Bill Bowers: Bringing “The Making of a Great Moment” to Life

Bill Bowers and Esther Williamson in “ The Making of a Great Moment” at Urban Stages 

Renowned performer Bill Bowers is set to captivate New York City audiences in the upcoming premiere of “The Making of a Great Moment,” a play by Peter Sinn Nachtrieb, directed by James A. Barry and presented by the award-winning theater company Urban Stages. Bill Bowers, a multifaceted talent with a storied career spanning Broadway, Mime, film, television, and original plays, takes on the role of Terry in this production. In this article, we delve into Bill Bowers’ impressive career, his insights into the play, and what audiences can expect from this exciting New York premiere.

Bill Bowers’ journey through the world of performing is nothing short of remarkable. A seasoned actor, Mime, and educator, he has graced stages in all 50 states of the United States, Europe, and Asia. His Broadway credits include memorable roles such as Zazu in “The Lion King” and Leggett in “The Scarlet Pimpernel.” Beyond the bright lights of Broadway, Bill has written and performed his own plays, both Off-Broadway and around the world. His repertoire includes works like ‘Night Sweetheart ‘Night Buttercup,””Under a Montana Moon,””It Goes Without Saying,””Beyond Words,” All Over the Map,” and “The Traveler.”

“The Making of a Great Moment” holds a special place in Bill Bowers’ heart, as it delves into the life of an actor on tour—a journey he knows intimately. When asked about what drew him to this play and his character, Terry, Bill shared, “A friend of the playwright sent me this play over a year ago. I knew immediately I wanted to do it and sent it to theaters around the country where I have worked before. The Making of a Great Moment is about being an ‘actor on tour,’ and I have been that actor on the road for most of my career.”

As an actor who has performed in diverse settings, including nursing homes and community centers, Bill resonated deeply with the play’s exploration of existential questions such as, “Why am I an actor?” and “What am I doing with my life?” The characters in the play share a profound love for acting, and the humor arises from their passionate pursuit of putting on a play.

Bill Bowers has earned the title of “the great American mime” for his distinctive style and has received numerous awards at festivals worldwide. When asked about what sets his style of Mime apart, he explained, “I like to think of myself as a naturalistic mime. I don’t wear a white face or a conventional mime costume. I also use Mime in combination with text and soundtracking, even lip-syncing. Although I trained with Marcel Marceau in traditional pantomime, I have developed a hybrid style of physical storytelling with and without words. I hope that audiences can experience my work with all of their senses.”

Bill Bowers had the privilege of being mentored by the legendary Marcel Marceau. He shared a poignant lesson from Marceau that has remained with him throughout his career: “Marceau said to me that the genius of theatre is not the performer or the audience. The genius is in the space between where the actor and the audience meet. I think about this all the time. Theater is collaborative; it occurs when imaginations meet and create worlds together.”

Bill Bowers’ mime training has proven invaluable in other mediums, such as film and television. He emphasized the importance of clear and communicative physicality, especially in commercials that are “without sound.” These mediums demand storytelling with precision and specificity, which Mime excels at.

Bill Bower

Sourced Photo

Beyond his stage and screen appearances, Bill Bowers has crafted his own plays, often drawing from his personal experiences. He provided insights into his creative process: “Most of my work is autobiographical, so I depend on memory and journaling. I have always kept a journal of my travels, feelings and adventures. I look back through them and look for ideas. I look for questions to answer. Then I work with a good director, who helps me find the recurring images and themes, and we together develop an arc for the play.”

Bill Bowers’ commitment to the art of Mime extends to his role as an educator. He teaches at NYU, Stella Adler, and the William Esper Studio, sharing his passion for physical theater and Mime. He remarked, “Mime is not a big part of American culture, so more and more, I have students who have never seen it performed or ever heard of Marcel Marceau. That is my mission: to pass on the knowledge and craft of Mime.”

As “The Making of a Great Moment” prepares to make its New York debut at Urban Stages, Bill Bowers hopes to offer audiences laughter and an authentic portrayal of two people connecting. He shared, “We performed The Making of a Great Moment in the Berkshires this summer, and after the show, people always thanked us for making them laugh. It seems like a time in the world when folks need some laughter. I also think this play is quite touching in how it shows two people finding a way to honestly connect with each other.”

In a career that has spanned continents and genres, Bill Bowers continues to inspire through his performances and his dedication to preserving the art of Mime. “The Making of a Great Moment” promises to be another memorable chapter in his storied career. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness this remarkable talent in action at Urban Stages from September 28 through October 29, 2023. Get ready for a truly great moment in New York theater. For more information or to purchase tickets, please visit

The LA Fashion Show: Where Fashion Meets Cinema

For the first time in Los Angeles, an event that seamlessly merges the worlds of Fashion and Film Industries is set to captivate the city. Both residents and visitors will have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in a rich blend of fashionable aesthetics, music, movie premieres, and even rub shoulders with iconic film characters gracing the runway.

Event Dates: September 27th to October 1st

The LA Fashion Show is a cultural phenomenon that not only elevates fashion standards but also thrusts Los Angeles into the global fashion spotlight. With a team of organizers who are visionaries in their own right, Los Angeles is poised to become a magnet for prestigious fashion houses, and this event’s main sponsor, SAS Movie Studio, plays a pivotal role in this transformation.

Celebrating Excellence: The Fashion Awards

The grand finale of The LA Fashion Show is the highly anticipated Fashion Awards. This prestigious ceremony recognizes and honors the outstanding achievements of top professionals across ten different sectors within the Fashion Industry. It serves as a beacon of excellence and innovation, propelling the industry forward.

