A Melodic Voyage: Tasveer Badal Releases New Song 'I Can Only Be Me'
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A Melodic Voyage: Tasveer Badal Releases New Song ‘I Can Only Be Me’

A talented artist and a commendable role model, Tasveer Badal has stepped into the music world. A hip-hop veteran in the battle community and known as “Taz”  amongst friends and admirers, Tasveer recently took a bold leap. 

In the pursuit of further cementing his brand, ALKA-HOLIC. He has since released an engaging and powerful song, “I Can Only Be Me,” on all music platforms, narrating his diverse journey. Hailing from Downtown Los Angeles, Tasveer grew up in a melting pot of cultures. As an immigrant kid in 1988, he was the only Bengali student in his school, amongst mostly Black and Hispanic classmates.

“I went to school in Compton. You got 10% Hispanic, 85% Black. Other 5% is like Asian, white, Filipino. I was that lone Bengali,” Tasveer reveals, reminiscing about his unique upbringing in the birthplace of iconic rappers like Dre, Eazy-E, Kendrick Lamar, YG, and The Game.

However, an unexpected rap battle during his junior year revolutionized Tasveer’s perspective towards hip-hop. From starting as a humorous reference to Aladdin, Tasveer turned the tables with his sharp retort, earning praise and admiration. This moment shaped the trajectory of his music career, leading him toward the world of hip-hop, where he pioneered his unique style.

Tasveer leveraged social media platforms throughout his journey to connect with fellow artists, gain exposure, and build his brand. From MySpace to Instagram, he managed to carve his niche and make his presence known.

A Melodic Voyage: Tasveer Badal Releases New Song 'I Can Only Be Me'

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His relentless skills in battling paid off when, at just 18, he was featured on Power 106, a prominent radio station, marking a significant milestone in his musical journey. The first Bengali in Los Angeles to do so.

Not all of Tasveer’s journey was hitting the high notes. Behind the scenes, he was wrestling with alcohol addiction—a detrimental facet of his life. Confronting his addiction head-on, Tasveer came across revolutionary alkaline water technology (electrolyzed reduced water), which had a radical impact on his physical and mental health.

He embraced this transformation and channeled it into his brand, ALKA-HOLIC, symbolizing the shift from one vice (alcohol) to a health-transforming elixir. His new rap song, “I Can Only Be Me,” is a testament to his brand, struggles, and transformation. He beautifully encapsulates his journey into his melodies, painting an authentic picture of his experiences and showcasing his genuine artistry. 

The song invites listeners to appreciate the artist’s courage and determination while delivering a stirring hip-hop performance.

Tasveer Badal’s tale is one of perseverance, transformation, and self-betterment—all while staying unapologetically true to himself. The rapper ventures into the world of music full-time, commanding respect and carving a significant niche in the music industry.

A Melodic Voyage: Tasveer Badal Releases New Song 'I Can Only Be Me'

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A chance to experience Tasveer’s true artistry is just a click away. Immerse yourself in the profound lyrics and captivating “I Can Only Be Me” music on all major music platforms. For more information and updates about Tasveer and his musical journey, follow him on Instagram (@tasveerbadal, @officialalkaholic), Facebook, and his website www.officialalkaholic.com.

As Tasveer ventures forward, one thing remains certain—he truly can only be himself, both through his music and in his life. This intriguing transformation journey through music and sobriety is a testament to his authentic and powerful voice in the rap industry.

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