Bill Abernathy Captures the Human Spirit in his World Premiere of 'Call Their Name' Music Video
Photo Credit: Bill Abernathy

Bill Abernathy Captures the Human Spirit in his World Premiere of ‘Call Their Name’ Music Video

Amidst the biting winter, when the world prepares to celebrate warmth and togetherness, we pause and commemorate National Homeless Persons’ Remembrance Day on December 21, 2023. Today, the urgency around homelessness is as acute as ever. As winter’s grip tightens, it renews anxieties about finding shelter, especially for those living in harsh circumstances. This day not only remembers those homeless individuals who have passed on but also serves as an important reminder to honor them and the life they lived – a stark reminder in the season of joy. 

Such a vital issue often receives heightened media attention during the festive season, providing local communities an ideal opportunity to raise awareness, spark meaningful discussion, and improve opportunities for the homeless, a chance to turn the spotlight on an issue that often remains relegated to the shadows. 

Bill Abernathy, a celebrated singer-songwriter with a profound ability to tell stories through his music, is poised to make the most of this platform. December 21 marks the release of his much-anticipated music video for his new single ‘Call Their Name,’ the second release from his album ‘More,’ following on the heels of his top 5 radio hit, ‘Hide Away.’ 

Inspired by compassion in action, ‘Call Their Name’ is more than just a song. It emerged from Abernathy’s encounter in the River Market area of Kansas City. Witnessing one man’s generosity towards the homeless – handing out backpacks filled with essentials – deeply moved Abernathy, inspiring this poignant track. The act, while simple, compelled Abernathy to see the homeless anew — not as faceless statistics but as individuals with dreams, wants, and needs. 

In ‘Call Their Name,’ Abernathy uses melodic prowess to challenge listeners’ perceptions of the homeless to let them be seen, acknowledged and remembered. The song’s title is a call to action – a reminder to recognize their humanity and the importance of every person’s story. 

Accompanied by catchy tunes and sincere lyrics, ‘Call Their Name‘ builds upon the successful pathway paved by its predecessor, ‘Hide Away.’ With over 50K Spotify streams, a positioning at #5 on both the National Radio Hits AC and Country radio airplay charts, and a #1 spot on the UK iTunes Folk Rock Songs chart, ‘Hide Away’ cemented Abernathy’s standing as a beloved artist globally. 

Infused with his signature storytelling flair, the release of ‘MORE’ has Abernathy set to continue his legacy of enchanting music that bends genres and borders. This new album follows in the trailblazing footsteps of his previous album, ‘Crossing Willow Creek, ‘ which was acclaimed globally and earned him millions of streams. As his work evolves, Abernathy fortifies his reputation as a musical force to be reckoned with, an artist whose songs resonate with listeners worldwide.

Fans and new listeners alike are encouraged to delve into the richness of Abernathy’s soul-stirring music. For more insights about Bill Abernathy and his music, please visit his website at As we pause on National Homeless Persons’ Remembrance Day, let us remember Abernathy’s call to action and use our capacities to make a difference with compassion, kindness, and recognition because everyone deserves their name to be called.

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