A Spectacle of Grandeur

The LA Fashion Show is set to be nothing short of spectacular. With 40 designers representing 12 countries, 320 stunning models, 120 talented photographers, and the presence of renowned celebrities, this event promises to be a visual feast. The iconic red carpet, star-studded performances, and awe-inspiring fashion presentations will leave a lasting imprint on attendees.

SAS Movie Studio: A Driving Force

Behind the scenes, the visionaries responsible for orchestrating this remarkable event are Shawn Anthony Sequeira, the owner of SAS Movie Studio, and Olga Amraie. Through their creative genius and unwavering commitment, they have successfully bridged the gap between the fashion and film industries.

Expanding Horizons

SAS Movie Studio, led by founder Shawn Anthony Sequeira, boasts an impressive 22-year legacy in the film industry. In 2022, Shawn, in collaboration with Olga Amraie, accomplished the remarkable feat of uniting thousands of individuals from the film industry into a cohesive community, organizing four monumental events. In 2023, their reach extended to encompass the fashion industry, marking the inception of a new era. The Fashion Show’s future endeavors include expansion into various states across America and European countries, further solidifying its global presence.

The LA Fashion Show is not merely an event; it’s a catalyst for transformation, an embodiment of creativity, and a celebration of the dynamic synergy between fashion and cinema. With each passing year, Los Angeles takes center stage as a powerhouse in these industries, and The LA Fashion Show is at the forefront of this remarkable journey.


SEM!O x Asi Vidal – Dark Blue

Image commercially licensed from Unsplash

Welcome, music enthusiasts! Today, we have the incredible opportunity to sit down with the dynamic DJ SEM!O, a maestro of beats and an architect of sonic landscapes. Joining us to discuss his latest single release, featuring the talented Asi Vidal, this interview promises to delve into the creative process behind the music and unveil the magic that unfolds when these two musical powerhouses collaborate.

DJ SEM!O has long been a trailblazer in the electronic music scene, known for his innovative sound and electrifying performances that transcend boundaries. His ability to seamlessly blend genres and create a unique auditory experience has earned him a dedicated fan base around the globe.

Teaming up with the gifted Asi Vidal, whose musical prowess spans across various genres, this collaboration is undoubtedly a meeting of two creative minds, promising a sonic journey that will captivate and resonate with listeners.

So, buckle up for an exclusive glimpse into the creative minds behind the beats, as we sit down with DJ SEM!O to explore the inspiration, challenges, and exhilarating moments that shaped his latest single alongside Asi Vidal. Get ready to embark on a musical adventure as we uncover the secrets behind the rhythm and melodies that are set to make waves in the music industry. Ladies and gentlemen, let the interview with DJ SEM!O commence!

  1. Can you share the inspiration behind your upcoming release “Dark Blue” and how the collaboration with Asi Vidal came about?

The inspiration for ‘Dark Blue’ comes from our love for electronic dance music and its evolution over time. I got in touch with Asi by sending him a demo of the song. We started working together on the idea and structure of the song from there.

  1. What unique elements or influences does “Dark Blue” bring to your discography, and how does it stand out from your previous releases?

 I think the vocals in this song are the element that is very different from all my other songs. I still need to figure out what makes this vocal fit but it sounds so good and gives a unique vibe to the whole song.

  1. How did the creative process unfold during the collaboration with Asi Vidal? 

The creative process of the song started with me coming up with the main idea and structure and evolved a lot from Asi’s ability to create flow in music. When you write dance music you have to make the music flow otherwise it will be challenging for people on the dance floor to connect to the song or start dancing.

  1. Were there specific roles each of you played in the production of the track? Were there any challenges you encountered while working on “Dark Blue,” and how did you overcome them?

In the production of ‘Dark Blue’ as in the other songs we wrote together, there were never clear roles. We just like to kick things off with an idea and build from there. Being DJs, we’ve got a good understanding of how to approach dance music production, creating a kind of common ground that helps us when we’re working together on a track.

  1. Can you give us a sneak peek into the sound and mood of “Dark Blue”? What can listeners expect from this upcoming track?

The song ‘Dark Blue’ is a combination of electro-house and techno. The old and familiar sound of electro house received an addition of an innovative and modern sound that you hear a lot in techno music today. In addition to that, we also made sure to incorporate the characteristic features of pop music, which are the simplicity and rhythms that we cherish and love.

  1. In what ways do you believe the collaboration with Asi Vidal enhanced or influenced the outcome of the track compared to working on solo projects?

It’s not a secret that Asi helped me a lot in my development as an artist. The song received a significant improvement in its flow and in its ability to convey the message clearly with his contribution.

  1. Are there any specific themes or messages conveyed through “Dark Blue,” and how important is storytelling through music for you as an artist?

The message we tried to convey in the song ‘Dark Blue’ is to show the enormous dynamics in everything in life and the situations we encounter.

  1. As both a DJ and music producer, how do you balance your creative vision with the expectations of your audience when working on a collaboration like “Dark Blue”?

Telling a story through music has always been something I wanted to do. Sometimes, it takes me a while to understand what the story or message is, and I don’t always know from the beginning what the song is about. I constantly write music, and only after I have many songs, do I start to choose which ones will fit my vision as a DJ and music producer.

  1. How has your musical journey and past experiences shaped the direction of “Dark Blue,” and do you see any significant evolution in your style with this release?

I like the song ‘Dark Blue’ because it’s got elements and techniques I truly dig. It took me a while to figure out how they work, but in this song, I can see how much I’ve improved as an artist

  1. Lastly, what are your hopes and aspirations for “Dark Blue”? How do you envision it resonating with your fans and the broader EDM community?

I hope that people who listen to this song will enjoy it and that it will be of value to them.

