuting as “Tigga” with producer Scott Keller or “Space Kase,” the artist climbed the charts once more and made his name under the duo “Sheol Dynasty.” Their enthralling and magnetic energy birthed the tracks “Because I Can” and “Watch Where you Walk (feat. Solomon Childs)” and sent them on a national tour. 

Sheol Dynasty was quickly gaining momentum. However, as they were soaring toward the top ranks, Drew Lines found himself flying through the windshield in a terrible car accident that left him in a coma.

Waking up to the nightmare of broken bones and fractures would discourage anyone from pursuing their dream further – except, apparently, Drew. Within only months of physical therapy, Drew Lines made a miraculous recovery. Returning to the stage, he and Space Kase, along with T-zank from SMG, launched a 50-day tour and subsequently released the albums, “Immortals” and “Eternal.”

Beating the odds time and again, Drew Lines has proven himself as an unstoppable music artist. As if cementing that reputation, he recently made his solo debut through Stryker Records with the track “Rise,” featuring Clio Cadence, which foretells his unchallenged ascent to the top.

At present, Drew is fine-tuning his debut album with multi-platinum and award-winning producers Malcolm Springer and Scott Wilson at the House of Blues Studio in Nashville. “It’s been a long road, but quitting ain’t in me. I’m always ready for more.”

Drew Lines’ debut single “Rise” is now available on all streaming platforms and will hit the airwaves soon. For more information, you can visit Stryker Records on Facebook.

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