Charlie XCX Takes a Break from Twitter After “Angry” Criticism

Photo: Rolling Stone

On Thursday, English singer-songwriter Charli XCX revealed things about her current mental health issues, which she states have been heightened by unjust criticism for the release “Crash,” her latest album.

“I have been feeling like I can’t do anything right at the moment,” she wrote on Twitter, emphasizing that her supporters frequently make her feel “safe” even in the middle of the toxicity inside social media.

She added that she is specifically troubled by “angry” comments for the “Crash” campaign. “I’ve been grappling a lot with my mental health the past few months and obviously it makes negativity and criticism harder to handle when I come across it.”

She guaranteed that she’s working her “ass off” to offer listeners track she feel sure of, regardless of a few followers doubting the songs she’s issued from the album this far; singles “Good Ones,” “New Shapes,” which is in collaboration with Caroline Polachek and Christine and the Queens, and “Beg for You,” starring Rina Sawayama.

“In the meantime,” she concluded, “I’m thinking of just drafting tweets from a far [sic] when I feel like saying something and having someone else post them, just for a little while, because I can’t really handle it here right now.”

Despite the criticisms, Charli XCX, 29, mentioned that the “Crash” campaign has experienced a fair hit thus far, specifically in her native country.

“Good Ones,” her lead single, reached the highest-charting solo single in the UK after “Boys” in 2017, her collaboration with Joel Corry, Jax Jones, and Saweetie “Out Out,” on the other hand, marked her first-ever overall top 10 hit in England after “Doing It” in 2015.

Earlier this year, after its release, “Beg for You” ranked no. 29 in the UK, the highest rank Sawayama has reached on the British charts.

“It feels to me like one of those songs that comes on at the height of the party where you are a little bit f***ed up, you maybe want to cry, but you also want to dance,” said Charlie about “Beg for You” in an interview.

“When I was driving through LA listening to this beat for the first time, I felt a real sense of euphoria – but also this quite nostalgic thing. Because it’s a garage beat, it reminded me of being at home in the UK, at a house party with my friends who I’ve known since I was 12 years old.”

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