Asi Vidal:

A filmmaking couple makes an award winning Italian Mob Movie instead of having a wedding

06 2023 – “BLESS ME FATHER” is now available on Prime Video in the United States & Great Britain. Milly-May & Gianni McLaughlin debut their award-winning feature film,BLESS ME FATHER” The movie is a raw crime drama-thriller depicting the mob, the Catholic Church and family life in New Jersey. The cast is composed of all New Jersey locals/non-actors, making this one of the first modern neorealist Italian mob films. 

Vinny Dapello confesses his sins and unveils the ugly truth of his life; he is a hitman for the New Jersey Italian mob. Will he follow in his father’s footsteps in the organized crime family or sacrifice his life to save his soul? BLESS ME FATHER” was made to show the dark side of a gangster’s life, not the glorified part like most films focus on, but the pain and suffering that really comes with the lifestyle. Exposing the stark reality of what living the “thug life” really means.  

The journey began when Gianni and Milly-May met backstage on the first day of rehearsal for the off-Broadway play “D.O.A.” (Dead on Arrival). It was love at first sight. A young man from Hoboken and a young woman from East London bound together by the passion for storytelling. A short five months later, the two got married and anticipated a lavish destination wedding celebration in August 2020 which, of course, was canceled due to Covid-19. Before the disappointment could settle in, Milly-May suggested that they take the money saved from not having a wedding and make the movie BLESS ME FATHER,” a screenplay Gianni had written three years earlier. The couple took the opportunity to turn a negative into a positive and got right to work, starting the production of BLESS ME FATHER” in the summer of 2020. The six-week production served as an outlet for all the cast and crew members. A sense of community was created on the set when the world had shut down around it.  

“Falling in love with someone that shares the same passion as me is all I could ever dream of.” – Milly-May McLaughlin 

The young couple’s passion and defiance isn’t the only interesting aspect of this story. What makes this film unique is the local New Jersey cast members and iconic New York City scenery from the N.J. waterfront featured throughout the picture. Being heavily influenced by legendary Italian & French neorealist film directors Antonioni, Fellini, and Truffaut, Gianni & Milly-May made the bold decision to cast non-actors as the principal cast members. Not only did they hire non-actors, but the entire cast were family members and friends. The mother in the film is Gianni’s mother, Yolanda Cuomo. The priest in the film, Joseph McLaughlin, is Gianni’s father, and it wasn’t the first time Gianni had to confess his wrongdoings to him. The grandfather in the film is Gianni’s grandfather, John Cuomo, he is now 97 years old, and the story his character tells in the movie about arriving in America with $15 in his pocket is a true story. Giacomo Vanacore, who plays Antonio, is Gianni’s god-brother because John Cuomo is Giacomo’s godfather. Gino and Nino, whose real names are Bekim and Betim, are brothers that Gianni met while playing football in college at Rutgers University & Kean University. The production was a family affair and a labor of love from start to finish. A group of family & friends from Hudson County came together in their native hometowns and created the fictional story Bless Me, Father.” 

Now Gianni and Milly-May continue making films and taking care of “Pop” John Cuomo, who is now 97 years old. The three live together as one big happy family, as it should be. “We do not have any children yet, because we already have a 97-year-old one we love and take care of very much!” – Milly-May & Gianni McLaughlin 


To watch the movie, please visit the following links  


TUBI –  

For the film trailer and more information about “Bless Me Father,” please visit our official website, or   

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Royce Leon and his Troubadour’s Journey from Living Room to Stage

Finding Royce was like finding a diamond in the rough. He’s still in the early stages of his journey as a professional musician, but with a voice reminiscent of Chris Stapleton and the songwriting skills to back it up, Jay Chavez of Thistle Dew Productions enthused, “I see great things for him and am very excited to be producing his first professional album for him.”

The Genesis of a Troubadour

Royce Leon’s musical journey didn’t follow the conventional path. Growing up in a household filled with talented musicians, he initially delved into classical music, studying Suzuki piano. However, the structured form of classical music didn’t quite capture his rebel spirit and creative yearnings. 

“As I was packing up to head out on the road, I knew that I was willfully choosing to sling-shot myself into the unknown. Once this new album makes its way out of my mind and into the world, I’ll find out where exactly I landed: daisies or dive bars.” He chuckled.

Growing up in the small town where Bret Micheals and Bobby Dall cut their teeth, Royce Leon convinced his parents to trade the piano keys for blues lessons.

Though white suburbia posed challenges for finding a blues mentor, his determination led him to explore other musical passions. He found solace in singing, from church choirs to high school  a cappella groups. Yet his love for literature and poetry remained dormant until a major back injury sidelined him, giving him the time to explore his musical talents further.

The healing power of music became evident as Royce Leon spent countless nights playing the guitar while singing songs, nursing his wounds both physical and emotional. His artistic process evolved, primarily driven by words flowing through his mind, creating a unique approach to songwriting.

“The process of telling people where you are going to be in 6 months is always unnerving. Finally getting to those places I’ve only fantasized about, and making meaningful connections with people I meet along the way, will keep me ticking for a lifetime.”

For the past five years, Royce Leon has honed his skills while raising his young children, blending life’s experiences with his newfound passion for music. Now, he stands at the threshold, ready to share his soulful tunes and heartfelt lyrics with the world.

Royce Leon: The Troubadour’s Brand

Royce Leon’s music embodies authenticity and substance, qualities often overshadowed in today’s music industry. His debut album, “For Freedom,” marked the commencement of his musical career at the age of 33. Since then, he has embarked on a journey from the rugged landscapes of the Olympic Peninsula to the vibrant music scene of the Bay Area.

His dedication to the art of the troubadour shines through in every note he plays and every lyric he sings. There’s no smoke and mirrors in Royce Leon’s performances; what you see and hear is an artist pouring his heart and soul into his craft.

