Tysen Knight with his artistic brilliance to illuminate “Taste of Tennis”

Tysen Knight
Photo Courtesy: Tysen Knight

With his mind-boggling and unconventional pieces of art, this incredible artist is set to spellbound audiences with his live art performance at the event.

The massive momentum and the crazy growth a few industries have noticed, especially in the past few years, has stunned everyone worldwide. Major credit must go to the unwavering love and dedication of professionals that have allowed most industries to flourish in all these years. Among these industries, no one can deny the phenomenal growth and success the art world has seen, bringing to the forefront some of the most incredible artists who eat, sleep, and breathe art in all forms. Tysen Knight is one shining name in the industry, inspiring many others to become unconventional and modern-day artists.

Tysen Knight recently gained momentum when he shared he would perform at Taste of Tennis, a one-of-a-kind premier tennis lifestyle event held annually to celebrate players, fans, and the finest cuisine worldwide. Tysen Knight is happy and excited to be a part of the same and gain yet another opportunity to get people closer to his art that exudes everything aesthetic, modern, and absorbing.

He shared on social media a few behind-the-scenes pictures of his process for his upcoming art piece that he will complete live at the event in Indian Wells, California. He can’t contain his excitement of showcasing his upcoming live art performance. Tysen Knight has risen to the top as a unique international artist, muralist, and award-winning filmmaker for reasons more than one.

Photo Courtesy: Tysen Knight

His style in creating pop and street art has attracted significant attention, especially from art connoisseurs and art collectors worldwide. With Taste of Tennis, as the culinary and Tennis worlds converge, he is thrilled to serve people a touch of his vibrant and creative art that promises to elevate the whole vibe of the event to greater heights.

His journey from the streets to making it huge at renowned art galleries is proof of how far Tysen Knight, as a one-of-a-kind artist, has reached in his journey, thriving off of his passion for what he does and his commitment to flourish the art world worldwide, while inspiring the up-and-comers in the industry.

In his teenage years, he loved drawing cartoons and airbrushed them into jeans, which later led him to create a solid foundation for his career as an international artist. By 15, he had become an award-winning artist, clinching his first national art competition award and receiving the NAACP: ACT-SO Achievement Program Award of Merit for his exceptional artistic skills.

To immerse more of him into the art world, he traversed into the world of filmmaking as well, creating his documentary “The Art Of Hustle: Street Art Documentary,” encapsulating his journey from a street artist to an acclaimed filmmaker, followed by his second film “The Art Of Hustle: Homeless Street Artist Documentary.”

Photo Courtesy: Tysen Knight

Today, he has become a philanthropist whose hands are dipped into various meaningful causes, like preparing meals alongside Midnight Mission for the homeless and starting The Tysen Knight Scholarship Fund to help young kids pursue art at no cost. He even partnered with RCOE (Riverside County Office of Education) to create a program in California. He utilized his brand of street art to inspire and mentor at-risk youth, encouraging them to express themselves artistically. For his documentaries and philanthropic work, he has won several prestigious awards and accolades.

Tysen Knight’s incredible success as a filmmaker also motivated him to become a regular contributor to galleries, rising as an influential international artist. His upcoming live art performance at Taste of Tennis promises to be a dazzling display of his innate artistic brilliance. His evocative creation is all set to take center stage at the much-talked-about event. It is poised to become an unforgettable artistic experience for all tennis lovers, fine cuisine lovers, and art lovers.

 Published by: Nelly Chavez

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