Tips for Ensuring an Outdoor Venue Has Enough Concert Seating

Tips for Ensuring an Outdoor Venue Has Enough Concert Seating

Holding a concert outdoors is a fun and exciting event that has the potential to impact thousands of guests positively. Although many outdoor venues are established and allow General Admission, standing room only, when there is any question about seating capacity, ensuring concert seating can be vital for many events.

Younger fans may be willing to stand on their feet for long hours, hip to hip with each other and cramped up, but the same may not necessarily be said for different age groups. This article shares some tips for ensuring sufficient outdoor concert seating.

Give Out or Sell Tickets

Ticket sales have long been used as a statistical guide to adapt venues for accommodating large crowds. When a venue sells tickets and keeps track of the number sold, it can ensure that every paying guest has a seat. Alternatively, the venue can offer cheaper seats for patrons willing to endure standing-room-only sections.

Have a Door Counter

If no tickets were sold, there is still time to add chairs. A concert venue can ensure that all guests are counted at the door. Employees can use a handheld clicker to count the fans as they arrive.

Add Extra Benches

If in doubt, you can buy more. Buying more benches to ensure that your outdoor spaces can accommodate the maximum number of guests is smart business management. Why turn guests away when you have plenty of space and can offer them a comfortable spot to rest their feet?

Seating is essential when the type of music caters to an older crowd experiencing health problems. For instance, classical music venues may not survive without seating because they are often enjoyed by distinguished seniors who may not have the strength of their youth but still feel young at heart.

Rent Lawn Chairs

If you are hosting a concert for a mixed-age group, you may be able to rent out lawn chairs for individuals to make themselves comfortable. For most events, asking a little extra for a seat may not be out of the question.

Lawn chairs are also easy to fold up and store away. They can deftly be transferred to different spots to adapt the venue for various events. Aluminum lawn chairs are lightweight and generally durable. Imposing a replacement fee on damaged lawn chairs when they are returned is not unreasonable.

Sell Blankets

Another way to deal with a lack of seating is to sell blankets. Sitting on a blanket and relaxing can make many venues enjoyable. This is especially true if the acoustics are good and fans can hear the music well at any level and distance. If the outdoor venue is elevated, blankets are incredibly comfortable.

Renovate the Space

Suppose it is within the budget for an outdoor venue. In that case, they may want to install concrete levels and comfortable theater chairs to seat people uniformly, even if the concert is technically outdoors. Outdoors don’t necessarily mean dirt, grass, and mud. Many outdoor amphitheaters have permanent seating installed in levels of poured concrete.


Published by: Khy Talara

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