Royce Leon’s stage presence and lyrical depth have earned him the privilege of sharing the stage with renowned acts like The Muddy Souls, Electric Tumbleweed with Barry Sless, Matt Sircely, Sebastian Saint James, and The Highway Poets. In an era dominated by auto-tuned pop hits, Royce Leon offers listeners a contemplative experience, offering perspectives born from introspection and exploration of both the inner mind and the outer world.

One astute listener once remarked, “Ahh, not another God song… actually, this reminds me of Leonard Cohen with a hint of Jackson Browne.” Such comparisons highlight Royce Leon’s unique ability to weave spirituality and introspection into his music without falling into clichés.

Royce Leon’s musical influences span a wide range, drawing inspiration from legends like Jerry Jeff Walker, Blaze Foley, Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark, Todd Snider, Colter Wall, Mac Miller, and a host of “Johns” including Mayall, Mayer, Prine, Hartford, and Craige. Brent Cobb’s tunes and the eclectic selections found on community radio also contribute to his sonic palette.

A Troubadour’s Journey Continues

Royce Leon’s journey has been a testament to the enduring power of music to heal, inspire, and connect. His recent adventures include a summer tour that began with six shows but expanded to eight, including a spontaneous late-night campfire performance at the High Sierra Music Festival and a lively 4th of July Private Block party in Petaluma.

For years, Royce Leon limited his gigs to a three-hour drive radius to ensure he could return home to his family. However, this year, he embraced the troubadour lifestyle, hitting the road solo to explore new horizons, share his stories, and serenade audiences with his tunes. Notably, his serendipitous encounter with musician and producer Jay Chavez of Thistle Dew Productions has opened new doors for his musical journey.

Royce Leon’s collaboration with Jay Chavez promises to yield his first fully professionally recorded and produced album, with finishing touches to be added at Hilltop Studios in Nashville. This exciting development marks a significant milestone in his career, propelling his music to greater heights.

Royce Leon’s musical odyssey from childhood piano lessons to troubadour stages is a testament to the transformative power of passion and determination. His unique brand of music, marked by authenticity and introspection, sets him apart in a music industry often dominated by trends. As Royce Leon continues to journey from his living room to stages across the nation, his captivating voice and heartfelt lyrics will undoubtedly find their way into the hearts and ears of music enthusiasts willing to embrace an old soul’s melodies in the 21st century. Royce Leon is a true diamond in the rough, and his journey has only just begun.

Yanyi Xie: Bridging Cultures and Identities in Film

Yanyi Xie, a documentary filmmaker in Chengdu, China, has been making her mark in the world of visual storytelling. Currently based in Jersey City, NJ, her work centers on themes related to gender and cultural identities, often drawing inspiration from her personal experiences. Yanyi is dedicated to capturing the essence of individuals’ experiences, relationships, and emotions through the medium of film, highlighting the profound impact of the personal within a broader social and cultural context.

With a passion for documenting the human experience, Yanyi Xie has gained recognition for her thought-provoking films, which have earned her a spot on the radar of esteemed film festivals and iconic theaters. Her work has been featured at distinguished theaters in the Chicago area, including the Gene Siskel Film Center, Music Box Theater, and Block Museum. These venues play host to screenings for esteemed festivals like the Chicago International Film Festival, Black Harvest Film Festival and Asian American Showcase, and present film programs that highlight award-winning international cinema and filmmakers such as Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Mingliang Tsai, and Kevin Jerome Everson. 

One of Yanyi’s notable contributions to the world of cinema was her participation in Destroy Your Art 2022, a significant event where she showcased and subsequently destroyed a short-form non-fiction piece. Her unique approach to storytelling resonated with audiences and added to her growing list of accomplishments.

Yanyi Xie’s film, “Silver Lining,” offers a poignant look into the journey of a drag artist navigating the challenges posed by the pandemic. This compelling work found a platform in Reeling: Chicago LGBTQ+ International Film Festival, a cultural standout in the Midwest known for featuring a diverse range of top-tier LGBTQ+ films, including award-winning international features, social documentaries, and experimental shorts. Additionally, her work in Chicagoland Shorts Vol. 8, a program that has featured films that showed in over 100 film festivals (including Cannes, Tribeca, and Sundance). Such screenings are testaments to her ability to capture the essence of personal stories and translate them into impactful cinematic experiences.

In addition to her accomplishments in the world of documentary filmmaking, Yanyi Xie’s artistic range extends to personal projects. Her film “Thirteen Hour” serves as a heartfelt and introspective short documentary about her family. This touching piece was shown in the exhibition “The Heart of Home”‘ in 2023 at the 4C Gallery, an exhibition space for Chinese American Art in the States which has garnered recognition on Astron News, Tencent News, Phoenix Art, and Shoutout LA. Yanyi’s ability to explore the personal and familial aspects of life underscores her commitment to showcasing the intricate tapestry of human existence.

Yanyi Xie: Bridging Cultures and Identities in Film

Sourced Photo

Transitioning to her professional roles, Yanyi Xie has become an essential contributor to various film projects. As both an assistant editor and editor, she has lent her expertise to a wide array of endeavors, bringing her unique perspective and skillset to each one. Yanyi’s commitment to her craft is exemplified by her work on feature documentary projects alongside acclaimed figures such as Diane Quon (known for “Minding The Gap”) and Marco Williams (notable for “Two Towns of Jasper” and “Tulsa Burning: The 1921 Race Massacre”). Her roles as an assistant editor and camera assistant have contributed to the success of these influential projects.

One of her significant contributions as a camera assistant and translator was to the documentary “Finding Yingying,” a film that received a nomination at the News and Documentary Emmy® Awards in 2021. Yanyi’s dedication to her work extends beyond the realm of film as she has also had her video works featured in a BBC series titled “American Birth” and a BIEDE (Vice China) article that focused on the Anti-Asian Hate march in Chicago.

