Who is Jett Jenkins? The Indie-Pop Artist Who’s Crafting Music with Heart Along Her Journey
Photo Courtesy: Jett Jenkins

Who is Jett Jenkins? The Indie-Pop Artist Who’s Crafting Music with Heart Along Her Journey

Proving why indie-pop is a harmonious blend of genres, Brooklyn-based singer Jett Jenkins is the artist infusing each track with her unique brand of creativity and authenticity. Born on April 19, 2004, in Dallas, Texas, Jenkins’s musical career began in the Lone Star State before she switched up her scenery within the concrete jungle of Brooklyn. 

In New York, her artistry began to grow and soar, with Jenkins studying as a writing major at Pratt Institute. As a passionate and determined indie pop artist, Jenkins continually refines her craft and draws inspiration from the iconic New York City music scene.

Reflecting on her formative years, Jenkins credits a pivotal moment in 2019 for sparking her passion for songwriting. Attending Clairo’s concert at The Granada Theater in Dallas, Jenkins found herself deeply moved by the raw vulnerability of Clairo’s music. The cathartic experience lingered with Jenkins and ignited a fire within her. Witnessing an artist only a few years older than herself and observing the openness in their music served as an immense inspiration for Jenkins. It led her to start writing songs, using them to express her emotions and creatively cope with her feelings.

Despite her innate connection to music, Jenkins initially grappled with uncertainty about pursuing it as a career. However, a moment of introspection made her realize that music was not just a hobby but an essential part of her identity that couldn’t be ignored. From that moment, Jenkins committed herself wholeheartedly to her music, overcoming obstacles and embracing her unique voice.

Like many rising artists, Jenkins faced her share of challenges, particularly battling stage fright at the start of her career. However, through sheer determination, she proved those obstacles were not insurmountable and were, in fact, possible with perseverance. Conquering her fears, Jenkins evolved into a confident performer. Using her personal experiences and innermost emotions, Jenkins ensures her music brims with raw honesty and poignant storytelling. This defining characteristic sets her apart in the competitive indie pop scene.

One of Jenkins’s crowning achievements came from her music video for “City in Anger,” which garnered critical acclaim and earned her the prestigious Award of Excellence + Best Music at the One-Reeler Short Film Competition in 2022. With each song, Jenkins demonstrates her ability to craft compelling melodic stories that resonate with listeners, solidifying her status as an authentic artist with something to say and the courage to let her voice be heard.

Now heading into an even brighter future, Jenkins focuses on forging meaningful connections with her audience through her music. With aspirations beyond merely attaining fame, her mission, first and foremost, is to connect with as many people as possible, from the shores of California to the bright lights of New York, where her studies persist. Ultimately, Jenkins views music as a means to repay the favor it has done by enhancing her life, and she intends to honor music’s impact on each venture.  

Jett Jenkins continues evolving as an artist, and her growing catalog of heartfelt songs reflects her prowess and potential. More music is on the horizon for the soulful storyteller, and fans should stay tuned as Jenkin’s creativity and transparency aims to shake up the indie pop world.

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