Sun King Rising's Latest Single One More Story to Tell - A Swing of Southern Rock, Country, and Soul
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Sun King Rising’s Latest Single One More Story to Tell – A Swing of Southern Rock, Country, and Soul

The acclaimed musical project Sun King Rising, steered by the remarkable singer and songwriter John Blangero, brings forth another captivating song titled “One More Story to Tell.” This release trails the jubilant reception of Sun King Rising’s album, Signs & Wonders, which was announced to the public on October 1, 2022.

“One More Story To Tell” intrigues listeners with its enthralling saga of a musician harnessing the power of his words and tunes to seduce and captivate. This song embraces an exciting blend of southern rock, country, and soul effortlessly, manifesting the versatility of Sun King Rising’s style.

Tucked within the hypnotic melody, the lyrics of “One More Story to Tell” unveil a riveting narrative concerning a man who relies on his artistic skills to win over women and achieve his dreams. The song illustrates compelling imagery of the protagonist’s actions and motives, vividly projecting metaphoric lines like “Metaphor and rhythm make you fair weak in the knees, Promises and miracles and mudflat symphonies.”

Lending their musical prowess to the track were acclaimed musicians such as Steve Schuffert on guitars, George Elliott on bass guitar, and George Perilli on drums. A delightful harmony is cast with backing vocals from Stevee Wellons, Joy Brown, and Bernice Wilkerson. “One More Story to Tell” springs to life under the capable production of Ace Acker and the adept engineering skills of David Granati at the Maplewood Studio. The track achieves its flawless auditory feel thanks to the mixing and mastering finesse of Brian Foraker.

The newly unveiled “One More Story to Tell” can be streamed on all major platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. For further insights into the intriguing universe of Sun King Rising’s music, one may visit their official website.

The narrative brought to life in this single reflects Blangero’s Southern roots and values that are the very core of his music. He explores a meandering path through the age-old goodness of William Faulkner’s literary brilliance, the blues hues of George Gershwin’s tunes, the soulful rhythms of Elton John, and the funky beats and horns heralding from the 60s-70s Muscle Shoals. “Signs & Wonders” is an anthology of Blangero’s distinct Southern noir stories, filled with vibrant characters, intriguing mysteries, and tales of sin, redemption, love, and justice.

When asked about his music, Blangero, who, apart from being a music composer, is recognized as a globally acclaimed genetic scientist, said, “I want the fans to think of better days, the sweet smells of magnolia and jasmine sitting on their porches and listening to music that touched their souls in the humid evenings.”

Sun King Rising is committed not only to offering enriching music but hopes to transport listeners to a realm where music resonates with their deepest emotions and triggers profound sentiments.

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Join the journey of Sun King Rising as they continue to unveil splendid tales with their music, leaving an imprint on the soul, and leaving audiences yearning for more. “One More Story to Tell” is a testimony to the invigorating and soul-stirring musical experiences promised by John Blangero’s Sun King Rising. 

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