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Photo Courtesy: Stefano Dos Santos

The Photographic Talent of Erika Pérez Roa Conquers the United States

By: Beatriz Pellegrin 

Her ability to capture animals and people has made her stand out in photography. With her work scheme, she makes pets feel comfortable and can capture the essence of her clients in each image.

Latina Erika Pérez Roa stands out in the world of photography for her skill in capturing pets in unique images that convey the essence of each creature in front of her camera. It is precisely with this talent that she continues firmly to conquer the United States, where she has arrived to contribute with her photographic skills. “I want to be a source of resources and knowledge for photographers worldwide, contributing to the learning and growth of the photographic community,” said the photographic artist.

With a community of more than 24 thousand followers on Instagram, the 36-year-old photographer has developed a unique technique to achieve portraits of animals on a black background and in the studio, with impressive results that have made her gain fame among pet fans. And in the photographic guild. “This technique on a black background not only highlights the beauty of the animals but also creates a distinctive style in my images,” explained Pérez Roa.

At age 26, she began studying photography and experimenting in different areas. This profession led her to become a professional, and she gained inspiration from her pets, among which she remembers the importance of her dog Layka, who motivated and inspired her to completely dedicate herself to taking pictures. Portraits with animals. “When I decided to delve into photography, she became my first model, and through her deep gaze and inexhaustible demeanor, I found a unique way to communicate the essence of animals in my images.”

Pérez Roa, she has established herself as a reference in animal photography. To achieve this, she developed skills that have allowed her to master this art and conquer the market for this type of specialized photography in the United States. “Over time, I have perfected my technique to do shorter sessions, allowing the animals to feel comfortable,” she explained of her dedication to this area of photography.

She has stood out in the United States with his love for photography. Her work has not only been done on animals; great personalities have also allowed themselves to be portrayed through her lens, including the First Lady of Panama in 2019. Likewise, her skill behind the lens immortalized the Interim President of Venezuela in 2020, Juan Guaido.

Erika Pérez Roa has not only consolidated her career in pet photography, but her versatility as a photographer has also allowed her to excel in capturing portraits of prominent figures, thus contributing to her international reputation. This multidisciplinary talent reflects her ability to adapt to different subjects and contexts, showing not only her technical skill but also her sensitivity to capturing the essence and personality of those who stand in front of her lens. Her work with public figures and her specialization in pet photography has given her a prominent place in the photography scene, opening doors to new opportunities and challenges. This balance between animal photography and capturing influential personalities underscores her commitment to excellence and innovation in her field, projecting her as a photographic artist of broad spectrum and recognition.

Erika Pérez Roa's Photography Conquers the United States

Photo Courtesy: Stefano Dos Santos

Published by: Martin De Juan

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