Yanyi Xie: Bridging Cultures and Identities in Film

Sourced Photo

Yanyi Xie’s academic achievements complement her professional work as a filmmaker and editor. She holds a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree in Documentary Media from Northwestern University, showcasing her dedication to honing her craft and deepening her understanding of the art of storytelling through film. Additionally, she holds a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Media and Cinema Studies from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, underscoring her commitment to her field.

Yanyi Xie: Bridging Cultures and Identities in Film

Sourced Photo

As Yanyi Xie continues to make her mark in the world of documentary filmmaking, her ability to capture the essence of personal stories and experiences stands out. Her films serve as a testament to her dedication to exploring themes related to gender and cultural identities, driven by her personal experiences and a desire to shed light on the intricate and often unseen aspects of human life. With a wealth of experience and academic knowledge, Yanyi Xie is poised to continue making a lasting impact on the world of cinema and documentary storytelling.

To learn more about Yanyi Xie and her body of work, you can visit her website at Here, you can explore her portfolio and gain a deeper insight into the compelling stories she brings to life through her filmmaking. Yanyi’s journey as a documentary filmmaker is one that promises to keep audiences engaged, enlightened, and inspired by the power of storytelling.

Ziyi Claire Wang’s Journey into Inclusive and Sustainable Fashion

In her latest showcase, “Refused to be Defined,” designer Ziyi Claire Wang unveils her venture into inclusive, affordable, and sustainable fashion. Ziyi’s collection boldly challenges conventional beauty norms. Beyond aesthetics, she broadens her design focus to cater to differently-abled individuals. Through her innovative “clothes trade-in” initiative, Ziyi advocates sustainability. We had the opportunity to sit down with her and delve into her creative journey.

How did you get into fashion design?

My journey into fashion design started with an insatiable curiosity and a desire to make a positive impact. Having had a supportive family since childhood, they encouraged my hands-on and creative endeavors, enabling me to turn my ideas into practical realities.

You’ve mentioned that people around you have had a significant impact on your pursuit of fashion design; can you tell us more?

What fueled my passion for fashion design even more was observing those around me constantly worrying about their weight, often avoiding certain foods due to fear. This made me realize the immense pressure on young people to conform to unrealistic beauty standards. I firmly believe that true beauty is rooted in health and self-confidence, not in conforming to a specific body type. My goal is to empower others to recognize and appreciate the real essence of beauty.

Could you give us some insight into your new collection?

This collection reflects my strong belief in breaking free from societal norms and unrealistic beauty standards that have burdened women for far too long. Women have been pressured to conform to the idea that “thin” equals beauty, leading to unhealthy mindsets and damaging self-esteem issues. With this collection, I aim to empower women to liberate themselves from unjust societal labels, encouraging them to break free from distorted aesthetics imposed upon them. It’s time to live for oneself, not for the approval of others.

Ziyi Claire Wang's Journey into Inclusive and Sustainable Fashion

Photo Credit: Yoli

What kind of fabrics are used in the designs for this collection?

For this collection, I’ve chosen sustainable materials such as organic cotton, Tencel, hemp, and recycled polyester. These materials not only offer comfort but also boast a significantly lower environmental footprint compared to conventional textiles. Prioritizing these eco-friendly options aligns with my goal to reduce the environmental impact of my collection.

In addition to fabrics, how did you achieve sustainability in your design?

Beyond sustainable materials, ethical sourcing practices have been crucial. Collaborating with suppliers adhering to fair labor standards and prioritizing sustainability ensures that my entire supply chain aligns with the values of promoting body positivity and sustainable fashion. Additionally, I’ve embraced minimalism and versatility in my designs, emphasizing timeless pieces for a more sustainable wardrobe, reducing the need for constant clothing turnover.

Can you explain the “clothes trade-in” initiative and its impact on sustainable fashion?

The “clothes trade-in” initiative is an exciting step toward promoting sustainable fashion while creating awareness about environmental conservation. Encouraging individuals to exchange their old clothing for incentives such as discounts or store credits, the initiative sets up collection points for gently used items. These items are assessed for condition and usability, ensuring only those in good condition are accepted. This significantly reduces textile waste by giving items a new life through repair, cleaning, or upcycling. Beyond waste reduction, it raises awareness about responsible fashion choices, making consumers more conscious of sustainability. The incentives make eco-conscious shopping more affordable and accessible, fostering brand loyalty and contributing to a more sustainable fashion ecosystem by reducing the need for new production and conserving resources.

Ziyi Claire Wang's Journey into Inclusive and Sustainable Fashion

Photo Credit: Yoli

How do you approach designing for differently-abled and special needs individuals, and what challenges have you faced?

Designing for differently-abled and special needs individuals is at the core of my ethos, emphasizing inclusivity and accessibility. I integrate inclusive design principles from the outset, collaborating closely with stakeholders, such as organizations dedicated to disability advocacy. Customization is key, offering options for individuals to tailor clothing to their unique needs, addressing mobility challenges with adaptive features like magnetic closures. Fabric choices prioritize comfort and sensory considerations. Challenges include the wide variability in needs, balancing inclusivity with affordability, raising awareness in the fashion industry, and finding sustainable adaptive materials. Despite challenges, my unwavering commitment aims to contribute to a more inclusive and respectful fashion industry.

Which designers have influenced your work?

Issey Miyake’s innovative fabric manipulation, Ralph Lauren’s timeless aesthetic, and Diane von Fürstenberg’s empowering designs, particularly the iconic wrap dress, have collectively influenced my work. Miyake’s creative experimentation with textiles and technology, Lauren’s ability to create enduring pieces, and Fürstenberg’s contributions to empowering women in fashion have shaped my approach to designing clothing that is aesthetically pleasing, meaningful, inclusive, and sustainable. These designers serve as a constant reminder of the transformative power of fashion.


