Billie Eilish to Drop New Album “Happier Than Ever” on July 30

Image from Billie Eilish website

Billie Eilish first gained attention with her song “Ocean Eyes” back in 2015. Since this first release, the American singer-songwriter has cemented her reputation in the music industry. Her song “Bad Guy” became Billie’s first number 1 song on the Billboard Hot 100. She also performed the theme song “No Time to Die” for the James Bond film, which then became her first number 1 single in the UK.

Two years after the release of her first studio album, When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? Billie Eilish surprised fans with news that her sophomore album, Happier Than Ever, will be released on July 30. After revealing her new blonde look through an Instagram post, this young artist also turned to social media to announce her latest project. 

In this social media post, she wrote, “This is my favorite thing I’ve ever created, and I am so excited and eager for you to hear it.” Billie Eilish further shares how she has never felt more love for a project. In that same post, she announced the release of her first single from Happier than Ever on April 29 at 9 AM PT.

Prior to announcing her album drop, Billie Eilish had released a snippet of a new song, presumably taken from its music video, which now has over 18 million views. Fans have shown their love and excitement for this new song already, with the post having over 97 thousand comments.

In another recently posted nine-second clip, fans can hear Billie Eilish singing the words “Try not to abuse your power” over slow guitar accompaniment. This teaser for her new song, “Your Power,” features Billie’s delicate vocals and a scenic view of mountains. 

This young artist made a splash at the 2020 Grammy Awards for When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?, her debut studio album. She was nominated for six awards and won five of them: Album of the Year, Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Pop Vocal Album, and Best New Artist. This feat is impressive as Billie Eilish is only the second person and first female artist to win the four main Grammy categories—record, album, and song of the year, as well as best new artist.

Her first album featured dark, almost horror film-like aesthetics. For the majority of this era, Billie Eilish dyed her hair black and lime green. But her new blonde look seems to hint at lighter aesthetics for her second album. Happier Than Ever is a 16-song album, and it also includes her two previous releases, “My Future” and “Therefore I Am.” Like her first album, this new one is also written and produced with her brother and collaborator, Finneas.

Happier Than Ever is fast becoming a highly anticipated album for this year. With Billie Eilish being known for dark wordplay in her lyrics that somehow spark a sense of truth in its simplicity, it is interesting to see how she has evolved as an artist with this new album. 

Happier Than Ever will be out on July 30. For more information about Billie Eilish and her upcoming projects, you may visit her website or Instagram page.


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