Telephone Tag Returns to Europe for Major Shows!
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Telephone Tag Returns to Europe for Major Shows!

Telephone Tag will release their first album, Passports & Postcards, on May 17th, 2024 and just announced a European summer tour in support of the release. We have their tour list and the exclusive video premiere of their first single, “Best Thing In My Life.” 

“Best Thing In My Life” (Official Video)

One of the key events on their tour schedule is an exciting performance at The Great Escape Festival on the alternate stage. The Great Escape (TGE) is recognized as one of the largest and most significant summer festivals in the UK, offering a substantial platform for new artists. This festival is a crucial opportunity for the American duo to showcase their talents on an international stage. Following this, their itinerary includes a robust lineup of performances at various festivals and clubs scattered across the British Isles, each presenting a unique audience and vibe.

The music duo, known as Passports & Postcards, traces its origin to an inspiring journey they embarked on across Europe in 2023. With each new country they visited, the couple set themselves a creative challenge: to compose a new song. This endeavor led to a rich tapestry of music influenced by the diverse cultures and experiences they encountered along the way. Despite being based in the United States, where they live and perform regularly, the duo chose to record their entire album in a remote studio built into their RV, enhancing the authenticity of their on-the-road lifestyle.

As they prepare to cross the Atlantic once more to promote their latest album release, the term “living the dream” feels like an understatement. We spoke to Lena Pasqualetti, who, alongside her fiancé and bandmate Ryan Doyle, forms the duo. She shared insights into what it’s like to be part of a worldwide journey that not only challenges them artistically but also enriches their personal lives. “It’s an incredible experience,” she said, reflecting on the unique blend of personal and professional fulfillment that comes from touring and creating music with a loved one. This return to Europe is not just a continuation of their musical career but a heartfelt mission to connect with fans and bring their new songs to life on stage.

“Every day, we wake up and say how lucky we are to do this life together. To be able to eat, sleep, and breathe music 24/7 with a partner with the same goals, vision, and drive, and have them be the love of your life, really leaves me speechless. The fact that we see the world together through

music is beyond anything we could have ever imagined. In the past year, we’ve gone from Mexico to Dubai, from dating to engaged, releasing singles to now our first album, and we couldn’t be more grateful and proud. Just like the title of our new video, doing this together is the “best thing in my life.” We are excited to return to Europe and share our new music!” 

Pack your bags and grab a seat on Telephone Tag’s upcoming journey! This is a trip you don’t want to miss! 

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Summer tour dates: 

05/09/24 The Jar Dublin, Ireland 

05/12/24 Nolita Dublin, Ireland 

05/16/24 The Great Escape Festival (Alt) Brighton, UK 

05/17/24 The Great Escape Festival (Alt) Brighton, UK 

05/25/24 Brecon Music Festival Whales, UK 

05/29/24 Underbelly London, UK 

05/30/24 The Talbot London, UK 

06/07/24 Barnoldwicks Manchester, UK 

06/08/24 Oxford Pride Festival Oxford, UK 

06/09/24 Home Farm Festival Somerset, UK 

06/11/24 The Camden London, UK 

06/17/24 The Half Moon London, UK 

06/20/24 The Dragon Club Brighton, UK 

06/22/24 Old London Cafe London, UK 

06/26/24 Apples & Pears London, UK


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