Designer: Ziyi Claire Wang

Show Producer: Huang Tilda Chen

Creative Director: Liwei Zheng

Stylist: Maggie Wang

Make Up: Yuni, Tina

Photography: Yoli

Video: Yu Jiang, Yoli

Models: Alexis Aurora, Nina kelby, Rarecarii, Katherine Elise Pitré, Nátaly zúniga, Meghan Dolbey, Lindsey MarGn, Diana Pohorila 

Vicky’s Melodic Odyssey: A Business in the Business of Resilience and Creative Triumph

In the competitive realm of the music industry, Vicky’s story emerges not just as a narrative of artistic prowess but as a compelling case study of entrepreneurial spirit and the pursuit of dreams against all odds.

Vicky's Melodic Odyssey: A Business in the Business of Resilience and Creative Triumph

Photo Credit: VICKY

Early Struggles and Financial Resilience

Born in Ukraine and raised in a modest Russian family, Vicky’s journey began amidst financial constraints that would deter many. At the tender age of 14, she took on diverse jobs – from assistant cook to cashier – to fund her English lessons, music school tuition, and vocal training. This early display of financial resilience laid the foundation for her tenacity in the years to come.

Academic and Artistic Education at Gnessin Pop and Jazz College

Enrolling in Moscow’s Gnessin Pop and Jazz College marked a turning point. Vicky’s involvement in a girl group during her first year and subsequent casting in the popular Daiquiri group in her second year provided her with the artistic education and industry exposure that would prove invaluable.

From “Star Factory 4” to Collaborations with Industry Titans

Vicky’s participation in “Star Factory 4,” equivalent to the American Idol but with its unique challenges, proved pivotal. The experience not only honed her skills but also propelled her into the spotlight. Post-” “Star Factory,” collaborations with rap artist Timati and the influential musical family Yuri and Inna Malikov showcased Vicky’s versatility.

The Bold Move to Israel and Personal Tragedy

Yearning for a different musical path, Vicky boldly moved to Israel. However, personal tragedy struck with the untimely death of her mother. It was the birth of her son and unwavering support from her husband that became the driving force behind her return to the stage.

Global Pandemic: A Catalyst for Creativity

The outbreak of the global pandemic presented both challenges and inspiration. Channeling her emotions, Vicky produced tracks like “Do it,” “Get High,” and “Dancin,” each reflecting a different facet of her journey and emotions during this unprecedented time.

Vicky's Melodic Odyssey: A Business in the Business of Resilience and Creative Triumph

Photo Credit: VICKY

“Sweet Sadness” and Collaborations Beyond Borders

Vicky’s upcoming track, “Sweet Sadness,” takes on a poignant note, reflecting a passionate love that ends abruptly. The accompanying video, filmed during a challenging period, highlights her strength in confronting personal pain. Simultaneously, Vicky collaborates with international artists and DJs, enriching her creative spectrum.

The Entrepreneurial Edge: From Artistry to Collaboration

Vicky’s story extends beyond the confines of a traditional artist. Collaborating with European, American, and English co-authors and DJs showcases her entrepreneurial edge, demonstrating an astute understanding of the global music market.

Conclusion: A Symphony of Business and Artistry

Vicky’s journey unfolds as a unique blend of business acumen and artistic brilliance. Her ability to navigate financial constraints, make strategic career moves, and consistently reinvent herself in the ever-evolving music industry positions her as not just a singer but a business force to be reckoned with. As Vicky prepares for the release of “Sweet Sadness” and new collaborations, the business world awaits the next strategic move from this resilient and visionary entrepreneur in the realm of music.

Celebrating Haoyue Sun’s Third Stop of the ‘Piano Recital Global Tour’ at Carnegie Hall

On Sunday, June 11, 2023, Haoyue Sun, the exceptional young pianist, performed at Zankel Hall of Carneige Hall in New York City. This marked the third stop of his international solo tour, “The Piano Recital Global Tour”, following his dazzling performance in Beijing and Paris. The concert at the world-renowned Carnegie Hall offers an inspiring platform for Haoyue to share his musical talent. 

Born in 2010, Haoyue Sun has quickly risen to prominence in the classical music world. His soothing and delicate performance style coupled with outstanding technical mastery has won him numerous national and international awards. Haoyue currently studies under acclaimed German pianist Yan Ren. 

The purpose of this tour is to promote cultural exchange, encourage young talent, and pay tribute to the masters of music. By performing at renowned classical music venues around the world, the young pianist is looking forward to inspiring audiences of all ages with his exquisite interpretations of timeless classics. 


The universal language of music has a unique capacity to bring people together. Through this tour, Haoyue aims to build bridges, forging connections across cultures and generations. His repertoire, which spans from baroque to contemporary works, beautifully illustrates the rich tapestry of human creativity in music. The performances are also meant to ignite the spark of curiosity and passion in young, budding musicians who might be in the audience, showing them the heights they can achieve with dedication and hard work.  

Above all, each performance stands as a testament to the timeless brilliance of the great composers whose works continue to resonate centuries after their creation. In this way, Haoyue Sun’s global tour serves as both a tribute to musical heritage and a beacon of hope for the future of classical music. 

The concert featured solo performances and orchestra concertos, including works by Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Chopin, and the Chinese composer Xian Xinghai. Haoyue’s extraordinary talent and love for music shine through his performances, promising an unforgettable evening for all attendees. 

Haoyue Sun’s impeccable performance of Mendelssohn’s Ronda Capriccioso Op.14 and Piano Concerto No. 1 left the audience awe-struck. The depth of his interpretation of Chopin’s nocturnes showcased his delicate sensitivity, whilst Xinghai’s Yellow River Piano Concerto reflected his ability to powerfully channel diverse cultural experiences. The combined charisma of Haoyue and his supporting orchestras provided a transcendent journey through the realms of classical music, cementing the New York leg of his global tour as a triumph. 

