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Music is the most honest and open expression of beauty because it is the purest art form. It has a single, uncomplicated spirit and is least burdened by superfluous elements. We seem to believe that low and visible music represents the infinite as it appears in the limited forms of creation. It acts like a magic key to which most rigid and heard-hearted open. Although specialized abilities and talents are required to excel in any industry, influential persons possess broad professional attributes that set them apart and distinguish them from the rest in their fields. These characteristics might help them demonstrate to others that they are well-rounded and have numerous talents and skills. Professionalism is exuded by those highly regarded and admired in their positions in any industry or field.

True professionals are constantly eager to learn new things and improve their skills. This can be accomplished through continuing education or self-learning. Instead of waiting for your manager to train you, you take the initiative. Every field has its unique demands, and for music, it is evident that if you sing well, you are well-known and admired by many. However, being a composer is also not easy when you have tough competition around you. Composing music is an art, and it is an art that people admire the most. Richard Ford is among the professional and dynamic composers making a difference with their art. His works include an album, “Christmas Carols.” It was released by Soundiva Classical in 2021. The album’s texts are drawn from medieval English and Latin sources and the works of African American poet Laurence Dunbar. They are arranged for an Acapella SATB choir. Richard Ford has composed music for several indie films and TV soundtracks, themes, and production music albums. At the Royal College of Music, he studied film composition with Howard Davidson and Francis Shaw.

Richard Ford and Radiopetti

Hari Viswanath directed Radiopetti, a 2015 Indian Tamil-language drama film starring Ramanujam TVV and Lakshmanan Koratur. The film was the first Tamil film to win the KNN Audience Award in the official Busan International Film Festival competition in 2015. It was an official selection in the Indian Panorama for the 46th International Film Festival of India, held in Panaji, Goa. Radiopetti is the story of a 70-year-old man who is partially deaf and is obsessed with his valve radio, a present from his father when he was a boy. He sees his father via the radio. The man experiences psychological and emotional trauma and pain when he loses the radio. Richard Ford composed the music for the film and received critical acclaim for his scoring abilities. At the Imagine India International Film Festival 2016 in Madrid, Richard Ford got the best music prize for Radiopetti. 

Richard’s Contributions as a Music Composer

To become a music composer, one must be creative and passionate about music. Melody composers must put in much effort, endurance, and patience. A substantial overall production distinguishes a great composer. What differentiates an extraordinary output is not a handful of perfectly produced masterpieces but compendiousness. 

Richard Ford, a British music composer, created and arranged the album Christmas Carols. Christmas Carols are available on Spotify, Amazon Music, and Apple Music. Treasures of Ancient Rome, Great Offices of State, Operation Crossbow, Am I Normal, Real Cities, Paris, City of Dreams, Cambridge Ideas, Summer of Noise, Verão Invencível, The Wardrobe, Closet, RadioPetti, and Imagens Proibidas, are some of the broadcast and film projects that his work has appeared on.

During the pandemic, when everyone was worried about how they would work and achieve their goals for the year, Ford focused on his work at that time. The album “Christmas Carols” was primarily written during the lockdown by Ford. The texts were drawn from archaic English sources and African American poet Laurence Dunbar.

Melody composition is an art form that will always be used to assess an artist’s ability. Some musicians yearn to make beautiful pieces of music that will delight others. As a result, there is a necessity for exceptional efforts. Melody, like painting, sculpture, dance, literature, and theatre, is an essential part of the group known as The Arts. Richard Ford has proved to be a melody composer who can inspire others through his art. His inspiring abilities have paved the way for new melody composers to understand the dynamics of the art.


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