Cinnamon Cooney “The Art Sherpa” – Teaching People to Paint Through Interesting and Unique Painting Videos

Cinnamon Cooney
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Developing something unique and creative involves skills, aptitude, characteristics, and experience that enables people to perform unique activities, generate novel ideas, and produce creative or compelling products. People have various abilities and passions but cannot recognize or showcase their skills due to a lack of exposure or access to many people. Many individuals remain unrecognized or obscure because others discourage or dishearten them when they attempt to exhibit their capabilities. Due to inadequate guidance and mentorship, most artists and creative individuals cannot polish or enhance their skills. However, teaching and guidance go a long way in improving and honing the skills in people because it enables people to identify their strengths and learn the techniques for showcasing their skills effectively.

Painting and artwork require creative skills and abilities that enable artists or painters to create extraordinary artworks that fascinate art lovers and ordinary spectators. However, many artists cannot produce phenomenal paintings because they are unaware of the techniques and elements of working with various mediums and tools. Many creative artists do not paint or refine their skills because they receive negative feedback, face bullying, and experience dissuasion from others. Getting recognition and appreciation during the early phases of life for a passion is essential for an individual to grow and develop as an artist. Art teachers and mentors play a primary role in improving young painters’ self-esteem and confidence through guidance and support. Art teachers are also essential for educating emerging artists about the techniques and methods for painting in different mediums with various tools.

Teaching artwork and painting is not for everyone because it takes a unique combination of skills and effort to teach others how to paint. Cinnamon Cooney, or the Art Sherpa, is an art teacher and YouTuber with exceptional skills for guiding people to paint through captivating and instructional videos. Cooney creates informational videos for artists, painters, and ordinary people to teach the art of painting by explaining the painting process in multiple stages. The term “Art Sherpa” represents her painting style in the videos because it mimics the sherpas who guide and help mountain-climbing expeditions up mountains one step at a time. Cinnamon Cooney uses a similar step-by-step process to teach and guide aspiring artists and students to easily create seemingly complex artwork and paintings.

Cooney became a teacher to do something for herself, but everything changed when she transformed from a stay-at-home mom to a working mom. She has designed well over 1500i paintings and creates videos of the process to teach people how to develop and complete creative artwork. Her classes are  popular because she remains up to date on colors and trends in the art world. She also became popular among students because she teaches her students that art heals and reveals by helping them understand that art is for everyone regardless of their background in art or abilities. She also teaches that art can heal wounds of the soul and every individual is born with a talent for creativity and creation. 

Cinnamon Cooney teaches and guides people by appreciating their artwork and offering assistance throughout the painting process. She started painting in early childhood, growing up as a third-generation artist surrounded by creativity and art supplies. She was inspired to continue painting and share her gift with others by teaching them through traditional classrooms and YouTube videos. Cooney’s unique instructional style has garnered more than 100 million views on her videos and 700,000 channel subscribers. She also won the YouTube NextUp contest. Her fan following continues to grow on the YouTube channel mainly because of her easy and enjoyable painting and teaching style.

Teaching art is problematic because it entails explaining intricate painting techniques in different mediums using different tools. However, some people, like the Art Sherpa, have a unique gift for explaining the complex process so that it seems easy and understandable to ordinary people with no background in painting. Cooney’s art was also displayed at the Creekfest Art & Souls Festival of Arts in 2014 and featured in a Chron article. The Art Sherpa channel enables Cinnamon Cooney to teach art to people and help them through challenging times by using art as a medium for perseverance and consolation. Cooney illustrates how to make captivating and creative paintings in an easy way to enable people to learn how to paint effectively. She encourages her students to use art as a passion and medium for overcoming life’s challenges and setbacks.

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