This concert series started in Beijing in April 2023, with the Beijing Symphony Orchestra, followed by Paris, New York, and Vancouver. Notable orchestras including the Beijing Symphony Orchestra, the Orchestra Colonne, the Asian Cultural Symphony of the USA, and the Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra accompany Haoyue Sun on this grand journey. 

Writing Coach: The Indispensable Guide to Unleashing Your Potential

Embarking on a writing journey is akin to navigating the vast and often intimidating terrain of the literary world. It demands not just talent but also patience, discipline, and, most importantly, guidance. This is where the role of a writing coach becomes invaluable.

The Essence of a Writing Coach

A writing coach is a mentor, a guide, and often a cheerleader who escorts you through the maze of words, ideas, and narrative structures that constitute your writing process. Imagine having a personal trainer, but instead of focusing on physical exercises, a writing coach enhances your writing skills. They are the compass that helps you stay on course throughout the unpredictable journey of writing a book or any creative work.

Why a Writing Coach?

For many writers, the writing process is a solitary journey. But it doesn’t have to be. A writing coach brings to the table a proven track record of helping writers hone their craft. They provide ongoing support, emotional support, and constructive feedback. Whether you’re drafting the first chapter of your memoir or polishing a book proposal, a great writing coach can transform your initial drafts into published books.

Writing Coaches and Their Multifaceted Roles

Writing coaches wear many hats. They’re part educator, part mentor, part editor, and entirely invested in your success. They understand that every writer’s needs are different—some may need help with their creative writing techniques, while others may require assistance navigating the book publishing process. A private writing coach tailors their approach to suit these unique needs, offering one-on-one coaching sessions brimming with practical advice.

The Value of One-on-One Coaching

One-on-one coaching is at the heart of what makes working with a private writing coach so effective. It ensures that every aspect of the coaching is directed toward your specific writing goals, whether that’s completing your first novel or seeking a book deal. During these sessions, you’ll receive feedback that is not only insightful but also respectful of your own writing style and vision.

The Art of Choosing the Right Coach for You

Finding the right coach is essential. A good writing coach has extensive experience not just in the realm of writing but in the publishing industry as well. They should have a portfolio of published writers who have benefited from their coaching. But more than that, a great writing coach should be someone who can connect with you on a personal level, offering not just advice but also the motivation to keep writing.

The Book Writing Coach

A book writing coach specializes in guiding aspiring writers through the book writing and publishing journey. From developing a compelling plot for a work of fiction to providing insider tips about the publishing world, a book writing coach can be a guiding light for writers navigating these often daunting processes.

The Role of Writing Coaches in the Writing Community

Writing coaches are pivotal in building a supportive writing community. They understand the nuances of the literary world and often have connections with literary agents and industry professionals in places like New York, the hub of the publishing industry. Their role is to bridge the gap between solitary writing and the collaborative nature of getting published.

The Contributions of a Writing Coach

The writing coach’s work extends beyond the written word. They are instrumental in helping you understand the literary market and what it takes to succeed within it. Their contributions can often be the difference between a manuscript that languishes in a drawer and one that finds its way onto the shelves of bookstores.

Writing Coaches and the Creative Process

Creative writing is a significant part of the writing world. Great writing coaches have an in-depth understanding of various genres, from children’s books to adult fiction, and use this knowledge to help you find your unique voice. They teach techniques that not only improve your work but also help you to thoroughly enjoy writing.

The Impact on Your Writing Career

Engaging with a writing coach can have a profound impact on your writing career. They can offer guidance on the first draft, provide introductions to literary agents, and help you understand the book coaching process. Their feedback can elevate your work and increase your chances of success in the competitive world of book publishing.

Whether you’re an aspiring writer looking to navigate the solitary journey of penning your first book or a seasoned author seeking to enhance your craft, a writing coach can be your greatest ally. They are the catalysts who can turn the dream of having your name printed on a book cover into reality.

In the next section, we will delve deeper into the writing coach’s toolkit, explore the emotional and professional benefits of their work, and discuss how to start writing with a coach by your side.

The First Step: Initiating Your Writing Coaching Journey

When you first decide to write, whether it’s a blog post, a novel, or a memoir, the path ahead can seem daunting. You may ask yourself, “How do I even start?” This is where a book coach steps in. Your first session with a potential coach is crucial. It’s an opportunity to lay out your vision, discuss your concerns, and establish what you hope to achieve with your own work.

A book writing coach is there to reassure you that the path ahead, while challenging, is navigable with the right tools and mindset. They provide the framework and support you need to transform your ideas into words on a page. They help you to write and to write well by offering tailored, practical advice that speaks to your specific challenges and goals.

The Art of Writing Coaching

Writing coaching is much more than just critiquing your work. It’s about understanding the intricacies of your writing style and helping you to refine it. It’s about recognizing your strengths and identifying areas for improvement. A coaching session is a collaborative space where you and your coach dissect your work, celebrating the wins and working through the setbacks.

The best advice a coach can give often revolves around discipline and consistency. They will encourage you to write regularly, to maintain momentum, and to stay connected to the work. Book writing coaches often emphasize the importance of routine, which can be a game-changer for writers struggling to find their rhythm.

Learning from Other Writers

One of the many benefits of engaging with a book coach is their ability to connect you with the experiences of other writers. They share insights and lessons learned from a myriad of clients, offering a perspective that is both broad and deeply informed. This shared wisdom can be invaluable, providing you with shortcuts to solutions and strategies that have proven successful for others.

