The Disruptor's Playlist- Alex Akimov on Music Marketing

The Disruptor’s Playlist: Alex Akimov on Music Marketing

By: Maria Williams

The music industry just got a fresh beat, resonating from Alex Akimov’s innovative studios. Forget the old-school record scratching; we’re talking about a seismic shift shaking the foundations of music marketing. Here’s a disruptor who’s not just playing the game but rewriting the rules with digital advertising and AI technology at his fingertips.

Once a touring guitarist, Alex understands the uncertainty of today’s music landscape. That’s why he left the road for the digital sphere, where social media promotion and music artist branding became his new instruments. Teaming up with his wife, Lani, they struck a chord with the 2010s boy band New District, catapulting them to global stardom. But Alex didn’t stop there. He saw a broader gap in the music industry marketing space, a gap he decided to bridge with his company Simple Social, turning it into a powerhouse digital marketing agency in the music industry.

Tailored for new and veteran artists locally and globally, Simple Social wasn’t just another agency but the genesis of music data analytics and influencer marketing on steroids. Finally, here was an agency where artist-influencer collaboration isn’t just a buzzword but the heart of the strategy. Thanks to his deep understanding of music and data science, Alex’s deep dive into emerging music markets created a global music marketing empire that helps artists share their music with fans worldwide. 

The Disruptor's Playlist- Alex Akimov on Music Marketing

Photo Courtesy: Oleg Khoroshev

On Simple Social’s heels came Sound.Me, a platform where music industry tech solutions meet social media promotion head-on, disrupting the scene like a smash hit within months of launching Sound.Me. It boasts over 1M users seeking more value for their creativity. As Alex explains, this isn’t just about getting your tunes out there; it’s about revolutionizing how they’re heard, shared, and loved.

Sound.Me is the VIP backstage pass to the world of music influencer marketing, where negotiations and barriers fade away like the last notes of a love ballad. Thanks to cutting-edge AI technology, the platform evaluates creators and connects artists, ensuring that every artist, big or small, finds their spotlight and creators get paid along the way. It’s the “door dash” for music promotion, making top-notch campaigns accessible for every level of promotion.

“Having been a musician myself, I understand the challenges and opportunities artists face, enabling me to create empathetic and effective marketing strategies,” Alex shares. His approach to the issues is a masterclass in innovation. By leveraging AI and analytics, he’s not just predicting trends; he’s setting them with his vision for a globally connected music marketplace. In an industry where the next big hit could come from any corner of the globe, Alex’s strategies ensure that music knows no borders.

“My work is particularly significant for emerging artists,” Alex asserts. “My strategies and platforms are designed to help new talents navigate the complex landscape of music promotion, offering valuable insights for up-and-coming artists.” His belief is unwavering: the future of music marketing lies in technology, creativity, and an unyielding drive to innovate. His success speaks volumes, a reminder that in the digital age, the only limit is our imagination.

Published by: Nelly Chavez

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