Upcoming Artist MASS DEMP Amplifies Music Journey, Shares Plans for 2021 and Beyond

For someone who grew up with music his entire life, Masterson Ursem Dempsey, better known for his brand MASS DEMP feels that music is embedded in his DNA, rooted in the deepest corners of his soul. This 2021, the artist is ready to break out of his shell and dominate the music industry by storm.

MASS DEMP was born on November 18, 1992. He is originally from Cleveland, Ohio, home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, a city that has contributed significantly to the evolution of music. But after his father passed because of various addictions, the artist moved to Tampa, Florida, with his mother. Amid all the challenges and the changes in his environment, music became a fortress where he can be himself.

The artist has been performing since the early age of three. He has always displayed his love for the arts, jumping from one genre to another until he finally found his unique sound. His diverse experiences also influence his desire to merge genres together and encapsulate the true spirit of music. MASS DEMP intentionally aims to appeal to masses of people from all walks of life, regardless of the generation they belong to. 

In 2000, MASS DEMP attended a live concert by Carlos Santana. The experience impacted him profoundly and fueled his desire to also conquer stages and captivate audiences through the power of music. Simultaneously, he had the drive for sports. But even with his promising future as a player for the Berkeley Preparatory High School football team and a member of the track team, MASS DEMP still found a stronger longing for a profession in music.

With an ear for the perfect beat and a unique way with words, MASS DEMP became a hip-hop artist, and he is one to watch. His previous experience as a DJ also allows him to connect and entertain multiple audiences. Even in his high school and college graduation at Saint Leo University, where he was chosen to deliver the valedictorian address, MASS DEMP chose a nonconventional way to send his message—rap. The way he commanded the stage with thousands in the audience amazed even Tampa’s Mayor at the time, Mr. Bob Buckhorn. 

After what he calls the metamorphosis stage of his life, fate finally brought him to build the brand MASS DEMP from the ground up. His first album was produced by his collegiate alumni, Banger Beats, who had a humble studio in his apartment. From the makeshift studio came his first song called “Wintroduction Make Way.” Eventually, with the success of his first single, the artist persevered to release another song called “Goodtimes.” The track aims to lift people’s spirits during the pandemic. 

In 2020 alone, MASS DEMP released two 10-track albums, Mass Bangers and Wild Awaiting. He proudly shares that 2021 will yet again be another fruitful year for his career. The artist has previously collaborated with big-name artists such as Forgiato Blow, Bryson Gray, and Famous Kid Brick. This year, his songs will feature prominent artists such as Bezz Believe and Caskey. 

“Since music is my only option for a career, with no real acceptable plan B, I will go to the farthest limits and work harder and with more dedication than most,” said MASS DEMP. “My love for music and want to make my own distinct sound is because I plan to leave behind a vast catalog of music to be remembered by and celebrated for when I no longer am physically here on this Earth,” added the artist. 

Besides releasing more music in the coming months, MASS DEMP also plans on taking his brand further by launching various merchandise on his website. Zooming in to five years, the artist plans on touring across the United States and becoming a solid household name. To learn more about MASS DEMP, visit his Instagram.

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