Embracing the Process

Your potential coach will guide you to embrace the full writing process, from the rough initial drafts to the polished final product. They teach you to value each step, showing you how to draw insights from your own work and experiences. This process is not just about writing—it’s about growing as a writer and as an individual.

The Unseen Benefits of Book Coaching

What often goes unacknowledged are the less tangible, yet equally significant, benefits of writing coaching. It’s not just about the words you write; it’s also about building confidence in your ability to express your ideas. A first session with a book coach can be an eye-opening experience, revealing the potential within you that you may not have realized existed.

Crafting Your Own Masterpiece

As you progress with writing coaching, you’ll find that the advice you receive starts to become second nature. You’ll anticipate the feedback, and your ability to self-edit and critique your own work will grow. This is a sign of maturation in your writing journey and a testament to the effectiveness of a good coaching relationship.

In summary, the impact of a book writing coach can be profound. They do not just help you write; they help you to own your writing journey. They offer not just corrections, but the best advice to help you craft the narrative that you aspire to share with the world. A potential coach is not just a teacher but a partner in your creative endeavor.

Nurturing Your Craft: The Continued Role of the Book Coach

As you delve deeper into the heart of your writing journey, the continued guidance of a book coach becomes invaluable. A good coach doesn’t just help you start; they’re with you at every twist and turn, offering insights and strategies to help you navigate the complexities of writing and the publishing industry.

Beyond the First Draft: Refining Your Work

After laying down the initial framework of your story or concept, the real work begins. Writing is rewriting, and a book coach is instrumental in this phase. They push you to look at your work with a critical eye, challenging you to dig deeper and enhance every aspect of your narrative. During your writing coaching sessions, you’ll learn to scrutinize your own work, sharpen your dialogue, and enrich your characters or arguments.

Interacting with Your Potential Coach

Interaction with a potential coach during the early stages can shape the trajectory of your writing career. They offer writing advice that is born from extensive experience with writers from all walks of life and genres. This advice is the distillation of countless hours spent helping writers refine their work and is tailored to help you write not just your first book but also build a sustainable writing career.

The Ripple Effect of Coaching

The benefits of coaching extend beyond the page. As you write and rewrite, the lessons learned from your book coach reverberate through all aspects of your life. Discipline, focus, and the ability to receive and implement feedback are skills that enhance both your writing and your broader life experience.

Cultivating Discipline and Focus

A book coach teaches you the importance of discipline and focus, vital qualities for any writer. They help you set realistic writing goals and stick to them, ensuring that your writing career progresses. Whether it’s setting aside daily writing time or meeting manuscript deadlines, a coach’s influence helps you establish and maintain the necessary discipline to succeed.

The Gift of Feedback

Perhaps one of the most crucial elements of writing coaching is the feedback loop. In a coaching session, you’ll receive honest, constructive feedback—not just praise for what’s working but also clear guidance on what’s not. This feedback is essential for growth, allowing you to refine and improve your work continuously.

The Practicalities of Writing Coaching

Practical advice from a book coach can range from how to approach a first draft to strategies for overcoming writer’s block. It can include guidance on crafting a compelling book proposal or navigating the complexities of the book publishing process. Each piece of advice is a building block in your development as a writer.

The Final Push: From Manuscript to Published Work

As you approach the finish line, a book coach is there to give you the final push needed to take your manuscript to the next stage. They can offer guidance on querying agents, understanding contracts, and marketing your published work. Their support doesn’t end with the completion of a manuscript; it extends into the realm of the published author.

A book coach is more than just an editor or a critic; they are a pivotal figure in the writing process. They help you write, yes, but more importantly, they help you to become a writer. Their influence shapes not just your work but your identity as an author. As we move forward, we will explore further the dynamic between writer and coach, delve into the subtleties of their relationship, and understand how this partnership is essential in the transition from aspiring writer to published author.

The Journey’s End: Concluding Your Writing Coach Experience

The concluding chapter with your writing coach is not the end, but a commencement of your independent writing life. The final stages of coaching are about ensuring that you are equipped with the tools, knowledge, and confidence to continue your writing journey on your own terms.

The Lasting Impact of a Writing Coach

A great book coach leaves an indelible mark on both your writing and your self-assurance as an author. Their parting gift is the self-sufficiency they’ve instilled in you—the ability to critique your own work, the resilience to face the publishing world, and the independence to craft future stories with confidence. Your coach’s voice becomes an internal compass guiding your narrative decisions long after the coaching sessions have ended.

Embarking on Your Future Writing Endeavors

Armed with the insights, discipline, and skills honed through your coaching experience, you’re ready to tackle new writing challenges. The relationship with your coach may change, but the foundation they’ve helped you build will support your writing career for years to come. Now, you can join the ranks of published authors or seasoned writers with the assurance that your coach has helped you set a course for success.

As we wrap up this series, remember that a writing coach is more than a guide—they are the catalysts for a transformation that turns aspiring writers into confident, skilled authors. The journey you embark on with them is filled with growth, learning, and, ultimately, the joy of achieving your writing aspirations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should a writing coach cost?

A writing coach’s cost can vary widely based on their experience, expertise, and the services offered. Typically, you can expect a range from less than $50 to several hundred dollars per hour.

Are writing coaches worth it?

Yes, writing coaches can be worth the investment. They offer personalized guidance, accountability, and professional knowledge that can significantly accelerate your development as a writer and increase your chances of success.

How much do writing coaches charge per hour?

Writing coaches charge anywhere from $50 to $300 or more per hour, depending on their credentials, the complexity of the work, and the depth of the coaching provided.

What is the difference between a book coach and a writing coach?

A book coach specifically focuses on guiding writers through the process of book creation and publication, while a writing coach may offer a broader scope of services, including help with short stories and articles and improving general writing skills.