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Celebrated Mexican Director Mauricio Cedeño Gets Off-Broadway Debut with New Musical ON THE RIGHT TRACK.

On The Right Track, a new musical directed by Mauricio Cedeño, promises to warm hearts, entertain, and bring the audience on a journey through the complexities of human relationships. In a recent interview, Cedeño shared his thoughts on the play, his experience working with the AMT Theatre in New York, and the differences between the Mexican and New York theater scenes.

On The Right Track tells the story of three separate couples traveling on board a magical train, each at a turning point in their lives. The Conductor is the narrator and mystical figure in their lives who steers them in different directions but allows them to choose how events will unfold. Ultimately, none of them will be the same as when they began the journey.

When asked about the play’s central theme, Cedeño said, “the play talks about a lot of things, but I could shorten it to ‘the love in human relationships,’ but it’s magical, funny, and touching.” The show promises to be an immersive experience for the audience, with relatable characters and fantastic music.

Cedeño describes the mystical Conductor, a central character in the show, as representing hope and the possibility of reminding us of the importance of our decisions. Despite being a “magical” being, the Conductor shows a very human side, making him relatable to the audience.

Cedeño has worked with the AMT Theatre, producing and directing three of Al Tapper’s and Tony Sportiello’s shows in Guadalajara, Mexico. This will be their fifth project together. Cedeño expressed his excitement about the opportunity to work with New York artists and performers. He also praised the creativity and universality of art, which transcends language barriers.

The relationship between AMT Theater and Mexico began when he discovered Sessions, a musical by Al Tapper, about group therapy, during a visit to New York. Intrigued by the concept, he brought it to his hometown of Guadalajara. It was received with critical acclaim and won Best musical. This success led to further collaborations, including the musicals National Pastime and The Paparazzi, which also received positive reviews and awards.

The creators of the musical Al Tapper and Tony Sportiello explain that the decision to hire Mauricio Cedeño as the director of On The Right Track was not a sudden one. They have been familiar with Mauricio’s work for over a decade, having collaborated with him on several successful productions in Mexico. They knew he was the right person to bring their vision to life on stage in New York.

Book writer Tony Sportiello said, “Mauricio has the creativity and an ability to bring a certain magical quality to his productions. He also has a strong reputation for working well with actors and his ability to create a collaborative environment on set. He is the perfect person to bring these elements to life in our new musical.”

When asked about the differences between the Mexican and New York theatre scenes, Cedeño said that the topics of the shows were the most significant difference. While the themes and situations may vary, the universal issues and characters make Al and Tony’s work relatable to audiences worldwide.

Cedeño also spoke about his future plans, expressing his hope for a successful off-Broadway debut and a long journey ahead for On The Right Track. He plans to return to Mexico to continue working at the Maria Teresa Theatre, directing and acting in local productions while remaining grateful for Al and Tony’s trust in his abilities.

The new musical, On The Right Track, promises to be a magical, funny, and touching musical exploring human relationships’ complexities. With Cedeño at the helm and a talented cast and crew, audiences can expect a show that will entertain and leave them with a warm heart.

On The Right Track begins performances on April 5 and will run through May 11. It stars Dana Aber, Cody Gerszewski, and David L. Murray. 

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