Xinchen Li: Blending Metal and Memory in Art
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Xinchen Li: Blending Metal and Memory in Art

By: Utopia Collaboration Inc. 

Madison, WI — Xinchen Li, a renowned metalsmith and sculptor, has captivated the art world with her innovative and deeply personal works. With a background that seamlessly blends traditional craftsmanship and modern digital techniques, Xinchen’s art explores themes of visibility, identity, and memory. Recently, Xinchen sat down for an interview to discuss her artistic journey, the inspiration behind her acclaimed MFA thesis show “(in)visible,” and the impact of her teaching experiences on her creative process.

The Inspiration Behind “(in)visible”

When asked about her MFA solo show “(in)visible,” Xinchen shared, “The inspiration stemmed from a desire to explore themes of visibility, identity, and the hidden narratives within our lives. For this show, I recreated furniture from my childhood home using a 3D printing pen, symbolizing my memories and the fragile nature of those recollections. The pieces, suspended in air and connected with projections of my family portrait, reflect my journey of self-discovery and the reclaiming of my family history.”

Impact of Awards and Scholarships

Xinchen’s impressive array of awards and scholarships, including the Women’s Jewelry Association June Herman Scholarship and The Arts+Literature LaboratoryL Prize, have significantly shaped her artistic career. She explained, “Receiving these awards affirmed my decision to switch from computer science to art, boosting my confidence and encouraging me to push my creative boundaries. The financial support has also been invaluable, allowing me to invest in specialized workshops and essential materials, which have enhanced the quality and scope of my work.”

Interdisciplinary Approach to Art

Xinchen’s creative process is a fusion of traditional metalsmithing techniques and digital software skills. “Art isn’t just about art; it involves humanities, philosophy, science, and more,” she noted. “My background in computer science helps me approach art with a technical mindset, while traditional metalsmithing connects me deeply with the materials. This interdisciplinary approach allows me to create detailed 3D models and simulations before bringing my designs to life, ensuring precision and quality in my work.”

Teaching and Its Influence on Artistic Practice

Teaching various workshops and serving as a teaching assistant have also enriched Xinchen’s artistic practice. She remarked, “Engaging with students from diverse backgrounds has provided me with new perspectives. Teaching deepens my understanding of art and often leads to new discoveries and ideas. I aim to make art accessible and relatable, helping students recognize its presence in everyday moments and appreciate the beauty and creativity around them.”

Adapting to Different Exhibition Formats

Xinchen’s work has been showcased in solo and group exhibitions across cities and online platforms. She highlighted the challenges and rewards of adapting to different formats: “Solo exhibitions allow me to create a cohesive narrative and fully immerse viewers in my vision. Group exhibitions require my work to stand out while complementing other artists’ pieces. Online platforms offer global accessibility but challenge me to convey the physicality and texture of my pieces digitally. Despite these challenges, each format provides unique rewards and opportunities for engagement.”

Xinchen Li’s journey as an artist continues to inspire and captivate audiences worldwide. Her innovative approach and commitment to exploring complex themes through art make her a prominent figure in the contemporary art scene.

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