Angel B: A Tale of Perseverance, Passion and Music

Angel B: A Tale of Perseverance, Passion and Music
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Born in Brazil, the charismatic music artist and choreographer Angel B has recorded songs professionally for nearly 15 years. Her journey towards artistic creation began in childhood when she started writing lyrics at the tender age of nine. The seed of passion for music was sown in her heart under the roof of her enthusiastic parents, who were music aficionados and her mentor in this endeavor.

Growing up in her native land, Angel was drawn to her dad’s reverence for music and her mom’s ardency for Samba. Her early days were filled with the sights of MTV music videos and the resounding rhythm and lyrics of music that played around her- all of which sparked a flame of creativity within her.

In pursuit of her passion, Angel faced a significant barrier- the lack of formal music lessons in Brazilian schools and her family’s financial challenges. True to her resilient spirit, she creatively navigated her way around these hurdles by organizing parties to earn money, thereby buying her first microphone and speakers for practicing at home. This only happened a couple of times, but she recognized how she could do what she loved and be rewarded.

In an era untouched by the digital revolution, learning music independently was an uphill struggle for Angel, but she seized the challenge wholeheartedly. Her determination charged her to self-teach music, seek opportunities, and workshop her events, all in the quest to hone her skills. Angel’s path was riddled with hardships, the major one being her father’s illness, which, however, didn’t sway her determination but rather made her stronger.

Angel B: A Tale of Perseverance, Passion and Music

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Fast-forwarding to today, Angel B is working ardently on her first EP, which is a groundbreaking point in her career. Comprising six melodious tracks, the EP is a reflection of her music craftsmanship and her artistic vision. Being an independent artist, she understands the need for a strong online presence and is committed to reaching out to as many people as she can through her music.

As an experienced artist, Angel B imparts some invaluable advice to burgeoning talents. She insists on the power of self-belief, trusting the journey, and the importance of incessant learning to evolve and thrive in the music industry. Her journey is a clear demonstration of the powerful combination of unflagging perseverance and self-belief in following one’s passion.

Alongside her music, Angel further enriched her skills by attending Los Angeles Valley College and also the 1500 Sound Academy Music Fundamentals Program. This helped her gain comprehensive knowledge about music production, mixing/mastering, music business, engineering, and artist branding, an opportunity she would not have if she was still in Brazil.

Angel B: A Tale of Perseverance, Passion and Music

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Her testament to the struggles she faced is heart-touching: “Growing up in Brazil and trying to hone in on my musical talent was really hard because I don’t come from a family with money and we didn’t have the same resources… I was like 14/15 years old when I bought my first microphone and speakers to rehearse at home. When I was 17 years old I got a job so I could pay for my vocal lessons. So yeah, it wasn’t easy.”

Undeniably, Angel B’s journey from her humble beginning in Brazil to being a music artist and choreographer is a true testament to her resilience, determination, and undying passion for music. Through her hard work, resourcefulness, and entrepreneurial spirit, she overcame arduous obstacles and continues to chase her dreams with unfaltering commitment.

With her musical journey acting as an inspiration to aspiring artists around the world, Angel B truly epitomizes the saying: ‘Where there’s a will, there’s a way.’

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