Bad Bunny’s Catalog Songs Launches on Billboard’s Global Charts

Photo: Billboard

Bad Bunny has reached the global stage, dominating Billboard’s year-end chart for Top Latin Artists for three consecutive years and ruling sold-out stadiums and streaming platforms alike. Consequently, two of his unpromoted catalog songs that date 2019 to 2020 climbed up the global charts this week.

He launched one song on two different Billboard sectors: Billboard Global 200 and Billboard Global Excl. US, at No. 163 on each roster on the February 12 listing. On the Billboard Global 200, he hits with “La Cancion” from his 2019 album in collaboration with J Balvin, “Oasis.” While “A Tu Merced” from “YHLQMDLG” in 2020 arrives in Billboard Global Excl. US charts.

“Cancion” beats “Merced” in global sales and streams, 11.9 million and 10 million, respectively, in this week, concluding on February 3. It is logical since “Cancion” launches on the Global 200 while “Merced” does not.

The average song on the global charts this week grossed 23% of its US Streams and 77% beyond. It’s a split of 27/73% for “Cancion,” while a 14/86% split for “Merced,” giving justice to the appearance of “Merced” on the Excl. US rankings.

In December, videos of Bad Bunny playing those songs in his native town Puerto Rico stadium concerts circulated on TikTok and gained millions of views for every footage. This helped skyrocket the consumption of these tracks.

Here is a list of songs by Bad Bunny that reached the latest global charts:

“Yonagui” – No. 40 Global 200; No. 30 Global Excl. US

“Lo Siento BB:/,” with Tainy & Julieta Venegas – No. 45; No. 38

“Dakiti” with Jhay Cortez – No. 63; No. 69

“Volvi,” with Aventura – No. 83; No. 73

“AM,” with Nio Garcia & J Balvin – No. 130; No. 115

“Volando,” with Mora & Sech – No. 150; No. 109

“La Cancion,” with J Balvin – No. 163 (Global 200 only)

“A Tu Merced” – No. 163 (Global Excl. US only)

Among the list of 8 songs, 6 ranks better on the Global Excl. US roster. This might be due to Bad Bunny’s Spanish-language discography and pan-Latin collaborations.

Only 2—“Dakiti” and “La Cancion”—are topping on the Global 200. “Dakiti” ranked high earlier on both charts, dominating Global Excl. US for five weeks and the Global 200 for three.

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